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31 Aug 2017

Business Domination with 36 Stratagems

You know it. Chinese companies from Alibaba to BBK Electronics, from Tencent Technologies to China Southern Airlines, are creating waves of success in the business world.

Unknown to many, the Chinese have a 'lost' secret: The 36 Stratagems 三十六计. Also known as The Secret Art of War 秘密兵法, this Chinese Wisdom is known to solve problems for centuries.

Today companies are using the 36 Stratagems to win over their competitors and enrich customers and themselves

Now you too can learn this secret at the world's first seminar on 36 Stratagems for Business Domination. What you'll bring back in this high impact seminar include:
  1. The mystery behind the 36 Stratagems and how to unlock it
  2. The world's one and only English translation of 36 Stratagems that is so easy to understand and apply (see below pictures)
  3. The 36 Stratagems in 3 Chinese Wisdom of Wuwei, Yin Yang and Jian Jie.
  4. How Tencent Technologies use 36 Stratagems to make WeChat much more useful than WhatsApp
  5. Story of how Alibaba used Stratagem 30 to clear billions of excess stocks in 2009
  6. The 6 situations of the 36 Stratagems
  7. The untold 4-Steps to Taking 36 Stratagems Action
  8. How BBK Electronics used 36 Stratagems to sell its Oppo phones at 30% higher price than Samsung and become no. 1 in China
  9. The Huawei Way of Technology using Stratagems 3 and 29
*  Bonus: How Google in year 2000 replaced Yahoo! as the no. 1 search engine using Stratagems 8 and 10

What Your School Don't Teach You: Top 6 Benefits of Applying The 36 Stratagems

Many gurus teach you to know something, for they say knowledge is power.  But in The 36 Stratagems, what we want is never knowledge but wisdom.  

What is wisdom?  Do you know how to clean a car windscreen?  Wisdom is doing it. 

Many people think they know more than they think and think more than they know. But it is only when you actually apply knowledge will you know whether you actually know it or just 'aware' of it. This is the 36 Stratagems, divided into 6 catogories, translated into English:

The 36 Stratagems 三十六计
Stratagems When You’re in Superior Positions
1.     Openly Deceive Under Camouflage                  瞒天过海
2.     Attack Another to Save Your Target                 魏救赵
3.     Kill with a Borrowed Knife                                 借刀
4.     Wait at Ease for the Exhausted Enemy             以逸待劳
5.     Loot a House on Fire                                          趁火打劫
6.     Sound East to Attack West                                声东击西
Stratagems for Confrontation
7.     Create Something Out of Nothing                     无中生有
8.     Advance Through a Secret Path                       暗渡陈仓
9.     Watch the Fire from Across                               隔岸观火
10.  Hide a Dagger in Your Smile                              笑里藏刀
11.  Sacrifice Small for Big Gains                             李代桃僵
12.  Exploit Small things along the Way                  顺手牵羊
Stratagems for Attack
13.  Hit the Grass to Startle the Snake                     打草惊蛇
14.  Inject Life into the Dead                                     借尸还魂
15.  Lure the Big Guy out of his Comfort Zone       调虎离山
16.  Let Go to Recapture Later                                  欲擒故纵
17.  Throw out Small to Attract Big                          抛砖引玉
18.  Nab the Root of the Issue                                   擒贼擒首
Stratagems for Confused Situations
19.  Remove Key Support                                          釜底抽薪
20.  Fish in Troubled Waters                                     混水摸鱼
21.  Remove Your Cover to Reveal the Inside         金蝉脱壳
22.  Closed Door Attacks                                           关门捉贼
23.  Befriend the Far to Attack the Near                   远交近攻
24.  Seek Help from Ally and Attack Ally Too         假道伐虢
Stratagems for Gaining Ground
25.  Replace Strong Support with Weak Support   偷梁换柱
26.  Criticize Indirectly                                               指桑骂槐
27.  Play Dumb                                                           假痴不癫
28.  Remove Ladder after Ascent                             上屋抽梯
29.  Decorate Tree with Artificial Flowers                树上开花
30.  Take Charge and Lead                                       反客为主
Stratagems in Desperate Situations
31.  Beauty Trap                                                         美人计
32.  Put on a Bold Front                                             空城计
33.  Double Agent Ploy                                              反间计
34.  Self Injury                                                             苦肉计
35.  A Series of Inter-Connected Stratagems          连环计

