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29 Feb 2016

We Didn't Do Anything Wrong

By: Ziyad Jawabra
During the press conference to announce NOKIA being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Upon saying that, all his management team, himself included, teared sadly.
Nokia has been a respectable company. They did not do anything wrong in their business, however, the world changed too fast. Their opponents were too powerful.
They missed out on learning, they missed out on changing, and thus they lost the opportunity at hand to make it big. Not only did they miss the opportunity to earn big money, they lost their chance of survival.
The message of this story is, if you don’t change, you shall be removed from the competition.

It’s not wrong if you don’t want to learn new things. However, if your thoughts and mindset cannot catch up with time, you will be eliminated.

1.     The advantage you have yesterday, will be replaced by the trends of tomorrow. You don’t have to do anything wrong, as long as your competitors catch the wave and do it RIGHT, you can lose out and fail.
2.     To change and improve yourself is giving yourself a second chance. To be forced by others to change, is like being discarded.

Those who refuse to learn and improve, will definitely one day become redundant & not relevant to the industry. They will learn the lesson in a hard & expensive way.

Magnetic Selling 磁性销售法

27 Feb 2016

Some Think that the Coach is God-like

Some people think that a coach has something that they don't know. So they consider the coach to be god-like and create miracles like god. 
Truth be told, the coach is an ordinary human being that claims no inspiration from any external power of being. He attributes all his wisdom and realization to human endeavour and human intelligence. Each person has within himself the potential to be a great person, all the coach does is to help each person to achieve par excellence.  
This is because the coach understands that each person is his own master and we are all responsible for our own destiny. A good coach encourages and stimulates each person to develop himself and to work out his own emancipation. If the Coach is to be considered a guru or saviour, it is only in the sense that he let us know that we each can be our own guru and saviour. 
Whether you are leading a group of companies or a team of people, you know that you the manager and leader play a big role in your organization's success.  Unfortunately most managers and leaders are promoted based on their technical skills and they seldom attend any training on leadership and management. 

We know that when the manager does not do the right things the following things happen:
  1. Staff are not working at the level as they should be. Targets get missed and the manager has to end up doing all the work to ensure that targets are hit
  2. Staff turnover is low, but the people that resigned are usually the high performers and it is almost impossible to replace such talented employees.  New people hired are often way below the staff that left
  3. Working environment becomes more control centric and everyone becomes risk averse. They make no mistake but also no progress
  4. Customers are complaining that the level of service is below that of the past, and this is primarily due to the lack of people working
  5. Investors are always looking at ways to maximise profits by reducing cost. With rentals and staff cost on the rise, that means to employ fewer people to do ever more work. The result is fatigue and a sense of withdrawal
If one or more of the above describe your situation now, you belong to 53.68% of the companies that operate in Singapore.  
The solution is not just to work hard, but work smart. This means more skills and do things more skilfully.  One of the ways is to coach and mentor people, for people will rise to their potential when you coach and mentor them. 
Bring Your Team to Greater Heights with Coaching Strategies
Date   :  31 March 2016 Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd   
Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 & above; $199 each for 5 & above

Statistics show that up to 55% of the employees are disengaged at work. What to do when your team performance is below exectations? How to coach people that are skilled but lack motivation? How to handle high flyers? What to do when the going gets tough?

This rare workshop demystifies coaching. It shows how you can coach anyone about anything in 6 easy steps. Plus, you will be equipped with Coaching Toolbox & Strategies that you can use for life.

Note: PIC 60% cash back is available for this course. 
Power-packed Contents Include:
  1. Myths and Truths of Coaching and Mentoring
  2. Benefits of Coaching: 6 times return
  3. Going to the root cause: Capability and Thinking Deficiency
  4. 5-Ways Coaching Success: Uncover Inner Drive, Discover Answers, Facilitate Doing, Audit and Ask Tough Questions
  5. Key Values and Skills of a Good Coach
  6. Six Steps to Coaching using GROW and GENIUS models
  7. The Ultimate in Coaching: Changing the Being and How
  8. Giving Feedback and Turning Around Under-Performers
  9. The Toolbox and 6 Tools of Coaching
  10. Goal Setting and Helping people to Achieve their Goals
  11. Overcoming Difficulties and Stress
  12. What to Do When Coaching Does not work
  13. Self Coaching: 5 Power Questions to Ask Yourself
Bonus 1: Facing the Giants and Peaceful Warrior Strategies
Bonus 2: 50 Power Questions to Coach Yourself
Bonus 3: Weekly Coaching Questions

At the end of this session, you will be empowered to overcome all difficulties at work.

