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9 Dec 2018

What You Really Learn from My WeChat Courses

Following my previous post on 'What Do I Really Teach in WeChat", some people asked me to summarize what will my students really learn from my WeChat courses.  There are 5 things that you will take back:

1. The WeChat course itself, which has 5 key elements: WeChat, Chinese culture, Social Media Marketing, Irresistible Selling and FREE WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini Programs (read the details at here)

2. What Value to Bring to People
Most people are very good in describing what they sell and the benefits they bring.  But if you were to ask them what value do you bring to people, they will mention "good value".  This answer is worse than not answering.  

We know that if you want to use WeChat in your marketing, people are not interested to read how good your product is.  People are only interested in one and only thing: what value do you bring to them.  

In our WeChat courses, all our students are made to go through an exercise what value they can bring to their WeChat friends.  For example, our Financial Planner will, from attending our course, realize that the value she brings is not financial products but a care and concern for people

3. How to Tell the Difference between Friends and Fans, and how to build fans through our 'Five Ways to WeChat Millionaire" chart

4. How to Follow-up with people that read your Moments, your messages, your articles and your comments in their Moments posts. 

5. How to Be Human and Be Real
Many of my students told me that before learning about WeChat, they only know how to do social media marketing by 'pretending'.   In our WeChat courses, we teach people how to be human and how to be real in your WeChat Moments posts, your articles and your message in WeChat group chats.  Most importantly, we tell you how to treat each of your WeChat friends as a friend, not as a potential customer.  Note: Last WeChat course for the year is on this Friday 14 Dec 9 am to 1 pm. Special 50% off at $149, fee will revert to $298 come Jan 2019. Last 6 seats left, details at here. Related articles (click on the titles to read them)
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The 5 Things That I Teach in WeChat

Many people asked me: what do I really teach in our WeChat Training?  Well, there are 5 things that you will be rewarded:

1. WeChat
Over 28 functions will be taught, with 18 hands-on practices in the class

2. Social Media Marketing  
Yes, WeChat is a social media tool and I teach the 3 secrets of social media marketing: friend, connected friend, and fans

3. Irresistible Selling
How to have FREE Business Models that attract customers 

4. Chinese culture and values
The 5 Rs of Chinese culture and values to do well in WeChat: Red packets, Respect, Reciprocation, Reasonableness and Real

5. WeChat FREE Official Account and FREE Mini Program
How to create your own Official Account. How to use Huaban Mima and Mei Pian to create fans and referrals

Next 192nd WeChat Marketing class is on Saturday 14 Dec 9 am to 12.30 pm. Limited seats at 76% discount at $94 vs $294. Details and register please click Other articles (click on their titles to read them):
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  11. How to be a WeChat Interactive Expert
  12. Six WeChat Marketing tips
  13. For those that don't know
  14. Boss around with voice messages
  15. Really Nothing?  You must be out of your mind
  16. How to Get to Know China People and add them as your WeChat Friends
  17. 7 Lessons I learn from using WeChat
  18. Groupchats: boom or bane
  19. Thinking in the clouds 
  20. Using Art of War in WeChat
  21. What?  Whatsapp can also do marketing?  Lol
  22. WeChat Conversion: the most important thing in WeChat marketing
  23. How to be active on WeChat
  24. The 5 ways to get quick sales on WeChat
  25. The only way to increase your WeChat friends
  26. Mini program are not mini at all
  27. How groupchats bring sales for a watch shop
  28. Why must increase WeChat friends first
  29. Getting real business from WeChat is about this
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  31. Top mistaken beliefs about WeChat
  32. Top 20 ways to increase your WeChat friends

5 Dec 2018

5 Reasons Why You Sould Not Use WeChat

Although people like to use WeChat because they know that it is very good for business, there are 5 reasons why you should not use WeChat:
  1. You are in for a quick sale: you want to use WeChat to quickly sell to the people inside WeChat. Because WeChat is a social media tool, if you use WeChat just to sell to your WeChat friends, your selfish motive will be known to people quickly and you will not get sales. Instead, you will get people that block you or even report you to WeChat
  2. You feel that you don't know Chinese and you think that WeChat is only for the Chinese and the only reason to use WeChat is to communicate to the Chinese. We know that WeChat has 21 languages and there are 1.1 billion people worldwide from Africa to India using WeChat
  3. You want to use what you can do in Facebook and apply them into WeChat immediately: boost posts, paid ads, message to strangers, tag people, create multiple accounts using just email, and search for groups to join to mass message to them. All these things you cannot do in WeChat
  4. You want to spread your political and religious ideas inside WeChat. In WeChat, politics and religion are taboos and your account will get suspended in no time
  5. You have too much business to handle now. You cannot use WeChat because you don't want an additional business that may come when you use WeChat
For the latest WeChat course in English, Whatsapp to Andy at 65-97291864. Limited 49% discount for readers of Linked at $149 instead of $298

28 Nov 2018

12 Reasons Why Singapore is the Greenest City in the World

Singapore's not just the greatest city in the world, it's also the greenest. We have 12 good reasons why it's so.

