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25 Mar 2013

3 Ways to Increase Sales

As we shared a few weeks ago, there are only three ways to
grow a business:

1) Increase your customers

2) Increase the size of each purchase

3) Increase the number of times your customers
purchase from you

We share here two ways to increase your sales:
1.  Offer Add-ons

There is no better time to sell something else to a
person than when he or she is already in a buying mood.

'Would you like French fries with your burger?'

That's a line we taught a fast food client of ours to
ask every customer who orders a burger. Their sales skyrocketed

Think about what you could offer your customers as an
add-on. Then just ask them if they would like it.

Of course, the more special you make your offer, the
higher the number of people who will accept it.

2.  Package for Profit

People love package deals! If you're selling your
products or services separately, you should consider
combining a few of them into a specially priced package.

Like we had our client turn every one of their sandwiches into a
special Combo Deal -- Sandwich, Large Fries and Large
Drink. Again, this is not a new idea, it's just a great
idea that they had never thought of doing before.

People want you, actually expect you, to make it easy for
them to buy your products and services. They love it when
you pre-package your products for them so they don't have
to think about which items they should buy. You are making
it much easier for them to buy.

As you can imagine, our client's sales went through the
roof. They sold more large fries and large drinks than
they ever thought possible. They will continue to profit
from those additional sales month after month, year after
year. Their customers were happy, and they were happy. A
win-win situation.

When we were providing one-on-one marketing consulting
services to small business owners, we always offer our
prospects a package of services. They would save a lot of
money if they purchased our package of services, rather
than purchasing each service separately. They always
chose our package offer, because it made sense to them.

Any business can sell more by simply packaging their
products and services in logical and appealing ways.

What kind of special packages can you put together for
your customers and clients?

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