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26 Mar 2020

How My Business Cope with Covid-19

Many self-employed people and entrepreneurs, myself included, are badly hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis. Instead of sitting down complaining and waiting for money to drop from the sky, I took progressive proactive steps and managed to still have some income and business in this difficult period.  What about you?  Let's share our experiences so that we can leverage on each other.

The 5 Things That I Do In My Business include:
  1. Promote eBooks, hard copy books and e-learning instead of asking people to come to my place to take up our training on WeChat, Sun Tzu Art of War, Mobile Number Profiling and Cash Flow Success
  2. Promote SkillsFuture courses, as these courses cost little and the government provides income of $7.50 an hour for self-employed people that attend these classes.  The SkillsFuture classes that we promote include SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace, PDPA Compliance, and Leadership and People Management course. 
  3. Go into consultancy services that reduce uncertainties. Last year I partnered with a China-born Singaporean Fengshui Master that provides mobile number profiling and mobile number energy services.  In this uncertain time, the demand for such services actually increased.  This service can be done online easily.  
  4. Switch and Save Electric Bills Business.  I embarked on this in 2018 and now find increasing more people are looking for this to save 31% off their monthly electric bills and get cash rebates and benefits of at least $80.  This business earns me a small but steady income and I enjoy helping the lower-income people save money effortlessly. 
  5. Continue to convert some of my offline training programs into video courses and books, because the government said this Covid-19 could last for another year.  The upcoming video course is Sun Tzu Art of War for Sales, while my 2nd book "Practical WeChat Strategies" is now in progress. 
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25 Mar 2020

31 Reasons to Use WeChat

Many people, including myself 4 years ago, resisted using WeChat. Why use another app when WhatsApp and Facebook are so good already?  There are 31 reasons to use WeChat:

1.    We know that (as of today 25 March 2020), China has started to recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic. People expect China to be 3 to 6 months ahead of the world in this Covid-19 crisis. So China’s economy will be the first to rebound while the rest of the world is still in recession.  If you don’t do business with China, who can you do business with? The people from China only use WeChat and nothing else.  So, you have no choice but to use WeChat

2.     You get to know people outside your usual circle of friends in Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.  This WeChat circle of people are very familiar with Chinese ways of doing business, an essential skill today

3.     You get a brand new mini-website called Official Account for free and you can use this to market your business FOC

4.    You don't need to download so many apps as what you need are already inside WeChat. This saves you so much time and space on your phone.  The common applications that everyone uses include video and photo editing, QR code scanner, payment platforms, news, video sites, music, karaoke, health, air tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, taxi bookings and et Cetra.

5.    You can make payments, transfer and receive money using WeChat Pay.  No need to fumble with bank account numbers and bank charges

6.    You get a free QR code scanner inside WeChat

7.    You can watch many videos for free inside WeChat's mini-program called Tencent Video

8.     You know there are not one, but 26 ways to add friends on WeChat

9.     You can always add strangers as your friends on WeChat, including people that are up to 5,000 km away from you

10.  You save on data and battery life as WeChat is more efficient than WhatsApp by 2 to 3 times

11.  You won't be watching long videos in your WeChat Moments newsfeed as they are limited to 30 seconds

12.  You still can send and receive videos of up to 5 minutes long in WeChat messages

13.  You know the value of give first then take in WeChat through this function of Red Packets

14.  Your phone number is never revealed on WeChat, giving you much-needed privacy

15.  No one on this earth can add you as a friend without your acceptance. This is so unlike WhatsApp, where people can simply message you if they know your mobile number. In WeChat, no one knows your mobile number 

16.  WeChat has very strict censorship rules that help you keep safe of unwanted messages and calls

17.  You know that WeChat is backed by one of the top 10 highest value companies in the world called Tencent Holdings Limited. 

