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29 Oct 2014

Increase Your Sales by 61% with 10% Effort

In the next 30 days, I want you to climb your own mountain (read here).  In planning for sales for my own and my consulting clients’ businesses, I typically use the “5-Way Sales Leverage Chart”. (The figures here refer to annualized figures, i.e. for one year)
Target Market
Marketing Conversion
Selling Conversion
No. of Transactions
Average Dollar Sale Price

So from here that you can see there are only 3 things that you work in your sales planning – Your Prospects, Your Customers and Sales.  Notice that these are all the things above that follow the equal signs in the formula above.  They are all the result of something else in the formula, i.e., a result of something. Thus they cannot be changed.  The things that we want to plan to change are the things that are variable, i.e. things that can be changed.  From the above formula you see that there are only 5 variable things – the target market, marketing conversion, selling conversion, no. of transactions and average dollar sale. 

So how to change the 5 things so as to build your business?  Let’s look at an example. I have inserted some simple figures into our formula:
Target Market
Marketing Conversion Rate
Selling Conversion Rate
No. of Transactions
Average Dollar Sale 

As a business consultant and business coach, I know there are at least (not exhaustive) 372 ways to increase your sales. There are at least 91 ways to expand your target market, 45 ways to increase your marketing conversion, 85 ways to boost your sales conversion, 50 strategies to boost your no. of transactions, 49 ways to boost your average dollar sale.  Contact me at or whatsapp to me at 65-8201-4347 if you want to the list of 372 strategies. 

So let’s rework the formula to build our business.  How about just a 10% increase in each of the variables?  10% increase is dead easy, isn't it? Let’s see, with just a 10% increase in each of the ways, what will our numbers look like?
Target Market
4,000 + 10% = 4,400
Marketing Conversion Rate
10% + 10% = 11%
484 (from the above multiplication)
Selling Conversion Rate
20% + 10% = 22%
106.48 (from the above multiplication)
No. of Transactions
2 +10% = 2.2
Average Dollar Sale Price
$5,000 + 10% = 5,500

I want you to notice something here; for just a 10% increase in each of the 5 ways, we get a whopping 61.05% increase in our sales!  There is huge multiplier or leverage effect.  If you were to increase each of the 5-ways by more than 10%, you’ll get much even doubling or trebling of your sales!  And people told me you can only increase sales by 10% or at most 20% a year!  What nonsense!  Anyone whose business isn't  growing massively obviously does not realize they are missing on so many things. 

The beauty is that the above business formula works in whatever business you’re in.  You can even use the formula for just a department or a division of your business.  I have a coaching client who used this for his team of salespeople.  He simply consolidates all the 5-ways charts of the entire sales team to arrive at the total company’s sale budget. 

What Else Do I have to look at?
Other than the above sales building numbers, you need to look at the systems and people issues in your business.  Systems are what makes your sales work.  For example, if you don’t have good delivery system, how are you going to handle the surge in orders?  Systems are classified in just 4 areas – people and education, delivery and distribution, finance & testing/measuring and systems and technology.  

One more thing: you need to look at your sales management and leadership – how are you going to be a real effective SALES MANAGER AND SALES LEADER?  Are you going to work just as a salesperson or are you a true sales manager or entrepreneur?

The above are some of the pointers that every business should know.  I have made the above simple, and it really is simple, but not easy to do.  If you need help, just contact me at email or whatsapp me at 8201-4347.  Happy sales planning for all!

Andy Ng CA, MBA
Business Coach and Trainer
Asia Coaching Training (Singapore)
Tel: 6225-1784, Email: HP: 8201-4347
Visit for details!

Based in Singapore, Andy Ng has, since 1996, been an international Business Coach and Trainer.  He is the founder cum Master Coach and Trainer of Asia Coaching Training.  To-date, he has coached over 141 business enterprises on a one-to-one basis and trained over 81,131 people in 14 countries including China, Tanzania ,Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia and Mexico. Andy’s training topics include sales, management and executive skills.  Andy has appeared on MediaCorp’s 938Live! “Living Room” program, “Lunch Break at noon”, The Sunday Times, Lianhe Wan Bao, Executive Inc., and other magazines.  Visit  or call email him at now.    

