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16 May 2019

Edit Your Friend

Edit Your WeChat Friends details and Set Tags 

  • Whether you add your friends using scanning, Group chats, Friend Radar or People Nearby, the first thing to do after you have added a new WeChat friend is to go in and edit his details and set tag(s) for him. 

  • This is because marketing is about being targeted so you must know your friends well and target the right marketing messages to them.  Otherwise, you will be considered as spamming and people will unfriend you fast.  

  • The one and the only way to do targeted marketing to your WeChat friend is to know who they are and label them accordingly.  Otherwise, your WeChat friends will become strangers to you. 

  • If you have been adding friends and not tag them or edited their alias, do so now or your WeChat contacts will become meaningless to you.  It is best to do so immediately after you have added a friend.  

How to Do: 
  1. Go to your contact and press his photo 
  2. You will see a page with 3 lines and select ‘Edit Contact’ 
  3. Here you change the alias of our friend, which is how you call your friend.  Note that this only affects how your friend appears on your phone and you are not really changing his name.  
  4. You can also add a tag to your friend so that you can search for them easier when you do message broadcast marketing 
  5. You can also add a mobile number, description and even a photo of this contact.  In other words, you are organizing your friend with sufficient details 

Tips on editing the alias of your friend 
  1. You can add a prefix and suffix to your friend’s name 
  2. A good way of editing the alias of your friend is this: name, city, vocation and key strengths.  For example, my friend Cheng is doing WeChat Official Account and Mini Programs, so I will edit his alias as “Cheng Singapore WeChat OA and MP”.  So the next time when I search for Singapore, WeChat OA or MP, his name will pop up. 
  3. For people that belong to a group, you can always add a suffix like “BNI” for my friend Joshua Chua who is in BNI 
  4. Do not put in nicknames or silly names for your friend, for they may know when you inevitably reveal such names in your WeChat communication 
  5. I have a simple way to separate the people from China from the rest of the world: the people from China will have Chinese names in their alias 
Tips on Tagging your friends 
  1. Use simple tags to broadly label your friends and more detailed tags to label the exact field they are in.  For example, I label all my friends that communication in Chinse as “CN”.  Further labels I use are “Sem” for seminars and “NW” for people that I get to know from seminars.  For people from China, I use the tag “PRC” 
  2. Do not tag people using symbols like “#” or “*” as they are not descriptive enough and you will it hard to locate them in future 
Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer.  Next WeChat Training is on 21 May 2019 Tuesday 2 to 6 pm. To get your 49% discount, text to Andy at 93672286 with the message '49''.  Thanks.  Other articles:
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