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31 Jul 2017

People Management with The 36 Stratagems

Today's manager is different from the past because the workforce is not the same anymore.  The old usual ways of people management like command, coercion, and control may not work. We need new ways. It pays to borrow wisdom from the ancient Chinese military book: The 36 Stratagems.

Whether you are now self-employed or working for people, if you too want to get more things done with people, join our learning on People Management with The 36 Stratagems.

Who is this for?  Professionals and working people that need to lead and manage people on a daily basis

Learning level: Basic to intermediate

Format: Classroom and virtual

Methodology: Workshop

Learner Profile: Manager, supervisor, leader and self-employed people that need to work with people
Learning stakeholder: Coach, Facilitator, Learning Buddy and Social Co-Trainer


Managing people is the most important skill in today's world as we become more global and work is being automated by computers and software. 

The People Management Challenges
• How to attract the right people to your organization
• How to align everyone to the organization's goals
• Dealing with un-motivated and un-inspired staff
• Developing people with assignments
• How to retain talents without much money

This hands-on discovery-based learning will equip you with the tools and ideas that will equip you with a new way of people management. Using wisdom from The 36 Stratagems, 
we will help you to resolve some of the most pressing issues in people management.  

A unique workshop that maximises its outcomes through a digitally blended learning approach.  Following the classroom-based workshop, we will reconvene with you and your peers in an asynchronous session. Throughout the learning journey, enhance your experience through digital collaboration and interaction with fellow participants and facilitator. 

Facilitator: Andy Ng
Andy Ng is a Chartered Accountant by training with a MBA from UK. To-date, he has 30 years of working experience in finance, management consultancy, training and coaching. Prior to starting his own firm Asia Coaching Training in 2001, Andy was the Director of Finance and Human Resource of the world's 5th largest computer networking equipment manufacturuer Allied Telesis International Asia Pte Ltd. Since 2001, Andy has trained and coached tens of thousands of people in 15 countries including Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. 

27 Jul 2017

From Employees to Bosses

Many people dream to become rich, and some dream to be their own boss. Unknown to many, you too can be a boss, even if you are an employee now and have no intention to set up your own business.

The truth is, we are all bosses: bosses of our own company is called Me Pte Ltd.  We have one major customer: our employer, the one that pays us our salary on time every month.  Our employer has many customers, and you could be the one serving them now.

How many times have you heard of your bosses saying that if only the team is more united, we can achieve more?  And how many times have you been reminded again that employees have to take the initiative and work towards achieving the company’s vision? 

If you as an employee start to think and act like you’re running your own business, you would behave differently.  There will be no such thing as ‘need to be responsible or take initiative’, for you would be all out to achieve the goals of the company because you know that achieving the company’s goals would also achieve your own personal goals.

We curate this course “Employees to Bosses” for employees today that want to create more sustainable results for tomorrow.  Whether you are now working hard in your job or striving towards your goals, this fun, entertaining training of two half-days, would give you everything that you need to achieve what you want in your career and life.

Training Objective:
To equip the team of managers with strategies and action plan to upgrade their performance so that they can achieve more for the company and themselves.

Training Outcome: 
At the end of this 2 half-day courses, participants will achieve the following outcomes:
1.     Clear the roadblocks in their career and diminish what’s holding them back
2.     Know the true meaning of ‘boss’ and know how to think and act like a boss
3.     Know the 5-Ways to Profit Building and how to implement the 5-ways profit strategies and 4-ways system strategies to their work at Extremers now
4.     Align their personal goals to that of the company
5.     Understand what is creativity and innovation and how to have real teamwork
6.     Be motivated and inspired to take action to become high performing employees and create great value for the company

From Employees to Bosses: 2 Half-day course contents:

Day 1: Leverage: The Game of Business
Watch 1-min video on Leverage board game at
1.     From Employees to Bosses: how to think and act like a boss
2.     Business Model success and importance of Leverage
3.     Rules of the game and clarification on the 5-Ways Profits Leverage and 4-Way System Leverage
4.     Let’s play LEVERAGE: the Board Game of business (1.5 hours)
5.     Debrief and sharing of experiences and learning on the game (0.5 hour)
6.     Your Action Plan on Leverage

Day 2: Alignment Power
1.     What it takes to think and act as though you’re running your own business
2.     Power of Goals: Discover your personal goals and purpose
3.     Review of Company Vision and what does it mean to you
4.     Goal Alignment Power: How to align your personal goals to that of your company
5.     Implementing the 5-Ways Profits Leverage and 4-Ways System Leverage into your 12-months Plan now
6.     Going to the root of all issues and removing what’s preventing us from implementing the plan

7.     Creating your 30-day Action Plan now

19 Jul 2017

Lead and Build Team Relations with 100% Government Fundings

Lead and Build Team Relations

Watch 2-min video at here
You are a manager, supervisor, department head, HR Manager, or someone that is responsible for results in your company. With today's uncertain economy, you wondered what can you do to keep your team intact and happy? Most importantly, can you and your team perform up to the expectations of your stakeholders?
Unknown to many, we are now living in a replacement economy. Jobs are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps, and outsourcing. Even entire industries are being threatened with new challengers like Uber and Air BnB. It seems that your people are still playing catch up. The question is are they able to cope with this rapid change?
We all know that if your people are not able to perform, your company may not exist. This may not be far fetched, as evidenced by the retrenchments of established players like Nestle, Singapore Press Holdings and banks.
It is obvious that we can not change the environment, but we can change ourselves.

