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27 May 2018

Why Must Increase Friends First

Many people are eager to do marketing on WeChat once they learn WeChat. 

Some trainers teach you to set up your own Official Account (OA) so that you can do daily broadcast. I have a student that paid $1,500 to a trainer consultant to set up an OA for her. To-date her OA has 3 followers. 

Other trainers teach you to do beautiful flyers and post them on WeChat Moments. There is a trainer from China who teaches you to quickly go to QQ accounts and add people from there as your WeChat friends. 

I Andy Ng will NEVER teach you the above ways. Reasons: 
  1. If you have very few friends on WeChat, even if you have a very impressive Official Account (OA), few will follow your OA. In no time you will have no motivation and reason to do daily updates on your OA. This is despite you spending up to $450 to learn how to create your own OA. Some even paid $3,000 to create a so-called China OA and have very few followers 
  2. For Moments posts, if you have very few friends, even if you have very beautiful posters, few will read your Moments. In no time you will give up posting on Moments. So my friend, wake up. Don't be lured by shortcuts to WeChat Marketing. The first step to market on WeChat is to increase your WeChat friends. My experience is that you need minimum 1,000 friends before you can embark on OA, QQ and Moments flyers marketing. 
For quick and easy ways to increase your WeChat friends, read my other article or text to me Andy at 8201 4347. Thanks and kindly forward this article to your friends if you find this useful. Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

23 May 2018

Getting Real Business from WeChat is About This

I was at Suntec on 21 May 2018 with 2,500 people at IMDA event: Singapore Digital Industry seminar. Digital is now the priority of our government.

WeChat is, of course, a digital economy. The question is how and when are you getting real business from WeChat?

First, you need to build up your base of contacts on WeChat. To do meaningful marketing, you need to have at least 1,500 WeChat contacts

Next, you need to build up your fan base on WeChat. A fan is a contact that responds to your posts on WeChat 50% of the time. So now go back to your Moments posts and tag those friends that click like and comments on your Moments posts

The 3rd step is to communicate deeper with these WeChat fans via message broadcast.  You can invite them to join your Groupchat which is a special group where you can provide even more value to them.

Note that the key to WeChat Marketing is via deep and regular contacts. It is about adding value to people's lives, not promoting yourself. It is not about advertising to your contacts. If you are not sure what value to offer to your WeChat contacts and fans, ask me. To-date, I have offered more than 50 advice to my WeChat class students on what value to offer. Let me know. Thanks.  Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

7 Lessons I Learn in Using WeChat

  1.  I need to learn how to swim and float in the ocean of WeChat, and not be afraid of the waves and pressures.  For example, if I am not getting enough leads and sales from WeChat, I must see this as a wave for me to overcome, and not be drowned by it
  2. WeChat is not a battle but a game to be played.  So must explore it with fun!
  3. If there are any problems in any area, it means my attention is not enough in that area.  For example, if my Moments posts are not getting enough likes and comments, it means I am not posting quality posts due to lack of attention to it
  4.  All the fears, worries and doubts about using WeChat must be eradicated, for they will stop you from progressing. The best way to eradicate them is to accept them and see how you can contribute to resolving them.  Take first steps first
  5. Understand that the entire universe plays a part in WeChat, from internet speed, phone’s storage, social environment, culture etc.  So my goal is to how to draw from all forces of nature and put them into use in WeChat.  For example, if I am good in Sun Tzu Art of War, I see how to incorporate Sun Tzu strategies and stratagems into WeChat
  6. Everything is about relationships, and WeChat is no exception.  The first relationship that I must improve in WeChat is my relationship with my friends.  I must continuously add value to their lives to improve the relationships
  7. How can I achieve breakthroughs in WeChat?  Share me your views!  Thanks for reading this article.  Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

22 May 2018

Top 12 Ways People Use WeChat Wrongly

Although WeChat has been around for 7 years, and there are 1.1 billion users worldwide, many people still use WeChat wrongly.  The top 12 ways people use WeChat wrongly are:

1. Facebook first, then Instagram, next LinkedIn, if got time then WeChat. 

These people treat WeChat like an after-thought.  Solution: Link your WeChat to Facebook, then all your WeChat Moments posts will become FB's newsfeeds automatically!  To do this you must start posting on WeChat then FB

2. Never join any groupchats at all.  

My friend said that he cannot stand the non-stop notifications of the numerous posts in groupchats.  Solution: Silence all notifications.  Join groupchats to know more people and once you have added them as your WeChat friends, you can exit the groupchats if you don't find them useful

3. Never use Chinese at all

My friend only types in English and he posts everything on WeChat in English.  Solution: Use Google translate and try to post in Chinese too.  The reason is 80% of WeChat users use only Chinese and if you don't post in English you are missing out a lot of people. 

4. Never use 'People Nearby' feature to add new friends.  

This is so powerful yet a waste if you don't use it. From here I get clients too

5. Never explore beyond WeChat page.  

We know there are 4 main pages on WeChat yet many people did not know the existence of Discover page other than Moments.  Solution: Spend more time at Discover page and you will discover great things

6. Never set WeChat ID 

They let the system set for you using computer codes. Solution: Go to Me page, click your own name, then set your ID properly

7. Never use Translate function, thus missing out on all the posts

8. Did not know there is such a thing called Favourite, 

Favourite can store up to 2 GB of data on WeChat.  In fact, I use Favourite to take meeting notes and even record my own seminars!  Try it for yourself now

9. Keep on scrolling the screen

Everyone knows it is very frustrating to scroll pages on a tiny handphone.  To search for certain information in a chat, use the search function.  For Moments search,  go to the search button and select 'Moments' in your search.  Try to search for 'WeChat Training' under 'information' and you may even find my course!

10. Never organize WeChat contacts

With no organization, you cannot find people as many people use alias or nicknames in WeChat.  For me, a simple way to separate the China people from the rest is to use only Chinese names for China people

11. Treat WeChat as their PA

PA is not a personal assistant but persistent advertisements!  Your account will be suspended in no time!

12. Never comment and respond to people's posts in Moments and groupchats.  

Over time, people think you don't exist and will delete your contact as their contact list reaches the limit of 5,000.  Solution: Respond.  Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

20 May 2018

Groupchats: Boom or Bane?

Some people read my previous article about how groupchats can increase sales easily for a watch shop and asked me this question: Since groupchats are so powerful, why are people not using them for business?

The reason is very simple: it is very easy to form groupchats, but maintaining groupchats is one of the hardest things in the world.  You need many months of patience and perseverance if you want to make groupchats your profit centre.

Before that, let's look at a more basic topic: how people use groupchats wrongly and passively.  There are 12 things that people do wrongly on groupchats, see if you make any of them (or all of them):
  1. Send good morning photos and greetings EVERY DAY
  2. Send too much information, making scrolling difficult
  3. Group names not unique, making retrieval difficult
  4. As the group admin, you did not set the groupchat rules.  Even if rules are set, do you enforce the rules and dare to delete people that break the rules?
  5. Allow members to send birthday greetings when the group has more than 20 members
  6. Cannot tell the difference between groupchat contacts and groupchat fans, thus cannot have targeted marketing
  7. You did not position yourself in the groupchat.  You are too 'me-too' with just a name and vocation
  8. Spead fake news and news from authorities, which are sometimes fake too
  9. Chats about politics, sex and religion
  10. Group admin has no control over the group.  In the case of Whatsapp groups, too many group admins
  11. Reveal too much personal information in the groupchats, thus making people wary of sharing in groupchats
  12. Allow the wrong type of people to join your groupchats.  Sometimes group admins are not aware that people have sneaked into your group and took away your contacts and information
If you too want to make groupchats your profit centre, you need to start to learn how to form and maintain good groupchats.  We shall discuss this in our next articles.  Thanks for reading.  By Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer. Related articles (click on title to read):
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  10. Mini program is not mini at all
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How Groupchats Bring Sales for My Friend's Watch Shop

Many people see groupchats as a waste of time.  There are far too many irrelevant messages, videos and photos and yet we cannot delete them for we depend on groupchats in our life.  In another article, I talked about what to do to make groupchats useful.  Today let's focus on how groupchats can help a retailer: my friend's Watch Shop.