36.  If All Else Fail, Escape is the Best                     走为上

Top 6 benefits of applying The 36 Stratagems:
  1. You'll get your problem solved
  2. You'll realize that all your problems, no matter how significant they are, found their solutions in one or more of the stratagems
  3. While solving the problem using the 36 stratagems, you'll realize that you know more than what you think and you think more than you know.  Either way, you'll get inspired to do more
  4. The 36 stratagems force you to think out of the box, to think in a provocative manner, and to think differently.  This is what schools don't normally teach
  5. When you help your friends using the 36 stratagems, you will get another new level of understanding
  6. The 36 stratagems promote peace because it teaches us to solve a problem instead of dealing with people to solve the problem. 

26 Aug 2017

You Don't Need to Use WeChat like everyone else

Many people told me that they don't want to use WeChat.  

Indeed you don't have to use WeChat like everyone else.  This is because, without WeChat, you just need to install the following 25 apps:
  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook
  3. Messenger
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. Hangout
  7. Line
  8. Youtube
  9. Google +
  10. Google Search
  11. Yahoo News
  12. Karaoke
  13. Music
  14. Linkedin
  15. QR Code Scanner
  16. Zoom
  17. Google Translate
  18. Uber
  19. Grab
  20. PayNow
  21. Paylah
  22. oBike
  23. Alipay
  24. Samsung Pay
  25. Apple Pay. 
This is because WeChat can perform the functions of the above 25 apps and much more.  

Sounds unbelievable, but true. WeChat is a superapp developed by Asia's largest valuation company Tencent Holdings Limited, based in Shenzhen, China, and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

When the market is tough, we turn to other markets.  

Today's biggest market is of course China.

To communicate with the people from China, we need to use WeChat.

Not just use WeChat for messaging, but use WeChat to market ourselves through the following ways:
1.     Broadcast: you can send unlimited messages to your contacts with the cap of 200 people at any one time
2.     Moments: you can always post what you are good at in Moments to build up your brand
3.     Sending messages directly to people
4.     WeChat Official Account to do daily broadcast and marketing.

In short, WeChat is the first and essential step if you too want to market to people from China.

If you too want to learn Wechat, come for our course Social Media Marketing with WhatsApp and WeChat, on 16 Sep 2017 Saturday 9.30 am to 1 pm.  Details at here
Watch this short 1 mintue video at here

WhatsApp and WeChat Marketing
(This is an actual hands-on course, not preview.)
  • Date: 14 Oct 2017 Saturday)
  • Time: 9.30 am to 1 pm
  • Venue: The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd, Singapore 199591
  • Fee: $199 for one or $79 for friends  (need to inform me Andy at 8201-4347 if you are my friend)
We use our smartphones all the time. It’s well known that we can now use WhatsApp and WeChat to do business, get contacts, and even make money.
This hands-on, practical course, is NOT a Preview. We also provide after-course coaching via Wechat Free-of-Charge, for one month after the course. 
It rewards you with contents including:
  1. Using WhatsApp for Marketing: the 5 Ways: Status, Group Broadcast, 1-minute Videos, Personal Messages and Group Chats

  2. The Do's and Don'ts of using WhatsApp: how to attract, not distract people

  3. Power of Rising China and how we can ride on this boom via WeChat

  4. First thing first: is your WeChat secure?

  5. WeChat as a superapp: what it can do and can’t

  6. The 8 Ways to Add Friends on WeChat

  7. The 24 useful Functions of WeChat that WhatsApp does not have

  8. How to create Moments that people will follow

  9. How to do broadcast to more than 10,000 people daily FOC

  10. WeChat Wallet: how to send and receive money without opening bank account in China

  11. WeChat Official Account: Daily Broadcast, Mini Site and Mobile Commerce (case study of MBS)

  12. The 5 Ways to Market on WeChat: Moments, Broadcast, Messages, Official Account and links

  13. WeChat Mini Program: hottest embedded app within WeChat that needs no update, install or registration
Note: This is NOT a Preview. It is an actual hands-on course. You need to install WeChat app on your phone now.if you have not already done so. We assume all are familiar with WhatsApp and thus will only focus on WhatsApp Marketing, not the usual usage. 

