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27 Mar 2018

The Journey of Creation is NOT A Course but a Road to Richness with Happiness

You are a manager, executive, technician or professional. You have achieved certain success in life, yet deep at night, you wake up and wonder if this is what your life is about.

You also realize that with the advent of mobile phones, relationships between you and your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends and relatives are getting more and more distant. You guys just don't seem to talk as much as in the past!

We all know that every problem we faced in our life is all because subconsciously, we are still living in a slumber state. Hence, true awakening is the only answer to unlocking the key to the problems.
·      Only when you are truly awake, can your consciousness be enlightened,
·      Only when you are truly awake, can your energy stay fresh,
·      Only when you are truly awake, can you have surpassed power
·      Only when you are truly awake, can you see your future path clearly

If you too want to be awake and have fulfilment in your life in the areas of wealth, health and relationships, I welcome you to the 1,189th batch of our flagship program since 2011.

JOURNEY OF CREATION 创造之旅 (1,189 Run since 2012)
Date: March 31 and 1 April 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 9 am to 9 pm
Venue: Chui Huay Lim Club 4th Level Ballroom, 190 Keng Lee Rd, Singapore 308409 (Newton MRT)

This 2-days workshop is a social service program, meaning we do not charge you any training fees. Originally offered at RMB20,000 or S$4,000 in China and Taiwan, we now offer this 2-days high-value workshop to you totally FREE of training fees. To cover the cost of materials, meals cost for 2-days, overseas trainers’ travelling expenses, training props, music and sound system, and training venue that can accommodate 100 people, we only collect from you S$299 per person or S$500 for 2 for a 2-days program complete with meals, books and all props and materials.

The magical 2-days workshop would let you come to realize how much limitations you have set in your life with your own beliefs and emotional status.

Whether it is in the area of your state of being, relationship with your family, your career, wealth, health, and motivation in life, through this powerful workshop, you will win back your power and mould and shape your life and the future as you want it to be.

2-days Workshop Contents: (in Mandarin)

1.    State of Life Diagram from despair to creation and passion
2.    Life Phenomenon as seen in a movie
3.    Vortex of Life from powerless to powerful
4.    3-Steps Processing to eradicate the vortex of life
5.    Drawing the Cosmic Force to solve all your life’s problems
6.    Your inner world and the link to your outer world
7.    Give it all: how to have this thinking
8.    How to get to the paradise on earth in 4 steps
9.    Getting to the root of all your hidden beliefs
10. Integrating the opposites in your life to produce the real You
11. How to increase your Maturity Quotient
12. Uncovering your hidden resistance: roadblocks to your life’s success
13. How to turn-around in your relationships with your family and others
14. Your Business Enterprise and Building Your Dream Team
15. Money and You
16. Realising your purpose in life: how to be fully satisfied and fulfilled

Methods of Workshop:
· Trainers’ dynamic presentation and coaching
· Group discussions and case studies
· Individual exploring
· Group exercises
· Games
· Lectures from Chief Trainer Robert Yu via video
·      Upbeat music

Two International Trainers with over 50 years of training & coaching experience:
1. Mr Kelvin Lee (Soheaven General Manager, Taiwan)
2. Ms Liang Jiayu, Soheaven Hong Kong Trainer (Hong Kong)

Enquiry: Andy Ng 吴家发 at 8201-4347
Note: Andy is also a Team Leader in this program. He has attended 4 times of this program since 2017. To register, visit

25 Mar 2018

Your Profile = People's Acceptance of You

We know that in WeChat, you can simply add strangers as your friends using 'People Nearby' feature, search for contacts and add from Groupchats.  But what determines people's acceptance of you is your profile.  

Your Profile must have the following features for people to accept you readily: 

1. Use Your Real Name, not Psesodonym 

2. A proper or Professional photo that is not far from your real self

3. 'Whats up' to state what you are currently most occupied with.  If you put in things like 'Like to add new friends', it shows that you are more a seller than a real contact.  This will put people off.  

4. Use both Chinese and English names, because 90% of WeChat users are Chinese but they also like English names

5. Do not expose your phone number in your profile, for it shows that you are too hard-up for business and people will fear to accept you as their friend

For instance, my profile (search for me under the ID 'AndyTheCoach') is 吴家发 Andy 新加坡 培训师

21 Mar 2018

Further 3 Wrong Understandings About WeChat

Other than the common 10 misunderstandings about WeChat, there following three prevalent thinking that must be corrected:

1. People in China Cannot Follow My WeChat Account

I have over 211 friends who live in China and they follow my Moments posting every day.  I even taught one of them English via WeChat. Definitely, people in China can follow my WeChat account. 

But if I were to create my overseas Official Account, people in China cannot follow and read my overseas Official Account. 

But if these people from China opened their WeChat accounts using their e-mails and QQ accounts and not their mobile number, they can follow all overseas official accounts.  

Note that official accounts are mini-sites on WeChat, they are not the same as the usual personal WeChat account that most people use every day

2. WeChat Wallet Cannot Be Opened Outside China

Anyone in this world can open WeChat Wallet easily. They just need one of the following: bank card from China (meaning you have a bank account physically opened in China) or Visa/Mastercard credit card to authenticate

I use WeChat Wallet more than once a week as I send red packets to my students in the WeChat classes as I demonstrate to them how they can open WeChat Wallet in just 3 minutes inside my class

Note that only with WeChat Wallet can you access the free advertising platform called 'GroupBuy'.  With WeChat Wallet, you can receive and send RMB to anyone in this world via transfer or red packets.  You also can make use of WeChat Pay to do cashless payments to vendors

3. Only Those Who Understand Chinese Can Use WeChat

WeChat is used in over 100 countries in this world and currently, it translates 21 languages instantly.  Thus you don't need to know Chinese to use WeChat

Our last weekend WeChat Get Rich course for this month is on 24 March Saturday 9.30 am to 1 pm. For special 67% discount, click

14 Mar 2018

3 Out of 4 Mobile Phone Users Are on WeChat

WeChat is a very powerful tool. 