As we know, retail rent is high so most retailers at best make 2% to 5% of net profit on sales.  If we factor in the long hours, the net profit is simply not there.  How can we use groupchats to improve the net profit of retailers?

First, we form Groupchats under WeChat and Whatsapp and print out the groupchat's QR codes. If you don't know how to do this, please message me here.

1.  Scan to Join

For everyone that passes by our shop, we ask them to scan our groupchat QR code to immediately enjoy a free drink worth $9.90 and immediate 20% discount on our watches.   We use both Whatsapp and Wechat QR codes, simply because not everyone uses WeChat and even if they use, most are not regular WeChat users.  So we have also use Whatsapp.

If the scanning rate is not 100%, we offer small gifts worth $20 to entice them.  Note that by doing this, the passer-by is giving us permission to contact him.  If you want to be safe from PDPA rules, you can ask them to sign a form.

2. Capture Data

When they scan our QR code, they join our groupchats.  From here we capture their mobile numbers (for Whatsapp only as WeChat does not display mobile numbers), name, photo and some of their particulars (which we uncover when we go inside their WeChat Moments)

3. Group People Further

Next, we group the people inside the groupchats into man and woman, for we have different products for them.  We may also group the people further by age if necessary.

4. Give Value

From here on, we offer valuable information related to watches, clocks, digital clocks, and also on time management and personal development.  With such value, people will stay inside the groupchats.

5. KEEP NO SELLING for 2 Weeks

By doing the above, plus offering free products and huge discounts on selected products, we will attract more people to join the groupchats.  Of course we encourage our groupchat members to invite their friends to join by offering freebies.  We will continue doing this for 2 weeks and will not ask people to buy anything YET.

6. Get Sales

After 2 weeks, the groupchats would have stabilised and we can start promoting our products and ask for the sale.  To speed up sales closing, we offer payment via mobile phones, eg. NETS mobile, Paypal links, IPAYME, WeChat Pay, Alipay and other payment gateways.  We also offer FREE delivery for purchases above $100. .

By doing the above, we capture a whole lot of customers and prospects data, plus getting new sales and repeat sales.  Imagine each day we can capture 25 people, we will have 9,100 databases in a year.  Surely this database alone will be worth at least tens of thousands, right?

17 May 2018

Sun Tzu Art of War and WeChat

Some people commented that learning WeChat is too technical and dry.  In my courses I said that WeChat is a Chinese tool.  That day one student asked me how to use Sun Tzu Art of War, a famous Chinese wisdom, in using WeChat. 

Sun Tzu said that there are 5 elements in the Art of War: Dao, Jiang, Tian, Di and Fa

1. Dao: Purpose. What is your purpose for using WeChat?  If it is just to sell to the people from China, you have a selfish purpose and people will not buy this idea.  To me using WeChat is to go back to my roots, not just as a Chinese, but as a human.  This is because WeChat is a human tool.  WeChat is the only tool that you can connect with people on a personal basis, with personal touch but without physical touch. WhatsApp can also do this, but it has less tools than WeChat

2.  Jiang: Leadership.  You can use WeChat as a leader and not as a follower.  For me I use WeChat to make myself a leader by forming WeChat Groups.  As the group's one and only group admin, I am the leader.  Leadership is defined not just by forming groups but by people following and want to join your groups.  For example, since forming this groupchat called 'Learn WeChat Every Day' two days ago, I have attracted close to 50 members, of which 10 are people that I don't know at all.  

Today I exercised my leader's power by kicking one member out of the group when he did not follow the rules and posted advertisements.  

3. Tian or Climate.  Sun Tzu said that you must create the right climate in order to win without fighting. I created the right climate in my groupchats by focusing on learning and nothing else.  I also forbid negative talks and focused on fundamentals like values.  Isn't this the right climate of a good leader?