1. We're one great big Garden City

Garden City by name, Garden City by nature. We take the green stuff so seriously, we're known as the Garden City. The development of Singapore as a Garden City was a vision put forward by former Prime Minister (and now Minister Mentor) Lee Kuan Yew way back in 1968, just after our independence, to integrate the environment with urban development and soften the effects of a concrete jungle. Now, there are trees along every road and parks in every estate. Just ask any visiting tourist what's their first impression of Singapore. Go on, we challenge you.

2. Waste not, want not

Singapore literally does not waste a single drop of water if it can be helped. Through the marvels of modern desalination technologies and more than a little desperation (Singapore imports less than half the population's water from Malaysia with agreements set to expire in 2011 and 2061), this little patch of land recycles and conserves almost all rainfall and water reserves (including non-potable waste water) to produce NeWater, a high-purity H2O that can be used for industrial development and even drinking. Gross but true.

3. Drive up, plug in, power on

Until the brainy science types can figure out safe hydrogen energy or cold fusion, electric power is still the most viable and cleanest green energy source to drive cars and assorted motor vehicles. Ever heard of Greenlots? They're an island-wide network of power stations for electric vehicles to plug in and recharge which run off the national power infrastructure. Not to be outdone, there are now solar Greenlots being tested now which draw their power from the sun -- not a bad idea for a tropical sunny island.

4. Electric cars are so yesterday

It's not just the passenger vehicles that are going electric, a whole bevy of vehicles are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. Cab operator Prime Taxis has put on the roads 30 cabs that run on petrol and electric power, while hybrid buses which use a combination of diesel and battery power and consume use up to 30 percent less fuel are on trial now as well. On the industrial front, Singapore-based ST Kinetics has launched the world's first commercially ready Hybrid Hydraulic Drive (HHD) enhanced port prime mover (PPM)which captures and re-uses the energy normally lost from braking, using a hybrid system that can be easily adapted to other commercial machines such as tractors, heavy trucks and excavators.

5. The big evil master plan to save the Earth

Well, it's not so much evil as all-encompassing, but the grandiose-sounding Singapore Green Plan 2012 is a government blueprint for environment sustainability that's put together and put into action by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources in 2002. It looks at six main areas -- Clean Air & Climate Change, Water, Waste Management, Public Health, Conserving Nature, and International Environmental Relations. Almost all the green efforts for Singapore is guided by this master plan, including the Sustainable Development blueprintGreen Transport Week and the next reason.

6. We're getting paid to go green

From cars to weddings, Singaporeans are subsidized to do the right thing. Mitsubishi is bringing in up to 50 i-MiEV electric cars for use in the $20 million three-year study to test the infrastructure needed to keep them running here. The Japanese car maker will sell the cars for between S$80,000 and S$90,000, lower than the S$160,000 estimated retail price, if you're willing to take part in the study. And if you're getting hitched, the National Park Board (NParks) will give you a nice 20 percent discount for venues at the HortPark in Alexandra Road. The catch -- couples have to show NParks that they have taken at least eight environmentally-friendly measures for their wedding. These include using recycled paper for their wedding stationary, holding the ceremony at non air-conditioned venues and using a hybrid car for their bridal car.

7. The longest green campaign. Ever.

The Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) campaign has been kicking around for close to two decades now and it's one of the longest in the island's history. It was formerly known as "Clean and Green Week" for about 17 years before it went full steam into a year-long campaign and morphed into simply Clean and Green Singapore in 2007, with regular events, activities and community projects all over the country all the time. Now that's what we call a sustainable effort.

8. Get them while they're young

Not to be outdone by CGS, Green Singapore 2050 (GS2050) is a community platform for youngsters to express their concerns about environmental issues, and think of solutions to them. Why 2050? It's because these youths will be the ones to inherit and run the country in 2050, and hopefully solve the world's problems. GS2050 runs environmental surveys, forums for discussions and projects aimed at solving real issues.

