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17 Aug 2018

WeChat For Business

As we know, times are hard now and everyone is looking for ways to increase sales with zero cost. Today I shall talk about using WeChat.

As we know, WeChat is a free tool, not just for messaging, but for the following business functions:

1. Mini-site. WeChat has an Official Account that any business can set up, free-of-charge.  You can get people to follow your Official Account, and they will receive your daily broadcast of up to 8 articles.  Your Official Account allows you to have 15 pages, and you can include pages like your contacts, your products, Q & A, videos and promotions

2. Payment Gateway. Yes, you don't need to pay hefty fees to Paypal to accept payments from your customers and make payments to your vendors. Simply use WeChat Wallet, with just 0.6% as fees (vs PayPal 3%) and you can accept customers payments in seconds with anyone anywhere in this world

3. Bulk Direct Messaging.  You can send direct messages, including marketing messages, to people using WeChat Broadcast. It allows you to send unlimited messages every day of up to 200 people in one single broadcast

4. Build Fan Base. Through blogs like Mei Pian, WeChat helps you to build your fan base

5. Look for New Customers.  As we know, customers will first appear as prospects. To add prospects, there are more than 23 ways to increase your WeChat contacts. 

6. Branding.  You can brand yourself under daily Moments posts and Mei Pian

7. Manage crowds.  Imagine you have hundreds of people coming to your exhibition booth. How can you instantly add them to your contacts?  Use WeChat Groups. Simply create a private group and you can add up to 500 people within 2 seconds. You can use People Nearby function to add people within 1,000 metres of your location

8. Send Files and Information to people. WeChat supports all types of files from pdf to jpeg. You can send and receive information instantly without the use of computers 

9. Searches on WeChat.  One can instantly do searches on WeChat, which captures all the information in Moments, Private Messages, and Broadcast Messages.  Think of this as a mini Google in your phone, just that this search engine includes messages! 

10. Close sales and collect payments. Yes, WeChat gives you instant ways to receive orders and payments from your customers via WeChat Wallet, Messages, Moments and Mini Programs

11. Update people.  Using Moments, this way of an update is almost the same as Newsfeeds on FaceBook, except it is using fewer data and memory. Plus, WeChat controls spamming, so it saves you from useless feeds, unlike Facebook.

Written by Andy Ng. The next WeChat Power course is on 25 Sep 2018 Tuesday 2 to 6 pm.  The fee is $94 for one or $79 each for 2.  Details at

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13 Aug 2018

How to be a WeChat Interactive Expert

We know its important that you interact with your WeChat friends if you want to embark on WeChat marketing.

For some people, their Moments posts attract many likes and comments whereas for others, there are hardly one like or comment in their Moments posts. Some people have many friends on WeChat, but they hardly message their friends, either on a one-to-one basis or in a bulk message broadcast. Some people joined many groupchats, but they hardly interact with anyone in the groupchats. 

Remember if you don't interact with people on WeChat, you are not on WeChat and people do not know that you exist. How to talk about WeChat marketing?  There are six ways that you can interact with people on WeChat:

1. Position Right, Build Trust and Credibility

Your profile picture must be your real picture, and you must your real name, not a nickname. Do not overdo your picture because when people see there is a big difference between your profile picture and your Moments picture, you lose trust.

Your short description or 'What's Up' should also reflect your vocation or speciality.  For example, being a WeChat and marketing trainer, my 'What's Up' is a quote regarding education.

Do not bluff your location, for people can call your fake easily.

2.  Add Remarks and Tags to Your WeChat Friends

The goal is to categorize your friends so that they can be treated differently later, such as private messaging and message broadcast.  This will also make it easier for you to find a friend more quickly and easily. For example, I tag my friends who are educated in English as 'en', and my friends who are educated in Chinese has the tag 'cn'

3.  Actively Respond to Your Friends' Moments Posts

There are three ways to respond actively on Moments: Like, comment and private chat.
Click 'Like' is the easiest, but don't like blindly even like negative posts
You should not just comment on your friend's moments posts, but comment with a personal touch instead of a simple 'good'.

If you feel strongly about your friend's post, you can chat with him privately.  This will make him remember you.

4.  Value in Your Moments Posts

Your Moments posts should contain information of value, like new discoveries, heartwarming stories, enlightening articles, warm news, and your opinions. Never send negative messages, political articles, and any messages that take energy away.

You can gather content for your Moments posts from your daily life, like interesting details about your life, your work,  your beautiful photos, your guest photos, or even selfies.   To attract interactions on your Moments posts, you can share jokes, music, videos or even live telecast.

Whatever you post on Moments will only be read if they are shared from your heart.  Even if you were just merely copying content from someone, be sure to add your personal touch or twist.  For example, I don't just share news, I add my view or how I feel about it.

5. Private Chats

There are three purposes to private chats:
a. Get attention, for people will only pay attention to you if you talk to them

b. Strengthen Relationships by chatting in depth for a minute, exchanging information and opinions, gaining an ideological or emotional identity, or providing help to the other person. 

c. Push Information
When I have a major event, such as a large class, I want more people to see my message, and I will use private chats or message broadcast to push out information

There are three ways to chat
a. Say Hello immediately after you add a friend on WeChat
b. Switch from Moments comments to private chats
c. Switch from groupchats to private chats

6.  WeChat Groupchat Interaction

As we all know, WeChat Groupchats is the core of WeChat. The secret to groupchat interaction is giving not taking, accepting, not resisting, being unselfish and generous.
Remember, we use WeChat to build our name, thus we must show our strengths in groupchats and create high value for the group members

Of course, you have to be very active in the groupchat, but don't steal the limelight from the group admin.  Do things in the right spirit, and never overwhelm your members with too powerful messages.

In summary, WeChat interaction is the key to WeChat marketing. When you are able to interact with your WeChat friends, you'll automatically get what you want, be it more friends, more referrals, more enquiries or more sales. Follow the above 6 Ways of WeChat Interaction and you will be on the road to get rich with WeChat.

Written by Andy Ng, a trainer with 30 years of work experience. If this article has given me you value, be sure to share it out, thanks. Other related articles

6 Aug 2018

6 WeChat Marketing Tips

It's getting more and more popular. Many people today know that WeChat is not just a messaging app like WhatsApp.  WeChat is also not just a social media app like Facebook.  WeChat is a super app, and many businesses from small to big are running their entire businesses on WeChat.  The number one reason businesspeople use WeChat is marketing or to reach out to the right target audience.  Today I shall talk about 6 WeChat Marketing tips. Enjoy and share it with your friends. 

1. Minimum number of WeChat Friends

In order to have a certain response to your marketing on WeChat, you need to have a minimum number of WeChat Friends.  The minimum is 500 quality friends or 1,000 if you are unsure of the quality of your friends.  

Quality friends are friends that are receptive to what you post.  For example, I am a WeChat Trainer. My quality friends on WeChat would include people that like to learn and are receptive to learning. I often add such quality friends from the seminar groupchats that I joined.

2. Engagement with Your WeChat Friends

You need to engage with your WeChat friends on a daily if not twice-a-week basis.  The most common engagement is to click 'like' and comment on their WeChat Moments posts. People will click 'like' and comment on your WeChat Moments posts if they find your name appears on their Moments posts.  This happens when you click 'like' and comment on their Moments posts.

Another way to engage with your WeChat friends is to send them personalized messages or standard messages via Message Broadcast.  I often send 'Thanks' to my new WeChat friends and attach my electronic name-card. 3 out of 10 of my new WeChat friends would respond with questions and that's where we start communicating. Once a week, I send Message Broadcast to my WeChat friends on WeChat tips and strategies via Mei Pian, a beautiful blog mini program.

3. Your copywriting

Copywriting is a very important aspect of WeChat Marketing.  People are busy and have no time to read what you post unless your posts are written in an attractive manner.  For example, some people like to put their skin care product pictures on their Moments, but seldom describe what their product can do for people other than saying it is good. Who would want to buy such lame products?

4. Share Success Stories
As soon as some of your WeChat friends buy what you sell, you can post pictures of them enjoying your products in your WeChat Moments.  You can also screenshot this Moments post and send it to your Groupchat friends and request them to like your Moments post. 

When the amount of 'likes' in your Moments post reach a new high (eg 10), you can share this small achievement by posting it on your Moments or in your groupchats.  This will attract even more likes on your Moments and the effect will just spiral up.

5. Be Real, Be Likeable
Since WeChat is a social media tool and people buy from people that they like, you can make yourself likable by showing the real You in your Moments posts. For example, I often post pictures of what my wife cooks, plus good deals like cheap and good latest mobile phones.  

Sometimes I just post things that are close to my heart, like self-improvement courses and inspirational stories.  Realize that you do not need to pretend. Just show the real you, the you that is not perfect, the you that has its ups and downs, and people will like you.  It is that simple.

6.  It's All Not About You
This is the most important point.  WeChat Marketing is not about You but your friends.  If you want to market your product, don't just talk about your product.  Talk about what your friends feel strongly about. Sometimes I just look at my friends' Moments posts and give constructive comments.  

For example, that day my friend shared in her Moments her birthday celebration.  Other than wishing her happy birthday, I showed concern and asked her how is her business doing and if she is using WeChat actively to promote her business.  She was very appreciative of my concern and replied that she wants to come for my free refresher WeChat Marketing course.  I offered her the dates and suggested that she can bring her team members too to the class to have better team bonding.  We felt so much closer after such interactions.

That's all for today.  Let me know in the comments if you have any good tips.  Written by Andy Ng, a WeChat Trainer

2 Aug 2018

Boss Around with WhatsApp Voice Messages

WhatsApp has a voice message function that allows you to press a button and record your message. For the uninitiated, this is just another way of sending messages that are interchangeable with text messages. However, sending a voice message on WhatsApp is considered obnoxious in the professional world, and usually only tolerated if it is sent from a superior to a subordinate.

Why?  Many professionals today use WhatsApp, not email, as the primary medium for workplace communication. A voice chat creates inconveniences to infuriate the recipient. 

If you’re in a noisy place (e.g., a networking event or a party), you have to strain your ears or find a quiet place to hear it. If you’re in a library, you have to dig up your headphones. If you’re in a meeting, you have to wait until the meeting is over. Fully taking in the message requires careful listening and sometimes even transcription.

Worse, the message content doesn’t live anywhere in textual form so nothing mentioned will be searchable in the future. 

Moreover, WhatsApp does not support pausing in the middle of playing a voice message or scrubbing the audio to jump to another point in time. If you miss one important word, you must replay the whole message from the very beginning. Receiving voice messages also takes up more data, which could incur costs if the recipient doesn’t have wifi.

Sending someone a voice message—instead of typing it out—tells them: “I’m obviously busier and more important than you.” The sender saves time—at the recipient’s expense. Thus it is almost always used in asymmetric relationships: for example, when a boss is communicating a directive to a subordinate.

So, do not send voice messages on WhatsApp in a professional situation unless you are communicating with people who clearly consider you to be their boss. Even if you are sending a very long message, type it out—and type it in one long message instead of in multiple short sentences. This reduces the number of times the recipient’s phone vibrates and saves them battery life.

If you have to send voice messages for special reasons (e.g., you are driving and the message is urgent, or if your fingers are broken and you cannot type), begin with an apology and communicate that you have no other choice.

In conclusion, while the microphone button is tempting, stick to the keyboard. Unless you are my boss.