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20 May 2016

Our Own Workings

We are all the workings of our minds. We are the result of our own actions, not the actions created by an external being, spirit, creator or external power. What we are now, and what we are and will experience is due to the law of cause and effect or karma. 

In a nutshell, karma means that we reap what we sow. Our life is in our own hands. Anything that happens to us is created and caused by ourselves, and not by external power.  And everything starts with our mind. What we think, we materialize. This is called seed planting or karma. 

The law of karma applies to all beings, whether human or not. Dinosaurs fought with each other millions of years ago and they not only killed the earth, they also killed themselves. Based on this understanding, if we humans fight and kill each other, we will end up extinct as the dinosaurs.

From the concept that we are responsible for our own actions, we can change to improve our life. For example, if you are not happy with your current state of wealth, you can do something to improve it and not wait for some miracles or external power to help you. 

When humans pray to an external force or statue, they are actually not praying but making requests for inspiration and wisdom.  Chanting are just rhythmic and continuous requests for inspiration and wisdom. So the more you pray, the more inspired and wise you become. 

By Andy Ng, Trainer Coach of Asia Trainers at