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9 Dec 2018

The 5 Things That I Teach in WeChat

Many people asked me: what do I really teach in our WeChat Training?  Well, there are 5 things that you will be rewarded:

1. WeChat
Over 28 functions will be taught, with 18 hands-on practices in the class

2. Social Media Marketing  
Yes, WeChat is a social media tool and I teach the 3 secrets of social media marketing: friend, connected friend, and fans

3. Irresistible Selling
How to have FREE Business Models that attract customers 

4. Chinese culture and values
The 5 Rs of Chinese culture and values to do well in WeChat: Red packets, Respect, Reciprocation, Reasonableness and Real

5. WeChat FREE Official Account and FREE Mini Program
How to create your own Official Account. How to use Huaban Mima and Mei Pian to create fans and referrals

Next 144th WeChat Marketing class is on Tuesday 11 Dec 2 to 6 pm. Limited seats at 49% discount at $149 vs usual $298. Details and register at Other articles (click on their titles to read them):
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