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18 Oct 2015

There Are No Lazy People, Only People With Lousy Dreams

There are no lazy people, only people with lousy dreams. Dreams are lousy when:
  • It depends on luck 100%, like striking a lottery
  • It is selfish, like getting rich and make a lot of money for yourself only
  • It is bad for mankind, like be a king in the casino industry

It appears that most people have dreams that depend on 100% luck, they are lousy because there is no effort on the individual. Life is a random chance of success, so why work hard?  That is why these people become lazy. To correct these people and make them not lazy, it is important that we inspire them to have their own dreams. What are 'not lousy' dreams?  They are dreams that inspire you.

Dreams will inspire you when:

  1. It pulls you forward, because you are doing what people consider as impossible
  2. It is not just about you, it is about other people too
  3. It is not something that can be achieved without much effort
  4. It is something that you have never thought of before
In short, a dream is inspiring when is something that excites you and is totally aligned with your values and aspirations. Happy dreaming! 

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