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31 Oct 2015

Behave Like a Boss to Add Value

Whether you are a boss now or working for a boss, you need to behave like a boss. Otherwise, you will be bossed around and your boss may find it too expensive to keep you as an employee. The 8 ways to behave like a boss include:
  1. Take Ownership for your work. Do not blame, give excuses or deny your responsibility. Often we see people pushing blame, passing the buck and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. If you don't take ownership for your work, you will not go all out to improve it. This kind of behaviour certainly irates bosses.
  2. Be Accountable for your work. Do not wait for your boss to chase you for reports. Instead chase your boss for work. 
  3. Be Responsible. That means be able to take responses. Not reacting to what has happened, but taking responsibility for your work
  4. Learn on Your Own, leverage on others but do not rely on them
  5. Think about stakeholders, not just yourself, in making decisions. Stakeholders include the government, society, suppliers, customers, staff and investors
  6. Don't cope with your problems, solve them instead.  Many people are happy with work processes and when there are problems, they will solve the symptoms of the problems. They do not go to the root of the problem. As a result, they do not solve problems, merely cope with them or alleviate the problems. For example, the root cause of sales problems is the lack of hunger in the sales team, but many bosses like to cope with the problem by lowering the selling price. The boss would do better by creating the hunger in the sales team. Our next article will talk about this
  7. Set Goals and Go for them. Bosses are internally driven by their own goals. As an employee, you need to set your own goals and align them with your bosses. If you have no goals, you will not go anywhere as you will be drifting
  8. Service to Others as the Highest Purpose. Bosses serve people, not serve themselves. The best way bosses serve people is to do their job well. As an employee, if you can deliver great value in your work, you are serving others. 


Become High Value Employees and Win More for Yourself and Your Company
Date : 10 Nov 2015  Tuesday 2 to 5.30 pm
Venue : The Plaza 02-346 7500a Beach Rd   
Fee: $199 each; $99 each for 3 and above (no GST but with PIC 60% cash back)
Yes, it is time that everyone in the company is focused on Profits. How to Increase Sales, Lower Cost, Reduce Risk, Improve Cash flow and Productivity. 
Everyone, not just those from sales, marketing or finance, has a role to play. This seminar is taken from our over 43.851 business coaching live cases. It will give you more $ ideas than ever. 
Note: You need to bring your entire team to attend this course to get the maximum benefits **
Note: This course qualifies for PIC 60% Grant, i.e. your net investment is only 40%. Hurry! Last seats left! Register now by calling Ida at 6225-1784


  1. Problem with Most Employees and what to do
  2. The Ultimate Secret: Clarity of What You Want
  3. Five Ways to Increase Profits by 61%: Low Maintenance, Teamwork, Quantity of Work, Quality of Work and Margins
  4. Passion at Work and How to Have It
  5. Top 10 Ways to Be More Efficient at Work
  6. FISH Philosophy of Fun at Work
  7. Handling Stress and Overworked
  8. How to Go the Extra Mile for Yourself
  9. The 36 Stratagems to Make More Money for employers in 7 areas

25 Oct 2015

Not a single cent is wasted on Training

We know that training and development pay us back many times over. But what if our staff leaves us immediately after the training?  Are we wasting money?  Understand that as long as the staff stays with us for a month, there is profit to be made. This is because all the training courses are 60% funded by the Singapore government under the PIC scheme.  We at Asia Trainers guarantee profit to be made as we teach the trainees how to apply the concepts to result in a profit.

For details on how the profit guarantee work, call us at 6225-1784, or text to 8201-4347. The list of courses are at, and you can also click on any title below to get details:

M006HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER & LEADER28. Oct 2015, 09:0028. Oct 2015, 17:00
M004PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS29. Oct 2015, 09:0029. Oct 2015, 17:00
S005CHALLENGER SALE METHOD30. Oct 2015, 09:0030. Oct 2015, 12:30
L001LEADERSHIP POWER30. Oct 2015, 14:0030. Oct 2015, 17:30
M012HOW TO BE A BETTER MANAGER (4 SESSIONS)2. Nov 2015, 14:0030. Nov 2015, 17:30
S009MOTIVATIONAL SELLING2. Nov 2015, 14:002. Nov 2015, 17:30
S012SALES POWER4. Nov 2015, 09:004. Nov 2015, 17:00
S009SUCCESSFUL SALES STRATEGIES5. Nov 2015, 09:005. Nov 2015, 17:00
S004HOW TO LEAD IN YOUR SALES6. Nov 2015, 09:006. Nov 2015, 12:30
S28ART OF CONSULTATIVE SELLING  New11. Nov 2015, 09:0011. Nov 2015, 17:00
M003PRODUCTIVITY FROM THE INSIDE13. Nov 2015, 09:0013. Nov 2015, 12:30
CM001EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION16. Nov 2015, 14:0016. Nov 2015, 17:30
L002LEADERSHIP WITH SUN TZU'S ART OF WAR19. Nov 2015, 09:0019. Nov 2015, 12:30
M007PEACEFUL WARRIOR STRATEGIES19. Nov 2015, 09:0019. Nov 2015, 12:30
P001SUCCESSFUL PURCHASING STRATEGIES20. Nov 2015, 14:0020. Nov 2015, 17:30
S006SUN TZU ART OF WAR FOR SALES20. Nov 2015, 09:0020. Nov 2015, 12:30
F001FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE10. Dec 2015, 09:0010. Dec 2015, 17:00
S017HEART SELLING  New11. Dec 2015, 14:0011. Dec 2015, 17:30
S011SELLING ICE TO THE ESKIMOS11. Dec 2015, 09:0011. Dec 2015, 12:30
S014CRACKING THE SALES CODE  New18. Dec 2015, 14:0018. Dec 2015, 15:30
S001WINNING SALES STRATEGIES18. Dec 2015, 09:0018. Dec 2015, 12:30
S015SELLING THE IMPOSSIBLE23. Dec 2015, 14:0023. Dec 2015, 15:30
M009HOW TO BE A GREAT BOSS29. Dec 2015, 09:0029. Dec 2015, 12:30
L004LESS MANAGING MORE LEADING  New30. Dec 2015, 09:0030. Dec 2015, 17:00
S008HOW TO CLOSE EVERY SALE31. Dec 2015, 14:0031. Dec 2015, 17:30
S29SECRET ART OF WAR TO CLOSE EVERY SALE31. Dec 2015, 09:0031. Dec 2015, 12:30
L003TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP WITH SUN TZU  New6. Jan 2016, 09:006. Jan 2016, 12:30
M011EFFECTIVE TEAM MEMBERS8. Jan 2016, 14:008. Jan 2016, 15:30
E001HIGH VALUE EMPLOYEES8. Jan 2016, 14:008. Jan 2016, 17:30
M002HOW TO BE AN INSPIRING & MOTIVATING MANAGER13. Jan 2016, 09:0013. Jan 2016, 17:00
S018PHONE POWER  New14. Jan 2016, 09:0014. Jan 2016, 17:00
M008THE MANAGER AS CHALLENGER14. Jan 2016, 09:0014. Jan 2016, 12:30
M009HOW TO COACH AND MENTOR EFFECTIVELY20. Jan 2016, 09:0020. Jan 2016, 17:00
S008SUCCESSFUL SALES MANAGEMENT21. Jan 2016, 09:0021. Jan 2016, 17:00