22 Aug 2017

Winning with The 36 Stratagems

Winning with The 36 Stratagems

Date:   12 Sep 2017 Tuesday
Time:    2 to 6 pm
Venue:  The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Road, Singapore 199591 (inside Parkroyal Hotel building)
Fee:     $199 each, $149 each for 2 & above (no GST but with PIC 40% cashback)

Watch this short video on what is 36 stratagems at

Many people know The 36 Stratagems as tactics to win in war and daily life.


What exactly is winning? Is it about winning over your opponent? Or winning yourself? Or achieving your goals and aspirations?

To the Chinese, winning is about one and only thing: Flexibility. That's right, if you are flexible enough, eventually you will get what you want and want what you get. If you are flexible enough, you will be able to handle every situation that comes along.  The Chinese is the only civilisation in the world to have unbroken existence for more than 5,000 years.  Their rich culture and deep understanding of the world has won many praises from all over the world.  Many attribute Chinese wisdom to one word: flexibility.

The 36 Stratagems is not just a collection of Chinese Wisdom. In fact, this book just about one thing: Change. Change is the name of the game in The 36 Stratagems.

One can be flexible and change his tactics but there is one thing that one cannot change: his Dao or Moral. This stated very clearly in the preface of this book:
·      六六三十六, 数中有术, 术中有数,
·      The 36 stratagems have many different permutations.
·      阴阳燮理,机在其中,机不可设,设而不中
·      Because of nature's ever-changing nature, one cannot set things up to trap people.

In short, one cannot be cunning. This is the wisdom from the 36 stratagems.

If The 36 Stratagems is not about being crafty and trap people, what is it about? What's the benefit of knowing them?

To me, knowing The 36 Stratagems will help one to be flexible and change with the situation, and that is the greatest intelligence of all.

Contents covered in this newest course Winning With The 36 Stratagems include:


1.   Top 6 Misunderstandings of The 36 Stratagems

2.   The 6 Benefits of Applying The 36 Stratagems TODAY

3.   First Things First: Why 36? Power of Ying Yang 

4.   The 6 Situations from Winning to Desperate

5.   The 36 Stratagems explained in plain simple English (with stories)

6.   36 Stratagems shortened to just 3: Ying Yang, Indirect and Wu Wei

7.   The 4 Steps to Taking 36 Stratagems action: Assess your situation, Assess your opponent situation, Determine if you are one step higher, Select the right stratagem

8.   Applying 36 Stratagems to Your Life in 7 Areas: Family relations, Workplace Relations, Wealth Creation, Career Planning, Health Enhancement, Property Investment and Social and Spiritual Growth

9.   Decision-Making and Problem Solving with The 36 Stratagems

10.        How to Get What You Want and Want What You Get with The 36 Stratagems

11.        The Ultimate in Winning: Your Ultimate Gifts

12.        What to Do When You're Down and Out

Clients’ testimonials:
·       “I sent a group of 10 friends to come for Andy’s talk on 18 August and we are very happy with the outcome!”  Allison Yong
·       “Thank you for a good training’  Eva Wong
·       “Appreciate your sharing with good contents”  Phang Siong Mun
·       “Andy’s training is always very interesting and with good application”  Wendy Tsang
·       “Thank you Andy for the English translation of the 36 Stratagems in plain simple English without the need to understand Chinese or the stories behind”  Alan Ho

Brief Profile of Andy Ng
Business Coach and Trainer Andy Ng is a Chartered Accountant by training and has a MBA from UK. To-date, he has over 30 years of professional experience in large enterprises and small businesses.  Since 2001, Andy runs his own training and consulting business and has to-date, trained over 13, 181 people in 15 countries including USA, China, Japan and Sri Lanka.

You can watch Andy’s over 172 videos at

19 Aug 2017

Winning with The 36 Stratagems 1

Many people know The 36 Stratagems as tactics to win in war and daily life.

What exactly is winning?  Is it about winning over your opponent?  Or winning yourself? Or achieving your goals and aspirations?

