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25 Oct 2015

How to Fish for Success in 5 Ways

When your men come to you looking for answers to their problems, do you give them the fish or you teach them how to fish? When you give them the fish, they deprive themselves the chance to learn. Instead of leveraging on you, they rely on you. But when you teach them how to fish, they become leaders too. There are 5 ways to teach people how to fish:
  1. Look for obvious and most pivotal answers to problems. Don't beat around the bush trying to cure symptoms of problems. Instead go to the root of the problem and look for permanent solutions. Like the solution to sales is not to look for new prospects, but to improve your offering first
  2. Go for the kill, be daring and go all the way. Most followers like to do things step by step. But leaders know that it is more productive to take a few steps forward at one go than to take one step at a time and lose momentum along the way. Like in sales, the 3 steps to take to get more customers are to prospect more, prospect deeper and prospect wider
  3. Ask questions no matter what. Resist the temptation to dish our solutions when asked. Instead, ask your followers, "What do you think?"
  4. Challenge your team members to do the opposite of what most people do. When you do the opposite, you expand your thinking and you will achieve breakthrough
  5. Teach them leadership. For it is far more profitable to lead leaders than to lead follower

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