4. Di or Support.  To win without fighting, Sun Tzu said you must get ground support.  My ground support is the 5 teachers that I learnt from WeChat online courses and they gave me strong encouragement to spread the knowledge of WeChat.  Whatever I learnt from China's WeChat teachers, I teach to my students and groupchats. 

5. Fa or Methods.  To win in war, Sun Tzu said that you must have efficient and effective methods.  In WeChat I only use 3 methods to win me over 2,562 friends in less than a year: MBG or Moments Broadcast Groupchats. Let me know if you want to know how to use the MBG method. 

15 May 2018

Thinking in the Clouds

The original knowledge is stored in the books and in the minds of great thinkers.  The current knowledge is stored in the cloud and online.  What happens is this: the certainty of knowledge is reduced when the total amount of knowledge has increased. 

In the past, problems were clear and only good answers were missing.  Now, the answer is all in the cloud (online), but do you have a right or good question?  For when you ask the wrong question, you will get wrong answers and that can be devastating. 

Like many people asked me how they can use WeChat to sell to the people from China.  That is a wrong question because this question presumes people from China will buy from you when you use WeChat.  A better question will be "How do I reach out to the China people and make friends with them even when I am in Singapore?"  To do that you can try 8 ways to add China people as your friends.   

Back to our topic.  As I learnt from this new book "Era of Cloud", people have become more and more ignorant.  They spread fake news like true news.  They believe what is on the internet and not use their own thinking and judge.  Many people today still believe that airlines give out free air tickets and drinking water from disposable cups will cause cancer.

It is okay to be ignorant. It is NOT OK to be ignorant of your own ignorance. This means don't know what you don't know and yet appear to know. 

So my friend, in this new era, because everything is stored in the cloud and we don't need to remember anything, we need to master one skill: thinking in the clouds.  We must think by asking the right question to the cloud.  That is intelligence.

Written by Andy Ng, a WeChat Sales Coach.  Andy often dispenses little wisdom in his class, like he proclaimed that WeChat has a million features and most people only know of 28 features.  Next WhatsApp Marketing class is on this Friday 18 May 2 to 5.30 pm.  The next WeChat Marketing class is on Saturday 19 May 9.30 am to 1 pm.   To get your special offer, text to Andy at 8201-4347

WhatsApp Marketing

Date: 25 May 2018 Friday 2 to 5.30 pm
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You use your smartphone so much every day that your battery often drains out. You realize that the app that you spend the most time on every day is not Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn or Instagram but Whatsapp. Studies show that on average, people in Singapore and Asia (other than China) spend an average of 2.18 hours a day on Whatsapp.

The question is not is whether the time spent on Whatsapp is worthwhile or not. The question is how can we Make Money with Whataspp? How can we use Whatsapp to do marketing and get more sales, reach out to strangers and build our brand?

If you too want to start making money from Whatsapp, come for this rare course: WhatsApp Marketing.  This training is 100% hands-on, that is, you do the lesson INSIDE the class. 

Contents covered include:
  1. What Whatsapp can do that Facebook, Linkedin, WeChat and Instagram cannot do
  2. The 7-stage cycle from Target Market to Enquirers, to Customers, to Repeat Customers, to Members, to Referrals and finally to Raving Fans
  3. Five Ways to Market on WhatsApp at zero cost with zero software
  4. Using WhatsApp ‘Status’ to get business
  5. Position right with your profile photo, name, whats-up and vision statement
  6. How to increase your WhatsApp contacts by 50 people a day easily
  7. Know how to send Message Broadcast daily
  8. Make your own 30-seconds videos and use Whatsapp to brand yourself
  9. The 5 Steps to use Groupchats for Marketing: Form Your Group, Set Your Rules, Welcome new members, Serve all members and Engage all members
  10. Five strategies to use Whatsapp Groupchats for business
  11. What to NOT DO in Groupchats
  12. How to craft messages that people will love to forward
  13. How to come up with Irresistible Offers that give 10 times Value to customers
  14. The danger of Fake news and how avoid being caught in fake news
  15. WhatsApp admin: backup, message delete, security and attach files 
  16. Top 20 strategies to get good WhatsApp prospects and clients
  17. Bonus: Introduction to WeChat, the Whatsapp tool for China people
To register, visit 