18.  You also know that WeChat is backed by China, the world’s 2nd largest economy and the top spender in the world

19.  You can simply add many people to your contacts by asking them to scan your WeChat QR code. They can also scan your QR code without you in front of them

20.  There is a free fitness tracking app inside WeChat. Just follow this Official Account called "We-Run"

21.  You can read the latest news on WeChat under Top Stories in ‘Discover’ page

22.  You can maintain top of the mind recall in your WeChat friends by using the ‘Wow’ function in ‘Top Stories’

23.  You can do a video conference with your group members (up to 9) free-of-charge on WeChat

24.  WeChat has a search function and you can search for not just news, but also messages, friends, articles, videos, songs, and even comments inside WeChat

25.  With 1.15 billion users as of January 2020, WeChat only has 10% of its users outside China. This makes WeChat a high growth app

26.  WeChat started later than the rest, and its functions take the best from other apps including WhatsApp and Line

27.  You can easily translate 21 languages on WeChat.  There is no excuse that you don't know how to use WeChat because you don't know how to read and write Chinese 

28.  WeChat users can change their known names anytime. This makes WeChat very useful in starting or joining Group chats

29. Everyone says that China has already risen and China's Belt and Road Initiative is something we must get in or be left out. China only users WeChat and not Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube, WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Spotify, Gmail and Facebook Messenger

30. WeChat also has Snapchat-alike function called ‘Time Capsule’ where you can post a 15-seconds long video on your album for 24 hours

31. If you don’t use WeChat, you are OUT! 

Watch video at here 

Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer and Author of the world's first and only "Practical WeChat Marketing 94 Ways" book and eBook, details at here or

23 Mar 2020

How UK, US and Italy Can Fight Covid-19 with The 36 Stratagems

I have one solution for Covid-19 using The 36 Stratagems, the ancient laymen wisdom from China.  

The Chinese believe that The 36 Stratagems can resolve all the world's problems.  All we need is a methodology.  The method is very simple and it is like this.

The 36 Stratagems   三十六计
Stratagems When You’re in Winning Positions    胜战计
1.    Openly Deceive Under Camouflage                 瞒天过海
2.    Attack Another to Save Your Target                魏救赵
3.    Kill with a Borrowed Knife                                借刀
4.    Wait at Ease for the Exhausted Enemy           以逸待劳
5.    Loot a House on Fire                                        趁火打劫
6.    Sound East to Attack West                              声东击西
Stratagems for Confrontation                           敌占计
7.    Create Something Out of Nothing                   无中生有
8.    Advance Through a Secret Path                      暗渡陈仓
9.    Watch the Fire from Across                              隔岸观火
10.  Hide a Dagger in Your Smile                            笑里藏刀
11.  Sacrifice Small for Big Gains                           李代桃僵
12.  Exploit Small things along the Way                 顺手牵羊
Stratagems for Attack                                        攻占计
13.  Hit the Grass to Startle the Snake                    打草惊蛇
14.  Inject Life into the Dead                                     借尸还魂
15.  Lure the Big Guy out of his Comfort Zone      调虎离山
16.  Let Go to Recapture Later                                 欲擒故纵
17.  Throw out Small to Attract Big                         抛砖引玉
18.  Nab the Leader                                                   擒贼擒首
Stratagems for Confused Situations                  混战计
19.  Remove Key Support                                         釜底抽薪
20.  Fish in Troubled Waters                                     混水摸鱼
21.  Remove Your Cover to Reveal your Inside      金蝉脱壳
22.  Closed Door Attacks                                          关门捉贼
23.  Befriend the Far to Attack the Near                  远交近攻
24.  Seek Help from Ally and Attack Ally Too         假道伐虢
Stratagems for Gaining Ground                         并战计
25.  Replace Strong Support with Weak Support   偷梁换柱
26.  Criticize Indirectly                                               指桑骂槐
27.  Play Dumb                                                            假痴不癫
28.  Remove Ladder after Ascent                             上屋抽梯
29.  Decorate Tree with Artificial Flowers                树上开花
30.  Take Charge and Lead                                        反客为主
Stratagems in Desperate Situations                 败战计
31.  Beauty Trap                                                           美人计
32.  Put on a Bold Front                                              空城计
33.  Double Agent Ploy                                                反间计
34.  Self Injury                                                              苦肉计
35.  A Series of Inter-Connected Stratagems            连环计

36.  If All Else Fail, Escape is the Best                       走为上

There are 36 Stratagems, and the 1st 18 are to be used when we are in an advantageous position, while the last 18 are to be used when we are in a disadvantage position.

