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21 Aug 2016

3 Steps to Finding Your Prospect's Hot Buttons

Mention the words 'hot buttons' and most salespeople who have gone through the usual sales training will tell you, 'emotional hot button'. But we know that human beings act base on emotions 80% of the time, the other 20% of the time we act on logic.  

So hot button selling is not just emotional selling. 

Three Steps to Finding Your Prospect's Hot Button 

1. Let the prospect talk

Just let people talk. Be patient. Be interested in listening to them. 

It is easy to find your prospects' hot buttons once you have gained their interest. Let them enter the conversation and invariably, they will "spill" the hot button of the moment.

When someone walked into my education centre, I do not ask them "What course do you have in mind?"  I just simply say, "Hi, welcome to our centre, how's your day?"  

Once the exchange of names is over, I go straight into the point by asking them a simple question, "If you have one goal that you want to achieve in your life, what would that be?  And let the conversation begins!

2. Use the prospect's language and words

When the prospect answers to my above question with "Of course I like to be rich and famous!"  Then I would use the word "famous" by saying, "Well here we do have many famous people as our students". The word "rich" would be used in ways like, "Our courses made many students very 'rich' in knowledge and connections!"

For instance, you may be selling a product that is able to increase the profits of a company by reducing its overhead. If the prospect's hot button is more profit, you bang away at "profit." If the hot button is "overhead," leave profit alone and concentrate on "overhead." On your next call, however, the hot button could very well be something else. Find it and then hit it as often as you can throughout the presentation.

3. Realize that hot buttons shift constantly and shift fast

After all conditions change, and the prospect's hot button changes accordingly. As soon as our conversation leads to my proposal, I would watch out for clues for the prospect's new hot button.  For example, if he asks questions, those questions would be the new hot buttons. 

The trick is to remember to use the hot button technique on every single sales call. How? Practice. With everyone you meet, immediately start the practice of isolating their hot button – whether in a business or social setting. Just say to yourself, "That's the hot button of that individual." It will be great practice and will help your sales immeasurably.

Written by Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at  Watch Andy's "New Paradigm Selling" short video at here

14 Aug 2016

Can You Train My Salespeople to Be Super Closers?

"I want you to train my salespeople to become powerful closers better than the insurance people." "Can you train my sales team and get them to increase their closing rate?"  "Andy, I want you to come and train my sales guys on how to hit and exceed their sales targets"  

The above are the three most common requests I hear from my clients and prospects.  It seems that in this weak economy, every company wants to focus on sales and they think that sales training is the fastest way to increase sales. 

But is this true?

As a full-time trainer, consultant and coach since 2001, having trained tens of thousands of people in 15 countries, my answer to the above questions is simply, "Yes".  

But we know deep down inside that sales training is just one aspect in sales. For a company to increase its sales, there are 5 major factors.
  1. Macro environment: Is the industry going up or down? What stage of the product or industry cycle are we in? Are we in a start-up situation where sales take-up will be slow?  What about government factors: are they in favour of our industry? 
  2. Company situation: Is the company able to handle more sales? Are there enough cash flow to operate and handle the bigger volume? Are there enough supplies, inventory and logistics to support the increase in volume?
  3. Sales Compensation Structure: Is there enough motivation in the form of money for salespeople to perform? Many companies have poorly constructed sales incentive systems that do not compensate adequately or fairly. For example, many of them have almost impossible-to-hit sales targets as a first criteria for salespeople to earn sales incentives. Many sales managers have to spend time managing their sales team and end up earning less than their salespeople because they do little sales. No wonder so many salespeople turn down promotion invitations and prefer to remain as a salesperson
  4. Attractiveness in the Marketplace. Many of the companies I trained have pricing and product specifications that are neither attractive nor tempting. For example, many of them are selling higher price for lousier specifications, much like HTC M10 (US$680) phones versus Oppo R9 (US$400). 
  5. Right People in the Sales Team.  Many companies hire salespeople that are neither suitable for sales nor have the drive to do sales. Most of them lack the why to do sales. They are there just for money and as a result, they are driven by short term results. When salespeople are driven by short term results, they often take short cuts and over-promise under-deliver. 
As we can see, sales training is the fastest way to increase sales, but only for a short term. Over the longer term, the above five macro factors must be favourable and in place. Within each macro factor, there are easily 10 to 15 factors. so we are talking about 75 factors for sales to do well. 

Written by Andy Ng, Chief Sales Trainer and Consultant at

9 Aug 2016

Making Resistance Work For You

Whenever we work on something important, something that is out of the ordinary, or something that is not our daily routine, we will encounter one and only thing - resistance. Regardless of how experienced or prepared you are, you will bump into this wall of resistance. With resistance all of a sudden your fire blows off and you are back to where you started - no progress. Sounds familiar?

Many people hate resistance and think that resistance is the cause of their failure. 

However, if you understand Yiqing, you'll know that resistance is a natural thing. Like a magnetized needle, resistance will unfailingly point to the north, meaning that calling or action it most wants us to stop doing. 

That's why we can use this resistance as a compass. Instead of letting resistance stops us from achieving what we want, we can let resistance guide us to our calling or purpose. 

