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5 Aug 2017

China Rising and You

Since 1798, the world has been talking about how to ride on the boom of China. In the 1840s, China had 400 million people, and this was the largest and richest country in Asia. Every nation from Germany to USA talk about leveraging on China.

In 2017, China is no more rising. China has already risen. Today China is the world's largest market for luxury goods, fast cars, mobile phones, and now social media. WeChat has over 1.3 billion accounts in China. As at May 2017, there are 937.8 million daily active users on WeChat, of which over 90% are from China.

You may wonder how you too can leverage on China's power? Start with social media. No, you don't have to open QQ account and start blogging. You can start using WeChat. WeChat has the following 22 functions that few people know: 

  1. Your mobile number is never revealed even if people add you on their contacts in WeChat 
  2. You can always use another name on WeChat 
  3. People cannot contact you directly on WeChat unless they add you personally, even if you are part of a group that you may not know 
  4. You can recall and delete a WeChat message (in the system) within 2 minutes of sending 
  5. WeChat has an Instant Translate function that serves 27 languages and still growing 
  6. There are 8 ways to add friends on WeChat, of which only one requires mobile number
  7. There is a sticker gallery to send to friends
  8. You can open a WeChat Wallet to transfer and receive money without any charges 
  9. WeChat Wallet can be linked to your bank account, and all transfers to and from the bank account and WeChat Wallet are free, except for amounts above RMB 1,000, which attracts a fee of 0.1% 
  10. You can happily receive limitless photos and videos on WeChat because they are not downloaded into your phone, saving you phone storage space 
  11. WeChat is fully integrated with Linked-in and QQ 
  12. WeChat Call Out (VoIP to call landlines and mobile)
  13. You can share and download music freely via WeChat QQ Music 
  14. Only your friends can read what you post on WeChat Moments. Friends of friends cannot read your posts or contact you directly, unlike FaceBook and Linked-in 
  15. Everyone knows that WeChat is not an app but a Super App as it combines apps like Taxis, Banking, Cinemas, Charities, Air Tickets, Rail Tickets, Utility, Telecom bills and Traffic fines 
  16. WeChat has a useful Heatmap function, which shows crowd density 
  17. Yes, you can use WeChat to perform searches without Baidu or Google, and WeChat has an Index that shows the popularity of searches on WeChat 
  18. There is an internal QR code scanner built into your WeChat App 
  19. WeChat is backed by Tencent Technologies, which is currently the highest valuation company in China, and Tencent's share price is now at a record high (above HKD 316) 
  20. Any registered business can open a WeChat Official Account for free, and you can use this Official Account to do daily broadcast, marketing, e-commerce, accept payments, receive orders and connect with more followers 
  21. Yes, you can make payments to any vendor using WeChat Wallet. Vendors only pay 0.1% of transaction fee on such services
  22. You can share your WeChat moments on Facebook and Linked-in easily
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