How to be Great Employees

25 Feb 2016

How to Close Every Sale

Fall In Love With Your Job in 5 Ways

(This article was published in the Straits Times on 24 Feb 2016 page C31)
As time passes, you fall into your comfort zone and feel bored at work. You think of changing your job. Instead of changing your job, why not think of new ways to make your work more exciting? 
As we know, many employees get too engrossed in the daily grind. They just want to get the job done and fail to consider if what they are dong is really necessary. 
A lack of mndfullness is a sure sign an employee needs to up the ante at work. When you find yourself becoming absent-minded, it means that are getting too stressed or bored at work. 
Before you decide to leave your job, find out if the problem lies with your job or with yourself. If you are the problem, don't need to blame yourself. Just acknowledge it and move on. 
There are 5 ways that you too can fall in love with your job and excel at work:
  1. Learn something new every day and better still, help others and you'll learn more in the process
  2. Be grateful. Appreciate what you have now, and list 10 good things about your job now, your employer and your company's business
  3. Understand the value of your work. Know that if you don't do your job well, the whole society will suffer
  4. Be passionate about your work. Put in passion into your work. Move faster, speak with more zest and always do things with enthusiasm
  5. Change your thinking. The only thing we have absolute control in this world is our own thinking and our response to what has happened. The more you improve your thinking, the better you will be, and your work will become easier. You'll find that your work is a breeze and you will truly fall in love with your job!
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at AsiaTrainers, details of courses at


Your Key to Getting the Most Out of Your Team
Date: 3 March 2016 Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Rd (inside Parkroyal Hotel building)   
Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 and above, $199 each for 5 and above (with 1 FREE Seat, or just $66.33 per peson after PIC 60% off)
Are you pushing your team hard for results? Is motivation and morale becoming an issue? 
Make no mistake: higher performance comes not from pushing but PULLING. 
The truth is that most managers are not trained in the softer side of things: how to get to the heart and soul of each staff so as to get the most out of them. 
This course is for people who want to take action to get real results. It is NOT for people looking for excuses. There are 11 powerful lessons spread over 7 videos, 3 games and 1 challenging test. 
* Note: We also run this course in-house, subject to a minimum of 6 persons. Call Andy at 8201-4347 to enquire
*** This course qualifies for PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit), where you can get 60% Cash back. Hurry! Limited seats, register now!


  1. Test on Are you Inspiring People or Just Perplexing them?
  2. What is true Inspiration and how to do it the right way
  3. Top 6 Ways to Inspire People - Wisdom of Doing, Service to Others as the Highest Purpose, Take out the Trash, Meditate in every action, Can never be better or less than yourself and Follow what you love until the end
  4. Using the Power of Your Mind to do the impossible
  5. Using Goal Setting to Move People 
  6. Unlocking the missing code in Motivating People
  7. Discovering your Drives YOU
  8. Top 20 Ways that Motivate People without Money
  9. Using Whale Done Method to Boost Performance
  10. Motivating your boss, outsiders, customers and your peers
  11. The Ultimate Motivation: Passion at Work and How
  12. Boosting the Morale of Your Team
Bonus: What to do if your team drains your energy
Extra Bonus: Doing the year-end Performance Appraisal in the most Inspiring Way
At the end of this course, both you and your team will be pulled permanently to higher level of performance. Miracles will happen and your life will never be the same again!


  1. Know how to Excite your team for the coming new year
  2. Use your other 93% Mind Power to achieve more
  3. Set New Goals and Achieve them with Ease
  4. Lead and Guide Your Team in Change Mgt
  5. Help You Plan for the Coming Year
  6. Free Discussion to Get Fresh Ideas
  7. Workable Strategies from 26 countries since 93
  8. Highly Entertaining and Educational 
  9. Lasting memories for Years to Come


  1. Managers and Supervisors
  2. Executives with managerial potential
  3. Directors and Engineers
  4. All HR Dept Staff


