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19 Jul 2017

Lead and Build Team Relations

Watch 2-min video at here
You are a manager, supervisor, department head, HR Manager, or someone that is responsible for results in your company. With today's uncertain economy, you wondered what can you do to keep your team intact and happy? Most importantly, can you and your team perform up to the expectations of your stakeholders?
Unknown to many, we are now living in a replacement economy. Jobs are being replaced by Artificial Intelligence, mobile apps, and outsourcing. Even entire industries are being threatened with new challengers like Uber and Air BnB. It seems that your people are still playing catch up. The question is are they able to cope with this rapid change?
We all know that if your people are not able to perform, your company may not exist. This may not be far fetched, as evidenced by the retrenchments of established players like Nestle, Singapore Press Holdings and banks.
It is obvious that we can not change the environment, but we can change ourselves.

You know deep inside that if you and your team can take charge, establish better work relationships, be more pro-active learn new skills and take on more responsibilities, you and your company have a better chance of survival.
This short seminar is designed for busy executives, managers, directors, and bosses that want to make the change today, not tomorrow. In this 2-hour high impact course, AndyTheCoach will reward you with workable strategies and action plans on the following:
  1. The reason why most people are not performing and what to do about it.
  2. Getting your people to perform by making everyone a leader and build better team relations
  3. Establish team processes to promote collaboration
  4. Minimize and resolve conflicts at work
  5. Be a better leader and drive people to higher performance
  6. The ultimate in leading people and building relations: do the impossible
Date: 31 July 2017 Monday 3 to 5 pm
Venue: 7500A Beach Road, 02-346, The Plaza, Singapore 199591
Fee: $50 
Register at here or call 6225-1784 for assistance or text to 8201-4347

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