To me, winning is about one and only thing: Flexibility.  That's right, if you are flexible enough, eventually you will get what you want and want what you get. 

The 36 Stratagems is not just a collection of Chinese Wisdom.  In fact, if you read the entire book you'll realize that this book appears to contradict itself and different people interpret the stratagems in different ways. Isn't this book just about one thing: Change?

Change is the name of the game in The 36 Stratagems

One can be flexible and change his tactics but there is one thing that one cannot change: his Dao or Moral. This stated very clearly in the preface of this book:

六六三十六, 数中有术, 术中有数 
The 36 stratagems have many different permutations. 
Because of nature's ever-changing nature, one cannot set things up to trap people. 

In short, one cannot be cunning.  This is my inference from the preface here. 

If The 36 Stratagems is not about being crafty and trap people, what is it about?  What's the benefit of knowing them?

To me, knowing The 36 Stratagems will help one to be flexible and change with the situation, and that is the greatest intelligence of all. 

In the next article, we shall look at how one can change and win just by knowing and applying one stratagem: Remove your cover to Reveal Inside

16 Aug 2017

The WeChat Way to Business Success

As we know, times are hard now and everyone is looking for ways to increase sales with zero cost. Today I shall talk about using WeChat.

As we know, WeChat is a free tool, not just for messaging, but for the following business functions:
  1. Mini-site. WeChat has an Official Account that any business can set up, free-of-charge.  You can get people to follow your Official Account, and they will receive your daily broadcast of up to 8 articles.  Your Official Account allows you to have 15 pages, and you can include pages like your contacts, your products, Q & A, videos and promotions
  2. Payment Gateway. Yes, you don't need to pay hefty fees to Paypal to accept payments from your customers and make payments to your vendors. Simply use WeChat Wallet, with just 0.6% as fees (vs PayPal 3%) and you can accept customers payments in seconds with anyone anywhere in this world
  3. Bulk Direct Messaging.  You can send direct messages, including marketing messages, to people using WeChat Broadcast. It allows you to send unlimited messages every day of up to 200 people in one single broadcast
  4. Answer Enquiries.  WeChat Official Account allows you to automate your inquiries by sending automated answers to common inquiries
  5. Look for New Customers.  As we know, customers will first appear as prospects. To add prospects, you can use 8 ways to add people into your WeChat contacts. After that, you can direct messages to them via Broadcast Message or send them articles via Official Account
  6. Branding.  You can brand yourself under 5 different WeChat Official Accounts
  7. Manage crowds.  Imagine you have hundreds of people coming to your exhibition booth. How can you instantly add them to your contacts?  Use WeChat Groups. Simply create a private group and you can add up to 200 people within 3 seconds. You can use Radar to add people within 1,000 metres of your location
  8. Send Files and Information to people. WeChat supports all types of files from pdf to jpeg. You can send and receive information instantly without the use of computers
  9. Do Searches on WeChat.  One can instantly do searches on WeChat, which captures all information in Official Accounts, Private Messages, and Broadcast Messages.  Think of this as a mini Google in your phone, just that this search engine includes messages! 
  10. Close sales and collect payments. Yes, WeChat gives you instant ways to receive orders and payments from your customers via WeChat Wallet, Messages, Moments and Official Account.
  11. Update people.  Using Moments, this way of update is almost the same as Newsfeeds in FaceBook, except it is using less data and memory. Plus, WeChat controls spamming, so it saves you from useless feeds unlike Facebook.
Written by Andy Ng. The next WeChat Power course is on 25 May 2018 Wed 2 to 5.30 pm. Fee is $99 for one or $199 for 3.  Details at

Intro to People Management with 36 Stratagems

13 Aug 2017

How this most mis-understood book could help you solve ALL your problems

Watch this 1-minute video at here
Mention "36 Stratagems" 三十六计 and most people will say one of the following:
  • Is this another name for the Art of War military classic 孙子兵法 written by Sun Tzu, a 484 BCE military strategist from China?
  • Isn't this a very old book?
  • This must be one of the chapters inside the Art of War book, right?
  • This is Sun Tzu's second book
Of course none of the above is true.  The 36 Stratagems is another book, with origins unknown, and no known authors as it was written by many people over several centuries. The last chapter "Escape is the Best" was first mentioned more than 1,000 years ago, but the form we know today is quite recent. 