You know deep inside that if you and your team can take charge, establish better work relationships, be more pro-active learn new skills and take on more responsibilities, you and your company have a better chance of survival.
This short seminar is designed for busy executives, managers, directors, and bosses that want to make the change today, not tomorrow. In this 2-hour high impact course, AndyTheCoach will reward you with workable strategies and action plans on the following:
  1. The reason why most people are not performing and what to do about it.
  2. Getting your people to perform by making everyone a leader and build better team relations
  3. Establish team processes to promote collaboration
  4. Minimize and resolve conflicts at work
  5. Be a better leader and drive people to higher performance
  6. The ultimate in leading people and building relations: do the impossible
Date: 31 July 2017 Monday 3 to 5 pm
Venue: 7500A Beach Road, 02-346, The Plaza, Singapore 199591
Fee: $50 
Register at here or call 6225-1784 for assistance or text to 8201-4347

17 Jul 2017

How to Win At Work

Program title: How to Win at Work

Target Audience: People that are working now, full time and part time, as an employee or self-employed

Program prerequisites: None

Learning outcome: At the end of this course, you will be able to know what are the practical ways that you too can win at work and be a high-value employee/ 

Key Learnings:
  1. Demands in today's business: you just cannot rely on safe strategies
  2. Importance of winning at work and becoming high value employees
  3. Uncovering what's holding you back to contributing more at work
  4. Top 10 things that every employer is looking for in an employee
  5. Finding your internal motivation at work: knowing your purpose
  6. Passion at work and how to be more passionate in your work
  7. The 5-Ways Leverage to be a Higher Profits Employee: low maintenance, 
  8. Top 35 Strategies on the 5-Ways
  9. 20 ways to be more efficient at work
  10. Going the extra mile and going all the way
  11. Handling stress and perturbation
  12. The ultimate of wining at work: leave a legacy

13 Jul 2017

You Don't Need to Look Like a Leader

As a full-time Coach and Trainer having over 81,131 executives in 14 countries since 1996, I believe that everyone is a leader and everyone can rise to the top leadership position of any organization.  There is no requirement of background, wealth, education or connections. However, many people still don't want to be a leader because they think that being a leader is difficult and requires too many sacrifices. The top 7 misunderstandings of being a leader include:

1.     A Leader Must Be Tough.  Softness doesn't mean not effective, and sometimes being tough will alienate followers instead.
2.     You Must Be The Best.  The best may not lead because they prefer to be led. That doesn't mean that the leader is mediocre and incompetent. 
3.     A Leader Must Behave Like a Leader at All Times. This is called fake leadership because ultimately a leader is just a normal human being like anyone. A leader is not God or a representative of God. In fact if you behave weak at times you will touch more peoples' hearts and get more loyal followers
4.     You Must Have A Strong Team In Order to Lead Well.  This is the most daunting and untrue requirement that frightens most people.  In fact a leader builds his own team.  Even if he already has a strong team, he still must turn the strong team into strong followers or he is just an ineffective leader.
5.     A Leader Cannot Fail. Even The Buddha fails, so why can't a leader fail?  In fact failure often makes the leader stronger.  You just look at the many failed war attempts by Sir Winston Churchill of Britain and China's Mao Ze Dong and you'll know how true is this point.
6.     You Must Be Ready to Lead.  No one is ever ready for anything in life, what is more important than readiness to lead is the will and commitment to lead.

7.     A Leader is a Good Talker.  What is more important than talking is listening.  True leaders don't talk much and give credit to his team. But he practices deep listening, as what Thict Niat Hanh, the famous Vietnamese monk, does all the time. For details on how to lead well when you are not at the top, come for 360 Degree Leadership course, details at

6 Jul 2017

How to Inspire and Drive People with Sun Tzu Art of War

Whether you are a leader or follower, over the peak or climbing your way up, feeling the pinch of this economy or doing well now, you know deep inside very well that you can do much better.

I am not talking about doing 10% or 20% better, I'm talking about double or triple your results. From your past experience, you know this is possible as you have done this before. But why are you where you are now?  Is it the economy or is it because you are at a certain stage of your life cycle?