11 May 2018

WeChat Conversion

Among WeChat questions, I am often asked how can one broadcast his flyers and advertisements to the most number of people on WeChat.  Some people asked me how to increase their WeChat friends quickly so that their advertisements can reach out to the biggest number of people in the shortest time.  There are 2 fundamental issues to address here: Conversion and Reach.

Conversion is the number of people that you can convert from WeChat friends to your prospects or customers.  For example, if I have 2,500 WeChat friends and I close 2 sales from my WeChat posts, my conversion rate is 0.8%.  Reach is the number of people that I reach.  Using the above 0.2% conversion rate, if I can increase my WeChat friends to 5,000, I can reach 5,000 x 0.2% or 4 people.

So the question is how do I increase both my Conversion and Reach on WeChat?

Today let's look at Conversion first assuming the same number of Reach. To increase Conversion you have to increase either or both the quality of your Reach and Conversion.  Needless to say, if your WeChat friends are of high quality that like you, your Conversion will be higher compared to another that person has a low quality of WeChat friends.

So the first thing to do to Increase WeChat Conversion is to have high-quality WeChat friends.

The second thing to do is to Increase the Quality of your Reach.  As we know, the most effective marketing is where people are not told to buy but are motivated and inspired to buy. this is called sell without selling. Just look at the various branding advertisements done by McDonalds' and Oppo and you will know what I am talking about.  On the other hand, plain advertisements touting how good Oppo R15 is are seldom seen because they are simply not effective.

So the Best way to Increase the Quality of Your Reach is to have Messages that Inspire and Motivate people to buy, not advertisements. 

How to write Messages that Inspire and Motivate People to Buy?  Message to me or wait for our next article on this.

Written by Andy Ng, Business Coach and Trainer of WeChat and other sales programs.  The next 4-weeks WeChat Sales Coaching Program starts from May 22, 2018.  It is on 4 Wednesdays 2 to 5.30 pm on May 23, May 30, June 6 and June 13.  The special fee of $599 for one person or $399 each for 2 persons is available for people that are already familiar with WeChat.  If you want to learn the power of WeChat and its 28 unique features, come for our Power of WeChat course on next Tuesday 22 May 2 to 5.30 pm.  Special 67% discount at only $99 (vs usual $298) applies to all readers of this post.  Text to Andy at 8201-4347 for details. Thank you for reading this article. Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

9 May 2018

How to Resume Being Active on WeChat

Since teaching WeChat in August 2017, I have taught over 54 WeChat classes, big and small.  Many of my students were not sure what WeChat is and now they all know how to use it.  Some of them went on to become Wechatpreneurs, while others remain as active WeChat users.  There are some, and it could include you that are reading this article now, that were active on WeChat after the class but did not sustain and become inactive WeChat users now.   This articles talks about how you can resume becoming an active WeChat user in 5 ways:
  1. Link Facebook to WeChat.  Usually, people are active on Facebook but not on WeChat. To be active on WeChat you need to link your Facebook account to WeChat so that all your posts on WeChat will automatically be posted on Facebook.  To do this, go to your 'Me' page, then 'Settings', then 'Account Security', and select 'More Security', then Link Facebook.
  2. Start to post your Moments in Chinese.  Don't worry about people not able to read Chinese because there is a translation function in WeChat that can translate 21 languages to English, the language of your phone.  The reason to post in Chinese is that the English speaking people are not as active on WeChat than the Chinese speaking ones, so to get likes or comments on your Moments post you need to post in Chinese.  If you worry that your Chinese is no good, don't worry.  Just post and your Chinese will improve after 3 months of such posting.
  3. Share your Inner Feelings and People Will Love You.  When you share not advertisements but feelings, people will start to like you. When they like you, they will follow what you post.  Soon they will comment and respond to your call for action.  
  4. Share short videos too.  Videos show people that you are creative and there are variations in your posts
  5. Like and Comment on Other People's Moments. This will bring you likes and comments on your Moments too.  Try this now: like this post NOW and another 5 posts on Moments. In 1 day you will get 3 more likes for your Moments.  
Written by Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Coaching Training.  Next 55th Power of WeChat class is on this Saturday 12 May 2018 9.30 am to 1 pm.  Special 67% discount for selected 5 readers of this article.  Message to me Andy at 8201-4347 to get your discount or click here