The current format that we know was only officially published in China (under the government's direction) in 1961.  Thus in a way The 36 Stratagems is a relatively new book. 

Today most scholars agree that the Thirty-Six Stratagems is likely a collection of idiomatic expressions taken from popular Chinese folklore, history, and myths.  Sometime in the early Qing dynasty some enterprising editors collected them together and published them in the form that comes down to us today.

The Thirty-Six Stratagems is divided into a preface and six chapters containing six stratagems each.  The first three chapters generally describe tactics for use in advantageous situations, whereas the last three chapters contain stratagems that are more suitable for disadvantageous situations. The 36 Stratagems is related to 36 battle scenarios in Chinese history and folklore, predominantly of the Warring States period and Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. Watch video at here
Although this book has less than 1,000 words, it contains wisdom that the Chinese believe can solve all of the world's problems.  In my training, I welcome my participants to give me any problem in the world and I could on the spot, use one or a combination of the stratagems to solve the problems. 
Some scholars think that although this book appears to be simple and short, it is actually harder to understand and apply than Sun Tzu's Art of War.  In reality, out of The 36 Stratagems, 29 stratagems quoted Yi-Jing 易经 (or I-Ching), another ancient book written 3,000 years ago. In a way, The 36 Stratagems could be an extension of the Yi-Jing concepts. 
All the 36 Stratagems are laid out in brief Chinese proverbs.  To-date, no English translation can catch the real meaning of it, but I Andy Ng managed to do a modern translation. My translation is by means perfect, but it nevertheless explains the meaning and not just the word-by-word translation.  Many of my students commented that my translation makes it easy to understand. 
Please refer to the picture at the bottom of this article for the complete list of the 36 Stratagems and my English Translations. Note that the 36 stratagems are divided into 6 categories:
  1. Stratagems when you're in winning positions
  2. Stratagems for confrontation
  3. Stratagems for attack
  4. Stratagems in confused situations
  5. Stratagems to gain ground
  6. Stratagems in desperate situations
Before you find this too taxing, I simplify The 36 Stratagems into just 3 Stratagems:
  1. Stratagems of Ying Yang Balance: Stratagems number 5, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34 and 35
  2. Stratagems of Indirect and Gradual: Stratagems number 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 17, 22, 26 and 28
  3. Stratagems of Wu Wei Inaction: Stratagems number 4, 9, 16, 27, 32 and 36
In other words, you can just remember that there are just 3 wisdom lessons of the Chinese and all the 36 stratagems fall under these 3 wisdom lessons:
  1. Ying Yang Balance: everything in this world is about a balance of the opposites Ying and Yang, with Ying being weak (or dark) and Yang being strong (or bright). 
  2. Indirect and Gradual: the Chinese believe that it is wiser to be indirect than direct, and better to solve problems in a gradual manner than a drastic manner.  In other words, everything is evolving and not be obvious and direct to most people
  3. Wu Wei Inaction: Inaction is about not taking action when conditions are not ready, inaction may appear to be no action but in reality, all the action is happening inside the mind. For example, when two persons quarrel, taking inaction may appear to be quiet or submissive, when in fact you are strategising and planning in your mind 
But we at Asia Trainers go one step further. We help you apply the stratagems in your daily work, including people management and leadership, sales and customer service. 
Today let's focus on People Management with The 36 Stratagems. 
Generally, people management has 4 functions:
  • Attracting talents
  • Motivating and Inspiring people
  • Resolving people issues
  • Retaining talents
When we go through the 36 stratagems, our application will be on the above 4 functions. To know more about People Management with The 36 Stratagems, come for the world's first blended learning:
  • Date: 18 August 2017 Friday
  • Tiem: 12.45 pm to 3 pm
  • Venue: Institute of Adult Learning, 11 Eunos Road 8, #05-03
  • Fee: FREE as this is fully sponsored by the Insitute of Adult Learning, a unit of WDA
You need to bring your tablet or notebook for this course as this is a blended learning. To see details of this course and do a free registration, click here

Written by Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Trainers