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4 Oct 2015

Art of Consultative Selling Explained

Imagine your company has just launched the newest product that has killer features. You were so excited and went out all the way to inform everyone about this. Yet one by one, your customers started to give you objections and rejections. It seems that your customers are only interested in price and nothing else!

Should you give up or go back to improve your product further?  Or do you improve the way you sell?
If the above scenario describes you and your company, you are doing what my mentor Andy Ferrari Norman said, hard selling.  As much as 80% of salespeople do hard selling. We all know that hard selling only produces hard rejection or hard objection from your customers. What you need to do is Heart Selling.
How to sell from your heart?  Do you have to go out and cry to get sympathy buys?  Truth be told, the best way to do heart selling is to simply consult the customer, that is, do consultative selling.
Consultative Selling is defined as heart selling that connects with the customer and with the purpose of solving his problem.  It is like the doctor who always do consultation before he dispenses any solution (medicine) to the patient. And of course the doctor must connect with the customer or the customer will not share openly with the doctor. The doctor gets the customer to open up with him by showing concern and having a real connection with him.
Whether you have been selling all your life or you are new in sales, you need to move from hard selling to heart selling. Master the art of consultative selling and you’ll see your sales soar, guaranteed.  
Art of Consultative Selling
Date: 7 Oct 2015 Wed 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: The Plaza 02-346, 7500A Beach Road
Fee: $398 each, $299 each for 2 and above, $199 each for 5 & above
Power-packed Contents with Secrets Revealed…

  1. Problem with most salespeople: Hard Selling instead of Heart Selling
  2. Heart Selling defined: Solve Problem and Connecting with people
  3. The Doctor’s 4-Ways to Solve Problems
  4. Uncovering customers’ Needs and Wants
  5. The SNAP Selling to Consultative Selling
  6. Question Funnel and Yes Question technique
  7. Rejection Therapy Success
  8. Secret Art of War to Close All Sales
  9. Overcoming Prejudice with Education
  10. How to Sell Your Weakness
  11. Getting people to switch vendor to You
  12. The Ultimate in Sales: Start with Why
  (Note: This course uses videos, case studies and role play)
* Bonus 1: Sure-win Scripts to Close Every  Sale
* Bonus 2: 69 Ways to Handle Sales Objections


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