Overall I rate this course 9 points out of 10, especially the practical exercises on goal setting and cutting chopsticks. Strongly recommend AndyTheCoach and Asia Trainers...
- Jasmine Wong, Senior Manager, Charles & Keith Pte Ltd
Andy has gone beyond the course contents and show us the ways that one can be passionate about her work. Now I know how to get higher performance for myself and my team. PULLING PEOPLE TO PEAK PERFORMANCE..
Grace Phua, Accounts Executive, Inply Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd
Thanks for the guidance and interesting examples. Now I know how to set goals, coach my team and make change leadership.
May Low, HR Manager, Hong Thai Travel Services Pte Ltd


Founded in 1996, Asia Coaching Training was the no. 1 Franchisee of Action International in Singapore. We have coached over 8,974 small to medium enterprises in 26 countries and helped them achieve more time, team and money. Andy Ng is a CA with MBA from UK. He has 28 years of working experience, including 12 years running his own business. Current one-to-one coaching client include ERS Industries, Plan N Learn, KCK Food Catering, MicroUsability Pte Ltd, Klassique Musik Pte Ltd and AA Pack Industries Pte Ltd.
Since 1996 till to-date, Andy has coached over 167 companies in 23 industries and trained over 81,131 people in 8 countries including China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Note: Andy DVDs:Successful People Management has even sold to Germany, USA, Maldives and Tanzania (Africa). **
Andy was previously a Director of Finance and Human Resource of an MNC - Allied Telesis International (Asia) Pte Ltd. He is also the District Chairman for Leadership at Lions Clubs Singapore District 308A1. He also the President of Lions Club of Singapore Beverly Hills (2009-10) and the Treasurer of Association of Professional Trainers Singapore 2008-10( He also sits on the Board of Advisors of 3 companies.
Visit his blog at


Idah at 6225-1784 or Andy at 8201-4347 Email:


21 Feb 2016

The 7 Things that People Hate About Salespeople

Why people hate salespeople? Because they always do the following 7 things:
  1. They talk about their products and services without first finding out what customers need and want
  2. They use proof sources (like case studies, testimonials, white papers and even demonstrations) when the customer feels that his situation is very different from those they cited
  3. Their values and visions are out of sync with the customer, e.g. talking about saving money when the customer’s priority now is not enough time
  4. They like to talk down to customers by saying that their should not have bought from other vendors
  5. They are always so nice before the deal is closed. After collecting the money, they are always so busy
  6. Salespeople are money minded, they think in terms of how much they themselves earn and not the client’s interest
  7. They think they know a lot, and seldom go for training, for they see training as a waste of time and prefer to sell to earn money. They did not realize that by not improving on themselves, they are not adding value
By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach of Asia Trainers, see details at 

15 Feb 2016

Huat with 5-Ways Sales Leverage

In the next 30 days, I want you to climb your own mountain and really ‘huat’ in this new year.
Everybody wants higher sales, but we know that sales come from customers, and customers give you sales transactions with a certain dollar sale. And customers come from prospects, and prospects come from our target market.
So from here I derive the “5-Way Sales Leverage Chart”:
Target Market
Marketing Conversion
Selling Conversion
No. of Transactions
Average Dollar Sale Price

From the above formula you see that there are only 5 variable things – the target market, marketing conversion, selling conversion, no. of transactions and average dollar sale. 
So how to change the 5 things so as to build your business?  Let’s look at an example. I have inserted some simple figures into our formula:

Target Market
Marketing Conversion Rate
Selling Conversion Rate
No. of Transactions
Average Dollar Sale 
As a business coach and trainer, I know there are at least (not exhaustive) 372 ways to increase your sales. There are at least 91 ways to expand your target market, 45 ways to increase your marketing conversion, 85 ways to boost your sales conversion, 50 strategies to boost your no. of transactions, 49 ways to boost your average dollar sale.  Contact me at or whatsapp to me at 65-8201-4347 if you want to the list of 372 strategies. 
So let’s rework the formula to build our business.  How about just a 10% increase in each of the variables?  10% increase is dead easy, isn't it? Let’s see, with just a 10% increase in each of the ways, what will our numbers look like?

