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How to Win Friends and Influcence with Numberes

Everyone has a number, and the number that we use the most is none other than our mobile number.   Drawing from 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Yijing and Lao Zi Dao Dejing wisdom, we can now know a person's 6 areas just from their mobile number.  The 6 areas include character.  This school of thought is called Yinyang Digital Energetics.  Come and get your life's past, present and future read on this coming seminar: Yinyang Digital Energetics Date: 12 Oct Tue 2021 Time: 2.13-4 pm English OR 7.13-9.13 pm Chinese Venue: Only at Zoom The first 13 will get a FREE Life's Number Analysis worth US$127. To book, message '1' to me Andy Ng at 93672286.  Details at
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Letting GO

Le Letting Go: Adapted from Einzelganger gänger Mastery of the world is achieved by letting things take their natural course. You cannot master the world by changing the natural way. Our civilization is in a state of ongoing strivings, in which control seems to be the highest virtue. Yet the more we control, the more we lose. The best way is to let go. That means not to control and let nature take its natural course. As opposed to a control-obsessed society, Daoism revolves around letting go and going with the flow. At first glance, the act of letting go may seem a form of weakness, but according to Daoism, by a correct understanding of how to universe works, we can approach life more intelligently, more efficiently and go with the flow. The power of letting go is a form of strength, it is of sophistication rather than force. Because letting things go is the key to let nature do the work. In this article, I would like to show you several ways the power of letting go. The first o

Your Life is NOT about You

We are often told to live a life of design.  When it comes to life's realizations, we find that the world does not stop and start at your expense.   For people to care about You and what you want to do with your life, you have to care first.  Most people wake up each day think about all the things they need to do.  Very few take time to truly understand what other people value.  Before you call your staff meeting and tell your people what they need to do in this week or day, take a minute to really find out what do your people really care.  It is not that our goals and priorities are not important.  At the end of the day, the people who prioritize being the best friend, parent and partner consistently do well for themselves.   Helping people carve their own path is the best way to carve your own.  For me, it is a sign that you are ahead of the game when you realize that life is not about You.  Although personal freedom is the key to a good life, personal connection is what leads yo

Engagement in the New Hybrid World and Remote Working

When employees stop feeling engaged, they can disassociate from the organization and feel like they work for themselves -- rather like freelancers -- and not their company. Compound those grim realities with the astronomical levels of disengagement and a future of hybrid workplaces, and it's clear that people have probably never needed a relationship with their manager as much as they do right now. Read the rest of this amazing article on Engagement in the Hybrid world written by 3 authors.  Click here Allan Watkinson is a Managing Consultant at Gallup. Rohit Kar is a Managing Consultant at Gallup. Jennifer Robison is a Senior Editor at Gallup.

The More Boring, The More Success

 From Life Hacks Why “Boring” Leads to Success It’s not sexy to sit at your computer or work overtime to finish a project. It’s not sexy to read for hours to gain new insights. It’s not sexy to jog for an hour on a cold day to do your exercise. We’d much rather enjoy the fruits of our success and live a lavish lifestyle (and show off to everyone else that we are, indeed, living said lavish lifestyle). Same with our routines. It might seem boring to have the same morning routine day in and day out. But we only have a finite amount of cognition per day. You don’t need to innovate things that don’t need innovation. For example, figuring out a new breakfast for each morning takes up lots of time, energy, and cognition — you’d probably benefit from eating the same thing at the same time every day. Ultimately, over time, those “boring” habits and rituals help inch you closer to your goals. They let you focus and express true creativity  on other things  because all the smaller parts of your

Noddles with or without eggs?

Fruits for thoughts by President Xi Jinping of China who once shared....... When I was a small child, I was very selfish and I would only have the best for myself. Eventually, everyone left me, even my friends. I’ve never faulted myself and only redirected mistakes to others and criticized them. But my dad taught me some very important principles. One day, he cooked 2 bowls of noodles and laid them on the table. One had an egg on top and the other bowl didn't have any, which he then asked me to choose a bowl. Back then, eggs were hard to come by! We only got to eat eggs during festivals or New Year. Of course I chose the bowl with the egg! As we started eating, I was overjoyed and proud of my wise choice/decision and happily consumed the egg. To my surprise, as my father ate his noodles, there were TWO eggs at the bottom of his noodles! I regretted so much! And I scolded myself for being too hasty in my decision. My father smiled and said to me, ”My child. You must remember, what y

Top 10 Dreams and Their Meanings

As we know, dreams are basically a story from our unconscious mind. They can be entertaining, but sometimes they can also be strange and uncomfortable. There are certain dreams everyone has so let's take a look at 10 common dreams and what they could mean 1. Being Chased - this dream is supposed to encourage the dreamer to finally face a problem that has been hanging over his or her head 2. Losing Teeth - Showing teeth can be seen as a symbol of power and confidence. This dream is supposedly a sign that something happened in the dreamer’s life that has caused him or her to lose confidence. 3. Falling - It signifies insecurity and anxiety about a situation. If you are happily free-falling it suggests you are not afraid of changes and you are ready to embrace the beauty of it. 4. Flying - This dream encourages a person to let go of current issues and allow things to "fall naturally into place." It can also be a sign that there is an out-of-control situation in real lif