Obviously, we are now in a disadvantage position for Covid-19 outside China, because new local cases are increasing every day and there is no sign of a slowdown (as of today 23 March 2020).  

There are 3 categories from Stratagems 19 to 36 as follows: Stratagems for Confused Situations (19 to 24), Stratagems to Gain Ground (25 to 30) and Stratagems for Desperate Situations (31 to 36).

Some countries like Italy, USA and UK are in desperate situations, and they have no choice but to use Stratagmems 31 to 36. 

31.  Beauty Trap: this is unlikely, so let's ignore
32.  Put on a Bold Front: this could be effective now, as people like courageous and strong leadership and people from leaders to patients must all put on a bold front even if they are weak inside.  We know that outside strengths can also build inner strengths, and we can buy some time with some outside strength.  If this cannot work, like in the UK, they can use the next one                         
33.  Double Agent Ploy: which is using drugs to kill the virus.  Medically this cannot work, so let's go to the next one
34.  Self Injury: here we inflict injury to ourselves, like letting more people die, so as to wake people up. This is what Italy is doing now. It seems to be not working, so let's move to the next one.                                                            
35.  A Series of Inter-Connected Stratagems.  This must be the stratagem that can work, as seen in China, where they do dozens of things that are all linked to fight Covid: lockdowns, mass quarantine, shut down everything, build hospitals quickly, manufacture plenty of masks, get more ventilators etc.         

36.  If All Else Fail, Escape is the Best.  Note that this is the last stratagems, and it says, "if all else fails, escape is the best".  We only use this when everything has failed, not at the first instance like UK's Borris Johnson who declared give-up two weeks ago.

My friend, here's the solution for Covid-19: A Series of Inter-Connected Stratagems 连环计What do you think?  Share me your thoughts here.           

21 Mar 2020

How Low will the Stock Markets Go?

(Written on 21 March 2020)

Straits Times Index:

Current 20 March 2020: 2,410

2007 high: 3,805
1998 low: 1,084
2003 low: 1,203

Imagine if STI drops by 40% from its high of 3,805, it will be 2,283.  If it drops to in between 1998 low of 1,084 and 2003 low of 1,203, it will be 1,143.  This level is 70% below 2007 high of 3,805.  As this is highly unlikely, a more reasonable drop will be 50% from 3,805 high.  This is because the STI component stocks today are of much higher quality than the low of 1998 of 1,084 so unlikely there is an all-out market crash.

Also understand that today's stock market crash is not caused by financial, economic or war crisis but a pandemic health crisis.  Also, this pandemic health crisis is very weather-driven, once the weather turns hot, it will not be pandemic. Also, vaccines are being developed, and one could be available as early as May 2020.  Note that the financial markets today, including the banks and companies, are much stronger than in 1998.  So it is highly unlikely that we can go back to 1998 low, which was caused by the Asian Financial Crisis.

Prediction: STI will likely drop to 1,902

The current level of 2,410 is already a 36% drop from its high of 3,805.

At the current level of 2,410, there is another risk of 500 points or 20%.
That means all stocks may have a 20% drop risk.  

What do you think? Share me your thoughts

19 Mar 2020

How to Sell to Different People with Mobile Number Profiling

We have all heard of DISC, MBIT, VAK and Enneagram profiling, and sales trainers will teach you how to sell to different people based on such profiling.  Such profile selling methods are effective, but they entail too much work and many people don't like to answer questions or want to be profiled. 

Today let me share with you a newer and faster way of profiling: mobile number profiling. 

This method does not require people to complete any questionnaires.  In fact, people do not even know that they are being profiled.  

This Mobile Number Profiling is based on old Yijing (or I-Ching) of Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements. Each digit represents different elements as follows:
1 = ridge water, 2 = earth soil, 3 = earthquake wood, 4 = obey wood, 5 = central soil, 6 = sky metal, 7 = exchange metal, 8 = cultivate soil, 9 = far-away fire and 0 = central soil

When we combine the digits, eg 12, the meaning can be positive or negative.  A typical mobile number of 8 digits can have anything from 1 to 7 sets of digits, and they combined together will give rise to positive or negative energy. So I can just simply read your mobile number and know what type of person you are.  I will then tailor-make my selling method to you. For example, you are a more careful and detailed person as you have Liusha numbers and I will be more detailed in my selling to you. You will feel happier because you know that I truly understand you and I truly serve your needs!

To know how to profile a person just by looking at his mobile number, plus get your mobile number read, come for our latest seminar:

Seminar: Power of Your Mobile Number (bilingual)
Date: 20 Mar 2020 Friday
Time: 2.13 - 4.49 pm OR 7.13 - 9.49 pm
Venue: 149 Rochor Rd 02-35, Fu Lu Shou Complex, S 188425
Tickets: FREE for friends, others $294 (for first 27 people only)
To book your tickers, click (day) or (night) or text to Andy at 93672286 today!

These 5 Business Are Not Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic

Article dated 19 March 2020

With the Covid-19 Pandemic continuing for another year, many businesses are already closing down or shut down. It looks like every trade, from large machines to cheap stationery, is affected.

People are wondering what businesses are not affected by Covid-19?  Note that if your business declines by 20%, it is considered not affected. 'Affected' means a decline of 50% or more. The following are the 5 industries that are not only not affected, but also get more business.  All other businesses will no doubt get affected.  The 5 industries that will see a rise in business are:
  1. Health: Healthcare service, healthcare supplies, healthcare equipment supplies, healthcare manpower and healthcare supporting industries and services
  2. Wellness: as people are more concerned about health and wellness.  This includes TCM and healthy food and water
  3. Trades that reduce uncertainties, including religion, fortune-telling and those catering to the inner soul
  4. Basic necessities including food, water, toilet paper, masks and canned food
  5. Telecommunications, because people need to be more up-to-date, and they will use video and video conferencing more in place of physical meetings
Are you in any one of the above industries?  I am fortunate to be involved in number 3 of the above. Being in the Fengshui and fortune-telling trade, we focus on only one area: mobile phone profiling and mobile phone change luck.  Let me know if you are keen, as we are still looking for potential partners.  Any comments are welcome, you can also whatsapp me at 93672286 for instant contact. 

16 Mar 2020

5 Reasons to Get a New Mobile Number

People change their existing mobile number to a new one for the following 5 reasons:
  1. They are being stalked/harassed by someone who knows your phone number.
  2. Their phone number is on a database of “potential customers” of many companies and they are being bombarded with “special offers” from telemarketing agents every day
  3. They change job and had 100+ people that still contact them for topics about the job you quit, or they don't want their old colleagues to contact them anymore
  4. Their number is a recycled number that belongs to people in a troublesome situation, like owing money to loan sharks or any of the situation above
  5. They are sick and tired of their life and want to change their luck.  They know that changing mobile number is a low-cost, quick and effective way of changing their fortunes. To know what is mobile number change luck, plus get the Master to read your mobile number for free, come for this FREE Talk on Tuesday 17 Mar 2.13-4.49 or 7.13 - 9.49 pm. First 13 people will get a FREE Mobile Number Analysis Report worth $186.  To register for your limited seats, text to Andy at 93672286 or click here or there