Today I shall share with everyone the proven 8 ways to make resistance work for us:
  1. Don't think, act. Next to resistance, rational thought is another enemy that will paralyse us from achievement.  We can always revise and revisit once we've acted. Know that we can accomplish nothing until we act. That's why we should just act and not think at all. 
  2. Start something small and make it part of your daily routine. For example, if my daily routine is to switch on the TV, and there is resistance for me to start on my blog, I could still switch on my TV but tune to in to YouTube to get some ideas on my blog. 
  3. Let your unconscious do its work. Your unconscious mind does not know any logical thought, and since logical thought is the main contributor to resistance, we should only use our subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind only works base on emotions like love and kindness.  Tune in to this frequency
  4. Start at the end. Begin with the end in mind, and work backwards.  Screenwriters and teachers do that all the time, they know what they want to achieve and work on the steps to achieve it
  5. Set rewards for incremental progress. I like to get ready my drinks before I work on my blog, and once I have finished 500 words, I get rewarded with my favourite drinks. 
  6. Fill In the Gaps. Follow the blockbuster movie sequence. Start with a killer opening scene or theme. Then set two major set pieces in the middle. Next create a killer climax towards the end. Make sure your entire project has a clear theme or message.  Your job is just to fill in the gaps. 
  7. Suspend All Self-Judgment.  Never judge yourself while you are working on the project. Never bother about your progress or achievements. Know that as long as you never stop, you will get there. But the moment you stop and evaluate yourself, you'll find that you are rather silly and you'll stop immediately. This is what people say resistance take over. As Steve Jobs said, stay stupid. Follow your unconventional crazy heart. 
  8. Know that Ideas Do Not Come Linearly.  Ideas come according to their own logic. That logic is not rational. It's definitely not linear. We may get into the middle before we get into the end. We may get into the end before we even get the beginning. Don't resist it. This is natural. 
Our job is not to control our idea; our job is to figure out what our idea is (and wants to be) and then bring it into being. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the next time you find yourself getting stuck or facing resistance, follow the above 8 steps and you'll achieve what you want. Happy achieving! 

Written by Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach on topics including sales, leadership, Sun Tzu Art of War and  Self Mastery. Contact Andy at WhatsApp at 65-8201 4347 or visit now

New Paradigm Selling, the Only Way to Sell Your Way to Success

8 Aug 2016

销售新范例 New Paradigm Selling

Why is Pokemon Go So Popular? What does it Mean to Your Success in Career or Business?

By now the Pokemon Go craze has swept the entire world except Iran. For those that may not be familiar, Pokemon Go is a free mobile game available since July 2016 that integrates your location service with your camera. 

To play Pokemon Go is very easy: you just have to look for Pokemons that could be hidden in your everyday life, like your garden, park or even office.  When you find and catch them, you will be recognized in the world. You will be motivated to go to the next level and find further joy! 

In short, Pokemon Go combines social interaction with individual patience and alertness to win not points or money, but recognition.

I had my very first game on Saturday 6th August 2016 in Singapore. I only played for 5 minutes but on Sunday, I caught a Pokemon sitting at the 7th month dinner table that I was attending. The strange thing is that when I moved across the table, the Pokemon was gone!  

Three Reasons Why Pokemon Go is So Popular and How to Apply Its Popularity to Your Career and Business Now
1. Instant Rush
Those who play mobile games know that you will get instant rush or mood boosting chemicals called endorphin for a simple task. When you complete any level, your brain recognizes your achievement, and you get hit with an endorphin rush. Pokemon Go does exactly this with every Pokemon catch. But you know what else is good at producing endorphin? Exercise. And when you move around to chase Pokemon, your brain gets a double dose of endorphin. More instant rush! 

Find something that gives you a rush. Even rushing for deadlines or discount vouchers will make people move and not so reactive. The best push are short term rewards, and rewards that people feel that they can achieve easily with minimum effort. 
2. Social Interaction
When you play Pokemon Go, you need to get out of your house, walk or drive and interact with other players. You will communicate with strangers and exchange ideas and tips on where to locate the next Pokemon. 
Humans like interacting with new people for they have no prejudice and we can be totally at ease when we are with them.  Interacting with people with no business reason also makes the interaction genuine and more sustainable. 
When we show our new friends where to find Pokemon, we get instant praise. What a motivation! 
Interacting with new people at work, and getting praises for our little achievements, gives us meaning and validation that we are okay individuals, and this is an instant boost to our self-esteem. 
3. Money is Not There
Yes, there is no money to be made in playing Pokemon Go. Also, unlike many mobile games, you cannot use money to buy weapons to make your game more powerful. 
You need one and only thing to succeed in Pokemon Go: Patience
Take away the money element in your workplace. Tell people that they will be rewarded with things that money cannot buy, like love, recognition, social status and admiration. 

In short, Instant Rush, Social Interaction and No Money are the top 3 reasons for Pokemon Go to be so popular. You too can apply these concepts to your career and business now.  Happy playing the game of life! 
By AndyTheCoach at  Watch Andy in action at