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8 Feb 2019

What To Do When I Change phone?

WeChat is not like Whatsapp, when you change phone, the chats in your old phone will not be ported to your new phone and will be gone. The only way to transfer your chats or messages from your old phone to your new phone is via your computer. 

You need to first back up your chats from your old phone onto your computer and then download the chats from the computer into your new phone.

To do this you need to install WeChat software into your computer. Simply search for 'WeChat for Windows or Mac' and install this free software on your computer. 

To log on to WeChat on your computer, you need to use your phone to scan the QR code on your computer.  After that select 'Back Up and Restore' function.  The whole process may take up to 3 hours. 

Remember, if you have not done this, don't ever delete the WeChat app in your old phone. This is because WeChat the company does not store your chats and the chats are only in your phone and nowhere else. 

Do your friends a favor, forward this message to them or they will be panicking for no purpose. Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer 93672286