Sun Tzu in the Art of War 孙子兵法 said that war is inevitable, and we must win all the way, for failure is not an option. He also said that there are 5 factors that determine the outcome of any war: Purpose, Lead, Climate, Support and Methods.  The foremost among them is Purpose, for if you have a strong and compelling purpose, you have already won in your hearts.

To drive and inspire yourself to greatness, you need to have a strong purpose. That means having the vision and mission.

Despite having all these, many people still don't make it. They tried very hard and yet success often eludes them. Sun Tzu in the Art of War said that we must win to fight, not fight to win. If you fight to win, the price of winning could be very high.  That may deter you from future winnings. Ask people that have tried many times to win a championship in a singing contest if they would like to contest again, they would say no. Because the process of winning is so grueling, just the thought of it will make you freeze.

That's why people cannot repeat their own success or prevent themselves from becoming successful or becoming more successful. Psychologists called this self-sabotage.  Self-sabotage happens when we sabotage our own success, i.e. we make ourselves not successful. I'm sure you know of many situations where you know every well you can do much better but you justify yourself that 'it's okay to take it easy and go slow' and you simply let go of the opportunities for you to be more successful.

In the Art of War, self-sabotage comes from 'win at all cost', which is the most damaging type of winning.  When we win at all costs, we win but that win produces self-sabotage later on. Sun Tzu said the best is to win to fight, and to win without fighting, through the use of strategies and stratagems. Stratagems are covered in another related book called 36 Stratagems 三十六计

For more on how to inspire and drive people using ideas about 'deception', 'spies' and 'fire', come for our latest course on 26 July 2017 Wednesday 2 to 5.30 pm. Special discounts for our blog readers, you can get 50% discount, at only $99 instead of $199.  Click here or email to for more information and registration

2 Jul 2017

PayNow: Make & Receive Money with Mobile Phones

7 Ways to Earn Money On Your Spendings

Find out how to receive and pay people in Singapore using FREE PayNow mobile app at here

We all know that to be financially wealthy, we need to have cash flow and increase in the value of the things we possess. For example, if you are living in your house that brings you rental income (from one of the rooms) and your house’s value is much higher than what you paid for it, you are considered financially wealthy.
But to have cash flow, you need to spend less than what you earn and get passive income (i.e. income earned when you are not working, like dividends from shares).
Other than spending less than you earn, why not save money on your spendings?  When you save money on your spendings, you are indirectly earning money on your spendings. This may sound impossible, but there are 7 ways you can do that:
1. Use Your Phone and Save with Apps There are many apps for your phone, where you save simply by shopping and scanning your receipts. Apps like Saivian, Walmart’s Savings Catcher etc, allow you to shop, scan the receipt and get cash back up to 20% on the items you bought.
Many offer additional coupons and savings by completing tasks, referring friends and reaching milestones. It’s a great way to save on items you purchase without clipping coupons. 
2. Bulk Buy:
Buy in bulk is a great way to save money. For example, I have the HSBC Goldlen Village cinema card, where I save 32% on my cinema tickets whole year round (except for 4 public holicdays). I need to buy a minimum of 10 tickets first but the expiry is 12 months so it is easy to consume the bulk buys.
Many sites (like Lazada) and retailers (like Mustafa) offer savings when you buy in bulk, just check with them and negotiate for a good discount, which is anything above 10%
3.  Credit Card Cash Backs
Yes, many credit cards like Diners Club International offers 5% rebate on your groceries at Sheng Shiong supermarkets. Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB and even now Alipay too offer cash back like $100 when you spend a certain amount, like $3,000 in a month
4. Deal of the Day:
When you do feel like splurging and taking the family out for a night on the town or on a vacation, do it frugally. Use sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to spend less on dining out together and these days you can even find cheap getaways and vacations through the websites.
Many retailers offer a deal of the day. If it’s on your list, and not something you need right away, you may want to watch for these deals.
5. Purchase a Club Membership
Consider the pricing on the products you buy often buy like books, stationery and household items.  Often you have to pay for membership to get a good 10% discount (like Popular) but as long as your savings is higher than the membership fees, you are saving or earning money on your regular purchases!
7. Sign up for a birthday discount
If you often need to shop for little kids, plenty of stores have birthday clubs that you can sign up to. You get a coupon for each birthday, something you can cash in for substantial rewards and discounts.
Many restaurants offer free meals for the birthday boy and girl. Make sure you plan in advance.  You can always ask the restaurant to offer you a free birthday cake when you celebrate birthdays at their eateries.
The key points is you don’t spend more to get the savings, you are spending as per normal but with good planning and strategy, you can get good savings and earn money on your spendings. Isn’t this a good way to be financially wealthy?

By Andy Ng, a Chartered Accountant by training with a MBA from UK. Andy is a full-time passionate business coach and trainer that helps people to be financially and spiritually wealthy through programs in sales, leadership and finance. Visit or see him in action at