28 Oct 2014

Training that will Leave an Impact

A training that has high value is one that leaves a deep impact on the trainee long after the training is completed. To have impact the training must hit the trainee right on the head, there must be an instant 'ah ha' exclamation and the feeling must be right.  You cannot fake an impact, but you definitely can tell a fake impact from a real one.

Some trainers, in their bid to make an impact, do certain things that have the opposite effect.  Instead of leaving an impact on the trainees, they leave a bad impression on them.  The wrong things that these trainers do include making assumptions, forcing answers for questions and going all out to please them with too many jokes, games and too little content. 

In my experience since training over 81,131 people in 14 countries (from 1996), there are 5 steps for the training to have an impact on the trainees:
  1. Like.  Trainees must like the trainer, that's why the trainer must greet and smile when they first encounter a trainee.  Other things that the trainer can do to make people like him is to smile often, being interested in them, being interesting, showing concern for their situation and most importantly, adapt to their pace
  2. Content.  The training content must hit the trainees right on the head, and this means the trainer must customize the material on the spot to suit the trainees' situation
  3. Use. The trainees must be able to use the material immediately in their lives and at work. To facilitate this we have a 30-day Action Plan to be completed every 3 hours of the course
  4. Share.  People like to share their experience and how the content would relate to them.  Trainers can get people to share by asking for their opinion, create discussion groups, and giving time for people to take notes (on their thoughts)
  5. Recap.  At the end of the day, recap will leave a lasting impact on the trainees.  A good trainer should let people recap in their own words and not read out from the notes.
One more thing: many people come for training for the purpose of learning something new.  The trainer must have something new that people may not know.  The easy way to do so is to have new perspective on an established subject, like looking at things from the opposite.  If you too want to get the most out of your life and achieve success, go for public training now (list at here).  The little time and money that you come out will be paid many manifolds, if the trainer can leave an impact on you.  Related articles:

Interactive, Lively and Fun-filled 1-day Sales Training

One can always learn the 9 hard skills and 4 soft skills in sales in one day or more (read here for more), but how to have sales training that are fun, lively and interactive?  There must be 11 elements:
  1. Use of colourful and lively charts or slides with pictures (but not too much to distract)
  2. Playing of short funny video clips (from recent movies including "Internship", "Jobs" and "Lucy")
  3. Physical exercises like cut wood with a piece of paper
  4. Short fun games that ignite laughter (like 'shake hands game')
  5. Jokes and Humours stories
  6. Group discussions and presentations
  7. Role Play (lots of laugher with difficult prospect)
  8. Live demonstration like call a real prospect on the spot
  9. Question and Answer games like 'Yes Question game' and 'Question with Question'
  10. Overcoming of sales objections
  11. Compete to see who can sell the best to the trainer
By Andy Ng of Asia Trainers, see one course Sales Power below:

Master Selling Strategies and Increase Your Sales Income
Date : 17 Dec 2014, 9 am to 5 pm (Wed)
Venue : The Plaza 02-301 7500A Beach Rd
Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 & above, $249 each for 5 & above

Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Problem with Most Salespeople and What to Do about it
  2. How to Take Inspired Action by Setting Goals that Drives You
  3. The Five Most Elements in Sales - Prospecting, Marketing, Selling, Transactions and Wallet-Share
  4. How to Double Your Sales by just 10% Increase in Each Line
  5. Top 25 Strategies on the above (include your case study)
  6. The Sales Process from Needs to Closing 
  7. Selling differently to different VAK and DISC people
  8. Building Rapport with NLP Match & Mirror
  9. Overcoming Objections in 15 Key Ways and another 68 methods
  10. Sales Negotiation and How to Negotiate without compromising too much
  11. Jeffrey Fox Power of Dollarization
  12. The Ultimate in Sales Power: Enjoy the Journey and How
  13. Bonus: Sure-win Scripts to Close Every Sale and Service Customers
Email to or text to 8201-4347 to register your seats. 

27 Oct 2014

How to Be Happy at Work with Karmic Management

Be Happy at work, not happy after work.

If you are not happy at work, why work?  If you are happy to be unhappy at work, you will not work happily.  

If work tires you out, you are not happy at work. 

Happy people produces higher profits.  More happiness means higher profits.  