Target Market
4,000 + 10% = 4,400
Marketing Conversion Rate
10% + 10% = 11%
484 (from the above multiplication)
Selling Conversion Rate
20% + 10% = 22%
106.48 (from the above multiplication)
No. of Transactions
2 +10% = 2.2
Average Dollar Sale Price
$5,000 + 10% = 5,500
I want you to notice something here; for just a 10% increase in each of the 5 ways, we get a whopping 61.05% increase in our sales! There is huge multiplier or leverage effect.  If you were to increase each of the 5-ways by more than 10%, you’ll get much even doubling or trebling of your sales!  And people told me you can only increase sales by 10% or at most 20% a year!  What nonsense!  Anyone whose business isn't  growing massively obviously does not realize they are missing on so many things. 
The beauty is that the above business formula works in whatever business you’re in.  You can even use the formula for just a department or a division of your business.  I have a coaching client who used this for his team of salespeople.  He simply consolidates all the 5-ways charts of the entire sales team to arrive at the total company’s sale budget. 
What Else Do I have to look at?
Other than the above sales building numbers, you need to look at the systems and people issues in your business.  Systems are what make your sales work.  For example, if you don’t have good delivery system, how are you going to handle the surge in orders?  Systems are classified in just 4 areas – people and education, delivery and distribution, finance & testing/measuring and systems and technology.  
One more thing: you need to look at your sales management and leadership – how are you going to be a real effective SALES MANAGER AND SALES LEADER?  Are you going to work just as a salesperson or are you a true sales manager or entrepreneur?
The above are some of the pointers that every business should know.  I have made the above simple, and it really is simple, but not easy to do.  If you need help, just contact me at email or whatsapp me at 8201-4347.  Happy sales planning for all!
Andy Ng CA, MBA
Business Coach and Trainer
Asia Coaching Training (Singapore)
Tel: 6225-1784, Email: HP: 8201-4347
Visit for details!
Based in Singapore, Andy Ng has, since 1996, been an international Business Coach and Trainer.  He is the founder cum Master Coach and Trainer of Asia Coaching Training.  To-date, he has coached over 141 business enterprises on a one-to-one basis and trained over 81,131 people in 14 countries including China, Tanzania ,Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia and Mexico. Andy’s training topics include sales, management and executive skills.  Andy has appeared on MediaCorp’s 938Live! “Living Room” program, “Lunch Break at noon”, The Sunday Times, Lianhe Wan Bao, Executive Inc., and other magazines.  Visit  or call email him at now.    

9 Feb 2016

What the Scientist Says

The scientist, searching into the mysteries of human life, reveals to us a wonderful world of power, possibility, and promise.

He tells us that the mind is the creative cause of all that transpires in the life of Man.  Science tells us that that the personal conditions of men are the results of men’s action. This means that all the actions of men are the direct outcome of his ideas.  We can never make a move of any kind until we first form some image or plan in our mind. These plans or ideas are powerful ad potent.  They are the causes - good, bad, or indifferent, of the effects that follows.  

Science therefore concludes that when we learn to employ our minds constructively, we use correctly these hidden powers, forces, and faculties. This, the scientist tells us, is the KEY to success in living life.

As what William Shakespeare said, “The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.”

If all conditions are the result of our actions, and all actions are the outcome or the fruit of our ideas, then our ideas must determine the conditions in our daily lives. An idea is a thought or a group of thoughts. An idea is an image or a picture in the mind.

Thinking is a perpetual process. It is a creative function of life that is ever going on. We are engaged in it and are producing results of some kind every hour and day that we live, registering within ourselves the exact effects of all our thinking.

While we cannot stop thinking, we possess the supreme privilege of being able to determine the sort of results it is desired to experience by regulating the form and quality of our thought.

Our main object is to arouse the individual to think for himself, to cultivate his own powers, and thereby to take the sure path of self-development and true culture.

The great self-evident fact, as confirmed by modern psychology, is that when we change our thinking for the better, we automatically change our lives for the better.  If you too want to improve your thinking, follow our blog or better still, come to our live seminars, details are at

4 Feb 2016

How Employees Can Make Passive Income

We all know that to achieve financial freedom, we need to not work for money and let money work for us. This means we must have income when we are not working, or commonly known as passive income.

Unfortunately most people think that they can never have passive income, for they think passive income is only for investors and business owners, especially people in Network Marketing or MLM.

Today I shall teach everyone how you too can have passive income, even though you are just an employee and hold no investments and not doing network marketing. That's right, you hold on to your full time salaried job and get passive income without the need to take on another job.

