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23 Sep 2016

Successful Disruption as an Employee

Following my last article on what is disruption and the role of disruption technologies, people want to know how can an ordinary employee can do successful disruption at work?

For we know that if you are not successfully disrupting, you will be successfully disrupted! You'll rather be the disruptor than be the disrupted. 

This is because with rapid changing technology, many work are now replaced by computers and outsourced to cheaper countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. There are 5 things that you can do so that you can secure your position as an employee:
  1. Never say No. Say yes first, even when you are not sure, and go find out how to do it. The ones that say no at the first instant will be the first to get disrupted
  2. Go to your boss instead of waiting for instructions. With rapidly changing economy, your boss may have no instructions and if you just wait for him, you are just waiting to be retrenched. 
  3. Ask for More. That's right, always ask for more at work. Never settle with less. I am talking about ask for more work, not ask for more pay, unless you want to asked to be displaced
  4. Be creative, not reactive. These 2 words have the same letters but just by putting the 'c' in front, you will be creative. This means you must first see it in your mind if you want to be creative. See your vision, goals, outcome and rewards WAY BEFORE YOU EMBARK on your work
  5. Forward negative things up, but flow positive things down. Most people only forward positive news up and pass negativity down. As a result, they perspire and expire people instead of inspire and motivate people. Once your people are full of demotivation, morale goes to the pit and very soon your entire team would be disrupted! 
Andy Ng is a chief trainer coach with AsiaTrainers. His flagship training "Successful Disruption" is now in 4 languages and come with 5 modules, each lasting 2 days of intensive training. To get an introduction on successful disruption, ask for his next talk at 65-8201-4347

22 Sep 2016

Successful Disruption

Many people asked me, what is the meaning of disruption? Is disruption just about disruption technologies like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook? 

In 2006, the top 3 selling phones were Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry. Today almost all of them have been disrupted by Huawei, Samsung and Apple.

Disruption is happening very fast. Now professionals like stockbroking, accounting, auditing, doctoring are being replaced by artificial intelligence and robots.

The point is not how to deal with disruption but how we can be the Disruptor and Not Disrupted. Come and join over 50 business people and professionals for this power talk:

28/9 Wed 7.15-9.30 pm
At: 229 Mountbatten Rd 01-09, Mountbatten Square

Topics covered include:

1. What is disruption and top 5 disruptors today
2. Steps to be the Disruptor instantly
3. What to do if you were disrupted suddenly
4. Overcome Objections the disruptive way
5. How to win over new clients with Disruption

Our speaker Andy Ng is a full time Business Coach and Trainer for 15 years. To-date, over 31,131 people in 15 countries have been trained by him. Andy is regularly featured in The Straits Times, NewsRadio938 and Executive. Visit and

This seminar is valued at $398, but invited guests can attend for free.
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How to Be the Disruptor and Not Disrupted

(This article is submitted to The Straits Times on 22 Sep 16. Get 28 powerpoint slides at here)
Many people asked me, what is the meaning of disruption? Is disruption just about disruption technologies like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook? 

20 years ago in 1996, the world's top 3 mobile phones are Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia. 10 years ago, the names became Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry. Today 2016 the top 3 global phones are Samsung, Apple and Huawei. What will happen 10 years from now 2026?  Will the names change?  

10 years ago, TV stations and cable TV channels are fighting with each other for audiences. Today the most watched TV and movies are on mobile devices watched on platforms of Facebook, YouTube and Netflix, and TV Stations and Cable TV are struggling. 

It is obvious that disruption is happening very fast and most names would disappear in time to come. The question is: are you the one being disrupted or the Disruptor?

First of all, what is disruption? Disruption are happenings that change the course of things PERMANENTLY.  Note that the change has to be non-reversible and permanent and not temporary. Temporary disruptions are just distractions. The problem is disruption can happen slowly, like what happened to Nokia, or very fast like what happened to Blackberry, which went from 30% of world's market share in 2009 to 1% in 5 years time in 2014. By the time you realise the disruption, it could be too late and you will end with nothing. 

So it is important that we recognize what are the top 10 disruptive signals that are happening in our life and come up with responses that can make us not be the ones disrupted. Better still, we take proactive steps today and be the disruptor, for disruption is the only way of the future. Whether you are an employee or employer, investor or business owner, homemaker or student, retiree or going all out in your career, recognize these top 5 signs of disruption. Take steps to be the disruptor and not disrupted. 

Disruptor 1: Changes in Technology

This is the most obvious. Mobile phones have now become ESSENTIAL tools for business, work, social, daily necessities and entertainment and not just for communication. Robots and automation are now replacing professionals like accountants, auditors, designers, lawyers, stockbrokers, engineers and even doctors. 

