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27 Jul 2017

From Employees to Bosses

Many people dream to become rich, and some dream to be their own boss. Unknown to many, you too can be a boss, even if you are an employee now and have no intention to set up your own business.

The truth is, we are all bosses: bosses of our own company is called Me Pte Ltd.  We have one major customer: our employer, the one that pays us our salary on time every month.  Our employer has many customers, and you could be the one serving them now.

How many times have you heard of your bosses saying that if only the team is more united, we can achieve more?  And how many times have you been reminded again that employees have to take the initiative and work towards achieving the company’s vision? 

If you as an employee start to think and act like you’re running your own business, you would behave differently.  There will be no such thing as ‘need to be responsible or take initiative’, for you would be all out to achieve the goals of the company because you know that achieving the company’s goals would also achieve your own personal goals.

We curate this course “Employees to Bosses” for employees today that want to create more sustainable results for tomorrow.  Whether you are now working hard in your job or striving towards your goals, this fun, entertaining training of two half-days, would give you everything that you need to achieve what you want in your career and life.

Training Objective:
To equip the team of managers with strategies and action plan to upgrade their performance so that they can achieve more for the company and themselves.

Training Outcome: 
At the end of this 2 half-day courses, participants will achieve the following outcomes:
1.     Clear the roadblocks in their career and diminish what’s holding them back
2.     Know the true meaning of ‘boss’ and know how to think and act like a boss
3.     Know the 5-Ways to Profit Building and how to implement the 5-ways profit strategies and 4-ways system strategies to their work at Extremers now
4.     Align their personal goals to that of the company
5.     Understand what is creativity and innovation and how to have real teamwork
6.     Be motivated and inspired to take action to become high performing employees and create great value for the company

From Employees to Bosses: 2 Half-day course contents:

Day 1: Leverage: The Game of Business
Watch 1-min video on Leverage board game at
1.     From Employees to Bosses: how to think and act like a boss
2.     Business Model success and importance of Leverage
3.     Rules of the game and clarification on the 5-Ways Profits Leverage and 4-Way System Leverage
4.     Let’s play LEVERAGE: the Board Game of business (1.5 hours)
5.     Debrief and sharing of experiences and learning on the game (0.5 hour)
6.     Your Action Plan on Leverage

Day 2: Alignment Power
1.     What it takes to think and act as though you’re running your own business
2.     Power of Goals: Discover your personal goals and purpose
3.     Review of Company Vision and what does it mean to you
4.     Goal Alignment Power: How to align your personal goals to that of your company
5.     Implementing the 5-Ways Profits Leverage and 4-Ways System Leverage into your 12-months Plan now
6.     Going to the root of all issues and removing what’s preventing us from implementing the plan

7.     Creating your 30-day Action Plan now

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