Being happy at work has little to do with how much you are paid at work, but what attention you pay to at work.  Do you pay attention to the problems or the solutions?  Do you pay attention to working with your colleagues or teamwork with your colleagues?

Remember, the law of cause and effect (or Karma) is at work and whatever you focus on grows.  You are the creator of your own happiness at work. 

The fastest way to be happy at work is to focus on the positives at work.  Be grateful that you have a job, and your employer does not take 30 days credit to pay you!  Climb your own higher mountain in the next 30 days at here.

Now you can be happy at work and produce happy profits if you use karma at work. 


How Karmic Management and Leadership can build Profits in Your Business

Date : 19-Nov-14 , 2 pm to 5.30 pm (Wed)
Venue : The Plaza 02-301, 7500a Beach Rd
Fee: $298 each, $199 each for 2 & above, $149 each for 5 & above; $99 each for 10 and above

Why are some companies doing so well while others are struggling just to survive? In this age of profits, is maximising profit the way? Or is maximising service a better way?

The ancient wisdom of Karma was used by Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and the British Empire to expand their frontiers. Now you too can use this principle of Karma to create lasting profits in your management. If you too want to succeed in your work and work successfully, this course on Profitable Management using Karma will pay you dividends...

Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. What is Profitable Management and its relevance to You now
  2. The 5-Ways to Profitable Management: Purpose, Service, People, Process and Value-Add and their 25 strategies
  3. What is Karma and the myths and truths of karma
  4. Using Karma in your Profitable Management
  5. The Power of Intention in Karma
  6. The 5 Forces of Karma 
  7. Past Karma, Present Karma and Future Karma
  8. Karmic Leadership and Follower-ship
  9. How to create Positive Karma in Dealing with Challenges
  10. Love Strategies in the Office
  11. The Ultimate of Profitable Management: Leaving a Legacy
Seats are limited, register by email to or call 6225-1784 or text to 8201-4347 now.  

Profile of Asia Coaching Training 

Founded in 1996, ACT was part of the world's no. 1 Business Coaching Firm with offices in 26 countries. Andy Ng has been doing training since 1996. He is the licensee for Action Singapore since 2001. Andy was a HR Director of Japanese MNC. Visit In the community, Andy is the current District Chairman of Leadership for Lions Club Singapore District 308A1. Since 1996, Andy has trained over 81,131 people in 14 countries. The programs conducted by Andy are also featured in Mediacorp NewsRadio 938, The Straits Times and Blogger

26 Oct 2014

5 Ways to Create the Conditions for Customers for Buy

As we know, a good salesperson does not sell, he merely creates the conditions for customers to buy by themselves.  As what Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, the highest strategy is to win the war without fighting, so in sales the highest strategy is to sell without selling.  There are 5 ways to create the conditions for customers to buy:
  1. Sell then Tell.  Before you tell people anything, sell them the idea why they must listen to you.  You can do this with the phrase, "Why I am telling you all these?..."
  2. Pull then Push.  You must attract people to what you are selling and if they still don't bulge, you have to push them to make a decision.  Attract people to buy not with what you sell, but with the benefits of what they will gain and the loss they will make if they don't buy.  Pushing is not to push people to buy so that you can close the sale but to push them to achieve what they want to achieve.  People want to achieve different things, be it save money, earn money, have peace of mind, have their say and most importantly, to be validated
  3. Customize and you'll earn a customer. Don't just sell what you have, customize your product and services package to suit their needs and wants.  If you cannot change what you sell, change the perception of what you sell. For example, we often tell people that we are not in the training business, we are in the business of changing people.  Even if they see no need to learn anything, they see a need to make a change, and that training course is a catalyst.
  4. Serve, not Sell.  Service to others is the highest purpose, so serve their needs and you will never have to sell in your life
  5. Ask Questions, not Make Statements.  Questions make the sale, because people buy base on their own reasons, and we ask questions to draw out the reason for them to buy.  That's why we never sell, we merely help them to buy. Read here for the question techniques. 
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer at Asia Trainers, list of courses at here.  Related articles:

Create Your Own Future by Following The 7 Truths of Karma

Following my previous article on Karma and You, the following are the 7 truths to further our understanding. 
One: Karma means act or deed
Karma simply means action or deed and not retribution or effect. The effect of action is called karmic effects or 'vipaka' as in the original Pali language. 
Two: The law of karma is the law of cause and effect
This law states that an action will always have an effect or we reap what we sow.  Every action that we perform in life, every word we speak, even every thought that we think, has its reaction.  
Like now you are thinking of where to go for lunch tomorrow, you will create an action the next day (looking for a restaurant) and this will definitely have an effect. 
Three: Karma can be strong, weak or moderate. 
A strong karma (action) will produce a strong outcome.  Notice that action includes behaviour, speech and thought, and the strength of these 3 elements will influence the effect of your karma.  Like you have a strong thought of going to a fine restaurant tomorrow, but your action could be weak due to traffic jam.  Ultimately your effect depends on the overall strength of your behaviour, speech and thought combined. 
Thought x Speech x Behaviour = Action  
Four: Karma is just and self-governing.
The law of karma is a just and self-governing system that automatically creates a current or future effect in response to the current action.  However, unlike our legal justice systems which only punishes the misdeeds of those who are caught, tried and found guilty, karma punishes misdeeds and rewards good deeds whether they are known or not. For example, if a man robs a bank and is never caught, no punishment is received through man's law. However, he will inevitably face the consequences of his crime through the law of karma, like he has no peace of mind or is overcome by guilt. Similarly, the good deed of giving money regularly but anonymously to a charity will be rewarded, even though no one knows the giver's name.
Five: We each have our individual karma.
We each will carry our individual karma from life to life.  To understand this better, let us reflect again on the criminal justice system. Justice is known for moving slowly. It can take a number of years before a convicted criminal receives his punishment. The law of karma is even slower. The consequences, or fruits of actions, may not come for a number of lifetimes. Thus, the karma we are born with is comprised of rewards and punishments from many past lives that have yet to manifest. 
By the way, 'past lives' or 'future lives' may not refer to the lives before or after your present life, they simply refer to the lives that precedes or follows your lives.  Another word for 'future lives' would be legacy.  Like if you plant good seeds in your lifetime, you will leave behind a legacy of good tree. 
Six: Karmas are either active or inactive.
An analogy can be drawn to a garden in which a variety of seeds have been planted. Some types of plants will sprout in a few days, others will take weeks and still others lie dormant for months. Similarly, some of our karmas will manifest in the next few years, some toward life's end and others in a future life.
Seven: We create our own future.
How we act to whatever happened to us is also a karma. In a sense we are creating our own future because it is not what happened to us but what we do to what happened that makes the difference.  Like when you fail your driving test repeatedly, you can either give up or give it your all and try again.  Ultimately the strength of your karma will create your future.  
But note that certain things can happen that have nothing to do with what we do, like an earthquake can destroy a good man's house.  But this good man can create his own karma by doing good deeds, like help people rebuild their houses. In turn this good man will get good future. 
In short, we create our own future, not someone high up or below the ground. 
By Andy Ng, list of courses at here. Related articles:
  1. Role of Karma in creating a lifelong customer
  2. Promise is also karma
  3. How coaching is the best karma 
  4. Karma and You

23 Oct 2014

What Makes a Customer a Lifelong Customer

As a salesperson, you must behave like a consultant so that your prospect will see value in you.  Otherwise, you are seen as a conman who just want to make the sale.  We all know about sales conversions: how to convert a prospect in to a client and convert a client into a life-long customer.

However, there are 3 other Conversions a salesperson must make:

1.  They Must Convert Their Selling Price into an Investment 

Price is a cost.  As such, it has a negative value that people will try to pay as little as possible to obtain.  On the other hand, an investment connotes a return.  People are willing to put in money into investment as they know there is a 'Return on Investment' or ROI.

How to Convert your price into an Investment?  You must always show what they can get from using your product or service.  As long as that return over the investment gives a double digit return, it is considered a good investment.

2. They Must Convert their Product/Service into the Dollar Value that Comes from Its Being Applied to the Customer's Operations

Consultative sellers sell the value added by application, not the product that is applied or the service that applies it.  You must monetize your application and translate benefits like reduced downtime, speeded-up cycle time and higher productivity into their dollar contributions to the customer's operating profits.