Passive income, according to the dictionary, is income you earn when you are not actively working or working passively. Notice the key word 'working'. That means you earn passive income when you work, just that you are not working actively. For example,  you are not working the same hours as before.  According to research, there are 3 levels of passive income:
  • At the highest level of passive income, you simply do things one time and get paid many times over, over many years. Like people who earn royalties and people who hire someone to work for them
  • At the middle level of passive income, you work more than one time to get paid, but the number of times you get paid is always more than the number of times you work. Like repeat business, you get the customer one time and need to service them to get paid many times over
  • At the lowest level of passive income, you simply have to work to get paid, but you put in lesser hours than before and still get paid the same, or you put in same hours but get paid more. A good example is when you are being more productive and you get to earn more for lesser work. 
There are 7 ways that you can earn passive income as an employee:
  1. Automation and Tools. This includes the use of hardware and software, where you automate a process or increase your output with tools
  2. Higher Skill. When you are more skilled, you can do more with less. Skills here include education, work experience and knowledge
  3. Higher Motivation. When you operate at a higher level of motivation, your work becomes easier. Morale and inspiration will just come in naturally and you'll realize that work is a breeze. The more you enjoy your work, the more output you produce and you will achieve a rising level of passive income
  4. Getting Work Done by Other People. When you lead, manage and inspire people, you get work done by other people and get paid for work done by them.  Many leaders and managers are doing that everyday. Of course the better you are at leading and managing people, the higher is your passive income
  5. Leverage on Experts and Other People. When you tap into consultants and trainers, you'll achieve a high level of output without much work, leading to high levels of passive income. Collaboration with other people also gives you similar outcome
  6. New Ways of Doing Things. Like now we use social media to connect with people, we can even make money from social media. This type of passive income is easily available to all
  7. Creativity and Innovation. The world's food is now produced by just 3% of the world's population. This is largely due to creativity and innovation, where we can now produce more food with lesser land and labour. Many farmers are enjoying high levels of passive income without realizing
I can go on and on, but making passive income is free for all, as long as we take advantage of it. We can make passive income not just from investments and businesses, but from our employment.

Whether you are self-employed or employee, as long as you increase your productivity, you systematize your work, you innovate and create value, you use automation and tools, and you work well with other people, you will be earning passive income. For you now work less than before and still earn the same. Of course the next level is to increase your percentage of passive income. The ultimate level of passive income is when you simply don't need to work at all and earn all the money. This can be achieved even when you don't invest a single cent, like you own an network marketing business. 

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach with Asia Trainers, details of courses at

At Last, Make Money From Training

(This article was published in The Straits Times on 3 Feb 2016 at page C44)
Some people think that training and development are a luxury for you cannot really measure its tangible benefits. Yet others think that there must at least be a 200% payoff (benefits over training cost) for any training program to be considered beneficial.  To us, there are 7 tangible benefits that you can touch and feel IMMEDIATELY after the training:
1.     Ask the participants to do a written assessment of the training in terms of 3 areas: how does it improve their work, make their work easier or given them new ideas. You can also ask them to do a 30-day Action Plan on the action that they will take within 30 days of the training
2.     Voluntary self-reporting by the participants.  If your participants can report to you without being asked, you can be sure that they enjoyed the training and find it useful
3.     Measure the improvements in the work  This is very easy to be done for hard skills training (like how to operate a machine), but even for soft skills, you too can measure the improvements if you observe enough
4.     Measure the reduction in negativeness at work: errors, grievances, delays, lateness, poor communication and negative attitude.  Unless you're far away from the employees, all you need to do is to open your eyes and ears and you'll be able to observe the reduction in negativeness in just an hour
5.     Look for improvement to Motivation, Morale and Enthusiasm in the office.  For example, do people now walk faster than before when they come to work?  After training, employees should be more open and not afraid of new ideas and you can easily test them in your weekly meeting with them
6.     Identify specific areas that the training are supposed to have addressed.  Like sales training would have equipped your people with tactics to over customers' objections while management training will teach them how to do coaching
7.     Compute the real dollars and cents that your training has delivered.  Like higher productivity.  If your employee earns $3,000 a month, a mere 2% increase in productivity will translate into a savings of $60 a month.  If your employee can maintain such increase in productivity for 3 months, your company will make $180.  Since the Productivity and Innovation Scheme (PIC) pays 60% of the course fees, assuming a course fee of $200, your net cost is $80.   Thus the profit to your company is easily $180 less $80 = $100.  Some training providers give profit guarantee, meaning that if you don't see savings that is equal to your net training cost, they will refund your training fee. For our list of courses and their details, visit