How to be the disruptor: Upgrade your mobile phone to have 3 important features: long lasting battery, large memory and large screen. Get involved in mobile commerce and Augmented Reality stuff like Pokeman-Go mobile games and Virtual Reality Shopping. Know what is e-commerce and best of all, do an e-commerce business with almost zero capital and start earning money now by being the disruptor. 

Disruption 2:Customer Changes

If you notice that your customers are not coming back to you like in the past, this could mean that the world have already disrupted your business. Like my friend in the name-card printing business: he is getting less business because today people exchanged contacts via Linked-in and WeChat more than physical cards

How to be the disruptor:  Change your business model to give customers ULTRA VALUE. Today customers will only buy if they can get back IMMEDIATELY more that what they pay. For example, if I pay $100, I like to get back at least $200.  That's why in our courses we give people value that is at least 3 times of the course fees. For details, WeChat us at 65-8201-4347 now. 

Disruptor 3: Sentiment Change

Human habits have changed from being on the receiving end to the sourcing side. People nowadays do not just take anything that a vendor has (like watch any programs on TV), but source for what programs to watch on YouTube and Netflix

How to be the disruptor: Be a high value employee if you are not ready to go into business. If you are in business, don't just sell, facilitate and do crowd souring. For example, in my training and consulting business, we don't just train people, instead we give people opportunities to be trainers instead, for you will learn the most when you teach.  We also create trainees by helping companies restructure to be the disruptor, not disrupted. 

Disruptor 4: Health and Lifestyle Changes. 

Wellness and healthcare are what occupy peoples' minds today, not just career and business. For people realise that without good health, there is no wealth. Businesses that focus on healthy food get backlash and that's why companies like Coca-Cola and McDonalds are now promoting healthier choices in their menu. 

How to be the disruptor:  First of all you need to know if your health is going down or not. The best way to know is to do a health check, better still is to take healthy food or health supplements and exercise now to regain your health. Our courses now include letting people regain their mental health through mindfulness, anti-aging and reverse aging. 

Disruptor 5: Your Daily Energy Level

If you are like most people, you find that your daily mental energy level is going down, you are losing sleep and lack of drive. If you don't do anything now, you are going to be disrupted soon!  For if you have no dreams, you will simply perish. Truth be told, companies like Motorola and Nokia went down are not just simply of changing technology. These companies leaders do not have the dreams and drive like the leaders of Apple and Huawei have.    

How to be the disruptor:  Have your dream, or re-ignite them if you have lost them.  The best place to have your dreams is not in your dreams but in the company of fully awakened people. Come for this course called Successful Disruption on 28 Sep 2016 Wed. 7.15 pm to 9.30 pm.  For details, see the picture below. 

Written by Andy Ng on 22 September 2016. Contact him at or 65-8201-4347 today. View all his videos at

19 Sep 2016

Systems are more effective than Goals

It was the worst thing that could ever happen to a salesperson. You called hard, and made every presentation flawless. You also follow-up well with all prospects. Yet at the end of the day your boss says that because you did not hit your sales goals, you are not effective. Sounds familiar?

In sales, you typically have sales goals. Monthly, quarterly, annually, depending on the length of the sales-cycle.

If you hit your goals, you're happy because you're probably getting paid pretty well and not getting fired.
But that happiness doesn't last very long because you always want more. Hitting 125% of your quota, consistently, becomes your new base-line as you too want to earn more incentives. So hitting your sales goals means more stress.
Why Systems are More Effective Than Goals
“If your goal is to lose ten pounds, you may wake up each day with  failure in mind because the goal is hard to reach, and you are only  progressing by small amounts. It takes up all your willpower. I recommend that instead of a goal you have a system. Willpower is a finite resource. Don’t pick a model that has failure built into it and  requires you constantly drain a finite resource.”
Scott Adams, the brilliant soul that he is, discovered something rather poignant a while back: a more impact means of achieving success is not by setting absurd goals, working towards those and ultimately achieving them through sheer luck and perseverance, but instead by creating systems that you apply to your day-to-day life that are designed to help you work towards a specific outcome.
A few examples:  
  • Instead of setting the goal of writing a book and become a New York Times Bestselling Author, create a system of writing 1,000 words a day.
  • Instead of setting the goal of losing 10-15 pounds and becoming a bodybuilding machine, create a system of eating healthier and exercising regularly.
  • Instead of setting the goal of achieving $150,000 in revenue for your business and becoming profitable, break down the rough number of customer contacts/calls/emails it'll take to create a sale, multiply that by the number of customers you'll need to achieve that number and focus on building a daily habit of reaching the bare minimum to achieve those revenue numbers.  
Think about it this way: if you have a goal, you either hit it or you don't.
If you hit it, yay! You're happy for a moment, then you have a new goal.
If you don't, so what?  You have a system, not a goal!