3. They Must Convert Their Focus on Making Individual Standalone Sales into Making a Portfolio of Continuing Sales

Everyone can make a sale.  But not everyone can make a lifelong customer. A good sales consultant knows that it is far more important to make an ongoing process of improvements rather than a one-off improvement.  As such, they always have further sales and solutions and move their customer up the value chain.  In this way, they are contributing to the growth of their customer and they too will get life-long business.

By Andy Ng, Sales Trainer and Coach at Asia Trainers, details of courses at here.

Test on How Hungry You Are

If you are not hungry for success, you will be too contented to go the extra mile.

Without going the extra mile, how can you stand out?

Whether one perceives a situation as an opportunity or problem depends on how hungry one is. 

When faced with difficulties, do you go all the way or run away?

We cannot tell or teach a person to be hungry.  We can only help them to be hungry.

Being hungry is a state of mind, it has little to do with one's level of wealth and success.  In fact the rich people are more hungry for success while the poor may see success as too far to be reached in this lifetime.  Therefore we must help the poor to be successful by inspiring and motivating them to be hungry.  

Only when you are hungry will you be able to see problems as opportunities, difficulties as challenges, issues as concerns and people as friends.  If you too want go get hungry and not angry, now is the time.  Invest 3.5 hours of your time next week and learn all you can about motivational selling. Better still, come for Limitless Selling and you'll be on the road to abundance. Note: those people that just want to earn a salary but not incentives do not come for these 2 trainings:

Limitless Selling
Date: 27 Feb 2015 Friday 2 to 5.30 pm
Venue: The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Road

Fee: $298 each, $199 for 2 and above.  Click here for details, register via email to or tel 6225-1784

Yes, the world has changed and since all of us have decided to do things differently this year, we need to change our goals. From now onwards there is simply NO LIMIT in what we are selling.

Limitless Selling starts from ourselves: where we burst all barriers and attain the unattainable. We will work out a plan to double and treble our sales in the next 12 to 24 months. All our products and services need to be revamped or re-packaged. Our solutions and services to customers will also be changed to no-limits. Plus, our customer support and technical people will have to be changed to give us limitless support.

This course, taken from high-level conferences done overseas, will change the way you look at sales forever. Come for this course if you have the guts.

Note: Even without PIC 60% cash back funding, this course is worth millions.

Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. What is Limitless Selling and how does it differ from your current Sales Quota Selling
  2. The Genghis Khan 6-Prong Way to Limitless Achievement
  3. The 3 keys to Limitless: Right Understanding, Journey and Service to others
  4. Five Ways to Limitless Selling: Big Hairy Audacious Goals, 5-Prong Plan, Limitless Rewards, Customer-Focused Selling and Challenge Your Markets
  5. The 36 Stratagems of MacDonalds' to Up Sales
  6. The Samsung Way to have Unlimited Business
  7. The John Sculley Way to Move Volumes
  8. Limitless Support and Limitless Teamwork
  9. The Ultimate in Limitless Sales: Newspaper Test
  10. Bonus: How to Kill with Borrowed Knives
Seats are limited to 15 only, register via email to or text to 8201-4347 now.

22 Oct 2014

How I Turn From Learn Nothing to Learn Everything

There's a Zen story in which a professor visited a Japanese master to inquire about Zen. The master served tea. When the visitor's cup was full, the master kept pouring. Tea spilled out of the cup and over the table.
"The cup is full!" said the professor. "No more will go in!"
"Like this cup," said the master, "You are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"
If you want to understand and learn, you need to empty your cup.  So how do people empty their cup when they go for training courses?  From experience in conducting in-house trainings for over 440 companies and over 81,131 people in 14 countries since 1996, there are 7 ways to empty your cup:  (click here for list of courses) (For slides, read here)
  1. Learn with an Open Mind. Do not hold any fixed ideas before the course.  Like the parachute, the mind is only useful when it is open.  Opening your mind also means do not have expectations that are beyond what the course title or synopsis says.  
  2. Ask Questions.  Ask questions to clarify what is being taught, but do not question the trainer, question his material instead.  You should ask questions along the way and not leave it to the end.  Also, you can ask questions with your body language too, like shrugging your shoulders or opening your eyes wide with bewilderment.  
  3. Be Curious. Do not jump the gun and conclude, but be keen to find out what the trainer says
  4. Be Patient.  Do not jump the slides and instead let the course materials slowly unfold. Most trainers have a flow in their content and it's best to get into their flow to have deeper understanding
  5. Note Your Thoughts.  Samsung Galaxy Note 4's slogan is "Do you note?"  Do not take notes on whatever the speaker says, but take notes on whatever you think about what the speaker says.  That is ultimate learning
  6. Be Humble.  Even if you are very senior and know more than the speaker, you can still learn from him.  At the minimum, you can learn what are the ways NOT to do something
  7. Institutes of Higher Learning.  Most tertiary institutions are considered institutes of higher learning, but our own mind is already the institute of higher learning, as long as we know that the more we know, the less we know.   Related articles:

21 Oct 2014

Why I Promise Little

Many people ask why I am so lame in my selling.  I do not promise massive results, neither do I tell people that they will become rich when they do what I say. 

Some people like to promise the sky. I prefer to promise the ground but inspire people to reach for the sky.  This is because I believe that a salesperson is not a liar, nor is he a over-promiser.  A salesperson is a service provider, and he only can service people if he can help the get what they have been promised.  So if he promise little, he may lose some sales.  To me that is okay, because maximising sales is not my goal.  Maximising customer satisfaction is my pursuit, and I only can maximize customer satisfaction if I allow my customer opportunities to have surprises on the upside. That's why I under promise.

So the next time if you are looking for someone that promise a lot, don't look for me.  I promise little, but I deliver. To me this is everything.  (But I do promise you these things at here)

Motivate Your Sales Team and Customers and Sell More than Ever

Date   :  31 March 2015 Friday 2 pm to 5.30 pm
Venue : The Plaza #02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel)

Fee: $199 each or $149 each for 2 & above

We know that although Xerox in 1979 invented the PC and the PC mouse, it is Steve Jobs that manage to sell this as a product. This is because Steve Jobs is motivated to sell whereas Xerox was just too comfortable.

Is this happening to your sales team? Make no mistake: until your salespeople are highly motivated, their sales will not be high. Not only that, you must also motivate your customers to buy and turn all sales objections into buying impetus.

Whether you are selling for MNC or SME, if you too want to achieve more sales than ever, now is the time. Take advantage of PIC claims and send your entire team for this new MOTIVATIONAL SELLING course now.

Note: Register 3 pax and you can get 1 pax free, limited to 3 such registrations a day only

Power-packed Contents Include:
1.Test on How Motivated Are You?
2. Knowing The Why: Your Passion, Bigger Purpose and What is Holding You
3. Limitless Selling: The Apple Way
4. 5-Ways Leverage to Up Sales by 61%
5. Top 25 Strategies on the 5-Ways
6. Five Ways to Motivate Customers to Buy
7. Turning Objections into Buying Impetus
8. The Ultimate in Motivational Selling: Selling The Impossible

Includes games and watching of motivational video clips worth US$599

To book your limited seats, email to or text to 8201-4347 now. The first 2 who registered by quoting this blog will get at 50% discount, offer limited to 5 people only.  Read here to find out how to get the iPhone 6 + worth S$1,488 without paying. 

19 Oct 2014

9 Hard Skills and 3 Soft Skills for Salespeople

If you too want your sales team to perform, not just conform, you need to inspire them to greater heights.  But first you must ensure that they possess these 9 hard skills:
  1. How to Look for New Customers without spending on expensive advertising
  2. Getting repeat business from customers
  3. Increasing the average spending of customers
  4. Converting all sales objections into buying impetus
  5. How to Sell the Impossible so as to sell ice to the Eskimos
  6. How to Present your product and service so that your product features make sense for the buyer
  7. Getting past gate keepers and reaching decision makers effortlessly
  8. Service from the heart and how to go the extra mile to serve customers
  9. Asking questions so as to elicit information from buyers and lead them to a sale
On top of that, your salespeople must also possess these 3 soft skills:
  1. How to set their own sales targets and motivate themselves to work towards their own goals
  2. Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation skills
  3. Reading a person like a book.
Whether you're selling products or services, working for a company or for yourself, managing salespeople or managing sales, if you too want to out-sell your competition and exceed your sales targets for 2015 and beyond, now is the time.  Get an experienced sales trainer to come down to your office to conduct an in-house training with 60% 'discount' (PIC 60% funding).  Click here for sales courses.  Related articles: