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29 Oct 2019

Training that Leaves An Impact

Training that has high value is one that leaves a deep impact on the trainee long after the training is completed. To have impact the training must hit the trainee right on the head, there must be an instant 'ah ha' exclamation and the feeling must be right. You cannot fake an impact, and you definitely can tell a fake impact from a real one.
Some trainers, in their bid to make an impact, do certain things that have the opposite effect. Instead of leaving an impact on the trainees, they leave a bad impression on them. The wrong things that these trainers do include making assumptions, forcing answers for questions and going all out to please them with too many jokes, games and too little content. 
In my experience since training over 13,131 people in 16 countries (from 1996), there are 5 steps for the training to have an impact on the trainees:
Like.  Trainees must like the trainer, that's why the trainer must greet and smile when they first encounter a trainee. Other things that the trainer can do to make people like him is to smile often, being interested in them, being interesting, showing concern for their situation and most importantly, adapt to their pace

Content. The training content must hit the trainees right on the head, and this means the trainer must customize the material on the spot to suit the trainees' situation

Use. The trainees must be able to use the material immediately in their lives and at work. To facilitate this we have a 30-day Action Plan to be completed every 3 hours of the course

Share. People like to share their experience and how the content would relate to them. Trainers can get people to share by asking for their opinion, create discussion groups, and giving time for people to take notes (on their thoughts)

Recap. At the end of the day, the recap will leave a lasting impact on the trainees. A good trainer should let people recap in their own words and not read out from the notes.
One more thing: many people come for training for the purpose of learning something new. The trainer must have something new that people may not know. The easy way to do so is to have a new perspective on an established subject, like looking at things from the opposite.  

14 Oct 2019

I Have Learnt Nothing Much From Your Training

Yes, you'll be surprised that your training participants said that they have learnt nothing much from your training. Before you get depressed as a Trainer and wondered what went wrong, why not listen further to the feedback?

I said, "Since you said 'nothing much', that means there is something that you learnt.  Could you share with me so that we can help others in future?"

There are 5 things that he learnt but dare not shared with me in the open, they are as follows:
  1. They learnt about themselves, like who they are as a person with fears, hopes and dreams.  In our training we get everyone to do the impossible: cut a piece of wood with just a piece of A4 paper
  2. They learnt that other companies are worse than them, that their bosses are not so bad after all. This is achieved when I shared with them my experience in training over 13,131 people since 2001 in 16 countries
  3. They learnt that commercial movies video clips are very educational too.  When I played movie clips from Hollywood and local movies, they were so touched (especially the movie "Peace Warrior" and "Entrepreneurs Era")
  4. They learnt that we can always do something now than later. In the training we made all our participants do something that they all along wanted to do IN THE CLASS.  You'll be amazed to see the relief and smiles on their faces when they have done that
  5. They learnt that they can now 'train the trainer', because I the Trainer made them teach back to me what they have learnt in the class. Many of them never realised that they too can be a trainer in their lives
By Andy Ng, Business Coach and Trainer with AsiaTrainers, text to him at 9367 2286 for latest courses on sales, leadership, Sun Tzu Art of War and Business at the Speed of Trust