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31 Aug 2017

Business Domination with 36 Stratagems

You know it. Chinese companies from Alibaba to BBK Electronics, from Tencent Technologies to China Southern Airlines, are creating waves of success in the business world.

Unknown to many, the Chinese have a 'lost' secret: The 36 Stratagems 三十六计. Also known as The Secret Art of War 秘密兵法, this Chinese Wisdom is known to solve problems for centuries.

Today companies are using the 36 Stratagems to win over their competitors and enrich customers and themselves

Now you too can learn this secret at the world's first seminar on 36 Stratagems for Business Domination. What you'll bring back in this high impact seminar include:
  1. The mystery behind the 36 Stratagems and how to unlock it
  2. The world's one and only English translation of 36 Stratagems that is so easy to understand and apply (see below pictures)
  3. The 36 Stratagems in 3 Chinese Wisdom of Wuwei, Yin Yang and Jian Jie.
  4. How Tencent Technologies use 36 Stratagems to make WeChat much more useful than WhatsApp
  5. Story of how Alibaba used Stratagem 30 to clear billions of excess stocks in 2009
  6. The 6 situations of the 36 Stratagems
  7. The untold 4-Steps to Taking 36 Stratagems Action
  8. How BBK Electronics used 36 Stratagems to sell its Oppo phones at 30% higher price than Samsung and become no. 1 in China
  9. The Huawei Way of Technology using Stratagems 3 and 29
*  Bonus: How Google in year 2000 replaced Yahoo! as the no. 1 search engine using Stratagems 8 and 10

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