9. Of mega parks and super trees

It will be the largest and most ambitious garden project ever attempted in Singapore, with the aim of creating a continuous ring of greenery, with the three different gardens wrapping around the Marina Bay area. Called "Gardens by the Bay," the project will stretch over 54 hectares, approximately the size of 72 soccer fields when it's completed in 2010, and it will boast enormous super trees that provide the gardens with shade, shelter and a steady source of rain water as well as a cluster of green conservatories.

10. "Way to stay cool, good looking"

The Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, besides its mission to be the "biomedical hub of Asia," is one of the great examples of green design and environmentally conscious construction while still architecturally beautiful. The use of sustainable design elements such as the eight-story glass atrium that provides vertical circulation to the whole building and ceramic tiles which contain titanium dioxide (a material which keeps maintenance down and withstands tropical mold) earned the building Green Mark certification. But it's not a singular building that's eco-conscious -- the massive Resorts World Sentosa also won an award from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for integrating sustainable building concepts into the master design of its development.

11. The most glam eco advocates around

Green Kampong is a eco-community started by supermodel and MTV VJ turned eco-activist Nadya Hutagalung and a group of like-minded earth angels, including former magazine publisher Holman Chin, capital investor Desmond Koh and Green Drinks Singapore founder Olivia Choong. Now that's a good-looking bunch of people that's saving the world in style.

12. We all want to save the world

Ultimately, we all want to be green. From bringing your own shopping bags and eco movements and groups that are popping up everywhere, Singaporeans are genuinely aware of the need to be earth-friendly and save its resources. A recent survey by the National Environment Agency (NEA) showed an overwhelming number (87.2 percent) of Singaporeans who are willing to adopt a clean and green lifestyle. A Kelly Services study revealed that over 90 per cent of people working in Singapore said they are more likely to work for an organization that is ethically and socially responsible, while nine out of 10 teens in another survey are concerned about protecting the environment, with 96 percent agreeing that it's their responsibility to take care of Mother Earth.

The 5 Powers of WeChat (new)

25 Nov 2018

The 18 Ocassions to Give Out Packets in WeChat

We all know that we give out and receive red packets during Chinese New Year, weddings and birthdays.  In Chinese culture, red packet is very common as a form of goodwill, good luck, expression of appreciation, or just having fun.  What we may not know is that in WeChat, we receive and give out red packets EVERY DAY.  None of the WeChat red packets has to do with Chinese New Year, your birthdays and weddings.  If you too want to get new business from using the world's number 1 social media and business tool for the Chinese, you must start giving out red packets. Here are the top 18 situations that you will be giving out red packets in WeChat:
  1. To let people know you when you just joined a Group chat.  Later when you want to add people as your friend, they will likely accept you because they see you as a giver 
  2. To rejuvenate a group chat.  As we know, group chats have a short life span of 2 to 4 weeks.  After this period, group chats either become advertising spam groups or inactive group chats with only one or two persons chatting. If I want to re-activate a dead group chat, I will send out red packets. The many thank-you messages from the recipients of the red packets, plus the triggering of reciprocation of red packets from the recipients, will generate many messages.  All these will make my dead group chats very active and its lifespan will be extended automatically
  3. When you want to ask for a favor from a friend
  4. When you want to seek advice about how to use WeChat from an experienced WeChat user or a WeChat Teacher
  5. To attract people to join your newly created group chat
  6. To send wishes to a WeChat friend, be it birthday wish, new job blessings, baby first-month party or just a form of hello to a friend
  7. As a form of apology to a WeChat friend
  8. To test if your Wallet function is functional.  You can simply make a friend request to me with my WeChat ID "AndyNgCoach" and try this now
  9. To thank your customers who have just purchased your product or service via WeChat
  10. As a token of appreciation to a person that have referred a customer or friend to you
  11. To reward the author of an article that you read on WeChat, like this article 
  12. To encourage your friend who has walked over 10,000 steps in a single day, as seen when you activate "WeRun" Official Account in WeChat
  13. To show your appreciation to a singing on Karaoke app on WeChat eg Kugou or Haochang app
  14. To purchase an e-course conducted on WeChat
  15. To buy e-learning materials sent via WeChat
  16. When you have very few friends on WeChat (less than 500), you can post in your Moments asking your friends to introduce you to 5 friends or pull you inside group chats.  You can offer your red packet as a token of appreciation and effort
  17. To thank people that follow your WeChat Official Account or WeChat Mini Program
  18. Just for Fun! WeChat is a fun tool!  Just send red packets for fun now! 
Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer and Consultant.  Since 2017, Andy conducts at least twice a week WeChat courses on Tuesday 2 to 6 pm and Friday 9 am to 1 pm.  Readers of this article can enjoy unlimited 50% savings on WeChat courses at only $149 instead of $298. Details of the course are at here  Other articles (click on title to read)
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3 Reasons to Learn WeChat: Avoid Costly Mistakes

31 Oct 2018

Open Electricity Market: Which Company has the Best Rates? How Much Can I Save in 3 Minutes?

(updated on 15 Mar 2020)

Note: The SP Group has raised the electricity tariff for this current quarter Jan - Mar 2020 to 24.24 cents kWh, the highest level since Oct 2014.  One retailer Tuas Power offers a low rate of 16.8 cents kWh, 31% lower than SP rate. 

The question on everybody's lips is: how much can I really save when I switch my electricity supply from the current SP Group to any of the 11 licensed electricity retailers? 

The Facts First
The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has, since April 2017, been progressively opening up the retail electricity market, referred to as the Open Electricity Market (OEM). The purpose is to bring about competitive pricing for the benefit of all consumers.  NOW THE WHOLE SINGAPORE IS OPEN. 

From 1 May 2019 onwards, everyone is eligible to switch as the market is now fully opened for all. 

Reason To Switch: Save Money
You save guaranteed and confirmed 22% if you opt for the DOT plan (Discount over Tariff), which gives 22% off whatever rates you are paying now.  We have DOT plans ranging from 6 months to 24 months.
If you are more daring, you go for the fixed price plan, which means you can save 31% over the current rates under SP Group.  For example, in this current quarter Jan to Mar 2020, the SP rate is 24.24 cents kWh.  
One retailer Tuas Power Supply offers a fixed rate of 16.80 cents kWh for a 2-year or 3-year plan, this gives you a savings of 31% off the SP rate of 24.24 centsAll the rates here are before GST.
How much can you save? 
If your monthly electricity bill is $100 you get to save $31 a month or $372 a year.  Over a 3-year period, you get to save $1,116.  All it takes is just 3 minutes! 

To know how to switch, email to me Andy at or text to me at 9367 2286 now! Our team of electricity consultants will help you select the plan that saves you the most, plus rewarding you with CASH rebates of $80 (for the 3-years plan)

30 Oct 2018

There are no shortcuts in WeChat Friends

Many people want to get the most number of WeChat friends in the shortest time possible, for they know that the more friends you have on WeChat, the easier will be for you to do your WeChat marketing.

But there is simply no shortcut in getting WeChat friends.  Typical shortcuts include:
  1. People Nearby.  Some people think that if you just go to many places and just people add from 'People Nearby' feature at the Discover page, you will get many friends.  The truth is that unless you have a pretty face as your profile photo, the chance of people accepting you is as low as 1%.  To increase your acceptance rate, you need to have an impressive profile photo and a good write-up. You also need to have quality posts on your Moments as people will take a look at your Moments to decide if you are worthy of being their friend
  2. Exchange groupchats with friends and simply add people from there.  The chance of people accepting you is very low because you are a stranger to the groupchats. You need to be seen in the groupchats for people to accept you as a friend
  3. Blindly add people from blindly searching for their mobile numbers. Because people don't know you, the chance of them accepting you as their friend is very low
If there are no shortcuts, then how to have many friends as fast as possible?  Since WeChat is a social media tool, you need to make people like you before they can be your friend.  The way to make people like you so that they will add you as friend includes:
  1. Attractive profile photo
  2. Impressive album photo in your Moments page
  3. Good 'what's up' in your 'Me' page description
  4. Post regularly on Moments, at least 1 to 3 times a day
  5. Have quality posts on Moments
  6. Send caring messages to your friends via Message Broadcast
  7. Contribute to group chats with energy-boosting posts
  8. Be sincere and likable as what you will do in the offline world
  9. Don't be boring, have a life other than your work.  Share your life's moments with your friends
  10. Don't boast or praise yourself
  11. Like other people genuinely and they will in turn like you
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21 Oct 2018

How Can I Use Messaging Apps to Get Business?

People often asked me, how can a messaging app like Whatsapp or WeChat be used to get business?

Firstly, please understand that we are already in a mobile world where people look at messaging apps like Whatsapp and WeChat more often than emails, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  In fact, people now send files via WeChat and Whatsapp instead of emails. 

Secondly, we don't just communicate with people that we know via messaging apps.  We use messaging apps to get to know people that we don't know.  This is so true when we join groupchats where most of the people we don't really know.  In WeChat, you can get to know strangers via 'People Nearby' function to know people within 1,000 meters of your location. 

Thirdly, we use Whatsapp and WeChat to build our brand.  Yes, you can use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to build your brand. But using messaging apps is faster because it is more instant than these social media apps.  Through forming groupchats and lead in groupchats, we can build our brand quickly.  For example, I formed a 'Learn WeChat Everyday' groupchat last Sunday and that made me a guru on WeChat instantly and garnered two students for my WeChat class. 

Fourthly, messaging apps also have a big social media element. In Whatsapp, there is a Status page, similar to Facebook news feeds and here you can post your status to your Whatsapp friends. In WeChat, the social media page is called Moments.  We know that social media is good for getting business because people like to deal with people that they know and trust. Through social media updates, we can get to know a person and this definitely builds trust. 

Fifthly and most importantly, a messaging app like WeChat has an inbuilt payment platform called WeChat Pay where you can send and receive money instantly.  This definitely facilitates business. 

If you too want to get immediate business from your existing WeChat and Whatsapp accounts, message me at 8201-4347.  I will put you into one of my classes (Whatsapp Marketing or WeChat Power" at a special 67% discount, just for this article readers. Thanks. 

13 Oct 2018

Everything About WeChat Accounts

Recently some people that were referred by my WeChat students asked me how to use their Singapore WeChat account while in China.  

There are some that asked how to open another WeChat account. There was one student that wanted to open their WeChat account from another phone and asked if she can access her WeChat account from more than one phone. 

Finally, a common question is why should one open another WeChat account? Let me answer them and more in this article. 

1. Limit of one WeChat account
As you may know, one WeChat account can have a maximum of 5,000 friends. If you are like me going to hit 5,000 friends in a few weeks time, you need to have another account opened to stand by

2. How many WeChat apps can my phone install?
The answer is you can install more than one WeChat app on your phone if you are using phones like Xiami, Samsung or Huawei. 

3. Can my WeChat app access 2 WeChat accounts?
Yes, you can. Go to 'Me' page, select settings, and go to the bottom and you can see 'Switch account' option.  Here you can easily switch to another WeChat account if you have one. 

4. What do I need to open another WeChat account?
A mobile number, not one that you have already registered a WeChat account. 

5. Can I use my WeChat account in China?
Yes of course.  You can use your WeChat Wallet in China too if you have opened it. 

6. What is WeChat Official Account? Is it the same as my WeChat account?
WeChat Official Account is a business account.  Anyone can open up to 2 official accounts as long as you have a registered business.  Official accounts are like mini websites where you can conduct business and interact with your followers. 

7. Can I delete my WeChat account and open another one?
Sure.  But one mobile number can only open one WeChat account

8. Can I leave my WeChat account inactive but don't close it in case I want to use it later?
Can. But after 3 months of non-usage, you cannot log in into your WeChat account unless you perform some verification procedures. 

9. Can I change the language of my WeChat account?
Can. Go to 'Me' page, then settings, then language.  There are 21 languages to choose from. 

10. What is the value of one WeChat account with 5,000 friends?
Unless your WeChat friends are inactive, dormant or already ceased, the current market value of one normal WeChat account with 5,000 friends ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 Chinese Yuan. 

11. Can someone hack into my WeChat account?

Can.  If you use WeChat daily you will know if your account is hacked or not.  You can report the hacking to the company at email

12. Can I change my WeChat account name?
You can always change your WeChat account name anytime.  

But your WeChat ID cannot be changed if you have done one change.  To know if your WeChat ID can be changed or not, simply go to your Me page and click on your own photo.  You will see your ID there and will know if you can change it or not.

13. Do I Need to Put My Own Photo in my WeChat Account Profile?

Not necessary.  But putting your own face makes you more transparent and trustworthy.

14. Someone used my profile photo to create another WeChat account.  How?

Report to the company immediately

15. Can I link my WeChat account to my Facebook and others?

Yes, you can link your WeChat account to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and e-mail.  If you link your WeChat to your Facebook account, all your WeChat Moments posts will be automatically posted on your Facebook account. But since August 2018 to now, this feature is temporarily disabled. 

Author: Andy Wu.  Andy Wu is a WeChat trainer with 22 years of training and consulting experience. Contact him at or text to him at 65-93672286 if you have any questions regarding WeChat, including how to learn WeChat at zero cost.