It has 28 unique useful functions that Whatsapp and Facebook don't have. 

Why are people not using WeChat as much as Whatsapp?

Lack of friends on WeChat?

We use Whatsapp and Facebook more often as most of our friends are on FB & Whatsapp but not on Wechat.

Do you know that in Singapore, 3 out of 4 mobile phone users are using WeChat?

That's 4 million people using WeChat.

Are your friends using WeChat?  

If they are, are YOU their WeChat friends? 

*People from China only use WeChat*

So if you want to connect with them, you have no choice but to use WeChat.

Don't know Chinese?

WeChat can now translate 21 languages including moments posts and news!

And voice translation too!

WeChat Moments work like Facebook newsfeeds, you can post anything you like, including 9 photos and videos within 10 seconds.  

Now you too can learn WeChat and become a pro! Come and join our 36th class of

Date: 17 Mar Sat 9 am to 1 pm 
Special fee: $99 (67% off usual $298)
Extra special: $199 for 3 (74% off)
Ultra special: $59 each for 5 (80% off)

Venue: 89 Short St 09-03A Golden Wall Centre, S 188216 (Rochor MRT)
Trainer: Andy Ng (since 2001)

1.The 5 Ways to Market using WhatsApp
2.Messages that people read and like
3. Power of WeChat as a SuperApp
4. The 8 ways to add friends on WeChat
5. The 28 unique functions of WeChat
6. How to open WeChat Wallet without opening bank account in China
7. How to transfer money and use WeChat Red Packets and Wallet services
8. WeChat Message Broadcast: 8 steps
9. How to accept WeChat payments in RMB but received as S$ in your local bank a/c
10. WeChat Official Account: its functions and how to set up in 3 steps
11.The 12 Ways to Sell on WeChat FOC
12. Using WeChat Wallet Group Buy to promote your business FOC
Book at

13 Mar 2018

No More Sales Objections

Sales trainers like to teach people the concept of overcoming objections.

To me, objections are a waste of time. This is because closing is an inside job. The salesperson deep down must believe in closing the sale and not focus on overcoming objections. 

When salespeople start overcoming objections, they are placing themselves in conflict with their customers when they should be establishing collaborative relationships instead.

Often overcoming objections set the stage for polite disagreements and respectful differences of opinion, forcing salespeople to defend their solutions. At worst, it turns the sales process into a battle in which the salesperson goes into a battle an attack mode to 'win' the sale. In fact, words like 'persist', 'convince', 'persuade' all imply such aggressive behaviour. We all know that you could win an argument and lose the sale.

It doesn't have to be this way. Salespeople can choose another approach: prevent objections instead of overcoming objections. How to prevent objections? 

1. Attract Customers to Buy from You. When you attract people, people will be doing their own assessment and weigh the pros and cons of your attraction. If they are attracted enough, they will justify the cons with the pros. Just look at the queues for iPhone X and you will know the importance of attraction.

2. Mention the reasons against you first. When you mention your weaknesses, people will see that you are honest and they will respect you more. With higher respect, they will be more attracted to you and thus objections will become irrelevant.

3. Choose your customers. Only sell to people that are in line with your vision and mission. Like Apple's chooses to sell to 'premium customers' only, people who are willing to pay more for the Apple brand and look and feel of its products.

To know more about how to attract customers like a magnet, come for Selling the Impossible course on this Friday 16 March 2018 2 to 5.30 pm. To make it easier for you, we offer a special 49% discount for you at only $149 instead of $298. For 5 pax, it is only $59 each. Leave me a comment if you too want to grab this special offer, visit

11 Mar 2018

3 Hurdles in Using WeChat and How to Cross Them

We all know WeChat is such a powerful tool as it has 28 unique useful functions that Whatsapp and Facebook do not have.  Why are people not using WeChat as much as Whatsapp?

There are 3 hurdles when it comes to using WeChat:

1. Lack of friends

Yes, the reason we use Whatsapp and Facebook so much is that we have many friends on them but we have few friends on WeChat.  

We know that in Singapore, 3 out of 4 mobile phone users are using WeChat. This means that there are not few but at least 4 million people using WeChat in Singapore. The question is are your friends using WeChat?  If they are, are you guys WeChat friends? 

One way to check if your friends are using WeChat is to simply find them on your phone's contact list. Simply go to 'Contacts' page on WeChat, press the '+' on top, select 'Add Contacts', then select 'Mobile Contact' and press 'Upload Contacts'.  Your WeChat account will simply tell you which of your friends on your phone contact list that you can add as friends on WeChat. 

Note that when you press 'Add', you are sending a friend request to your friend.  Your friend must accept you before the two of you are friends on WeChat

2. Don't know Chinese

We know that WeChat has a built-in translate feature that can translate 21 languages into the language of your phone.  So if your phone's language is English and your WeChat friend sends you a message in Chinese or Vietnamese, you can simply long press that message and translate that into English in less than 1 second. 

Note that everything on WeChat can be translated, including Moments posts and news in 'Top Stories'.

3. Don't Know What to Post on WeChat Moments

Actually, WeChat Moments is just like Facebook newsfeeds, and you can post anything you like, including 9 photos and videos within 15 seconds.  

But note that unlike Facebook and Whatsapp where there is little censorship, in WeChat you cannot post things about politics in China, sex, gambling, Hong Kong or Tibet or Taiwan Independence and extreme religious views.