2 May 2018

Get Quick Sales on WeChat is Now Possible with These 5 Ways

Many of my blog readers and students are now aware of the vast opportunities offered by WeChat. A common question asked by some of my students is this: are there fast and easy ways to get sales on WeChat.  Indeed, WeChat is a lucrative and fast tool, otherwise, why would I be using it every day?  Today I shall reveal to all the 5 ways to get quick sales from WeChat with zero advertising: 

Offer on your WeChat Moments a one-off special deal, like 85% discount. Ask them to share this news with their friends on their Moments and in their Groupchats.  You can also do a Message Broadcast on this special deal. 

Last Monday 30 April 2018, I offered a 67% discount on my WeChat course in a Moments post.  Within 3 hours I received an enquiry for an in-house training for 11 persons.  I successfully conducted the training on  Friday 4 May 2018.  Time-limit special deal really works fast! 

On 1 May 2018, I bought a seminar ticket to this Saturday 5 May 2018 Jewish Business Wisdom seminar from my WeChat friend.  He immediately bought from me a WeChat course and asked me to offer a time-limit special deal to his participants this Saturday. Indeed what you want, you give it away first, and you will get what you want fast.  This is the Diamond Cutter principle of reciprocation! 

I don't under-promise and over-deliver as what most trainers teach.  In fact, I over-promise and over-deliver when I conduct trainings, whether they are paid trainings or free previews or events. 

I remembered on 11 April 2018, I gave to the 24 Propnex property agents a $999 value for a free 2-hour WeChat preview.  I did zero selling in the preview and just concentrated on teaching them the most. After the preview I put the 24 participants in my Groupchat and informed them of the next WeChat class.  Within 2 days, 3 of them signed up for my WeChat classes. 


You can tap into the power of this GMB: Groupchat-Moments-Broadcast. 

I first set up a Groupchat and invite people to join to learn for free WeChat tips.  When the group is formed with an initial of just 5 people, I post on Moments the Groupchat's QR code and invite people to join the Groupchat.  For the people that joined the Groupchat, I send them message broadcast.  From this 3-way method, I got 2 sales.

Meipian is a mini program within WeChat that works like a blog where you can put in pictures, music and videos.  To-date, I have written 5 articles about WeChat on Meipian.  The article with the most read is "The Only Reason to Use WeChat".  When I posted this Meipian in Moments, some people forwarded it to their friends.  From here I get contacts and turned them into sales.  The whole process from writing Meipian to getting the sale takes me 3 days.

If you too want to learn how to use WeChat like a pro and get real sales from this hot trend, enrol for our next Power of WeChat course on 8 May 2018 Tuesday 2 to 5.45 pm.  Special 80% discount for 5 pax and above.   If you only have one person, you can get a 67% discount. For details, visit here

1 May 2018

How to Increase Your WeChat Friends Quickly

Before learning about WeChat, 90% of my students think that WeChat is a very slow tool. Compared with Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp, adding friends on WeChat takes longer. But to me making WeChat friends is very easy. 

Take me as an example. In April 2017, I had only 480 WeChat friends. Today (21 May 2018), I have 2,609 friends. There are many ways to quickly increase your WeChat friends, but I find this method to be the most effective.

The method is not advertising but to share my innermost feelings on WeChat.  This is because most people are sick and tired of advertising and prefer to hear real voices. What can be more real and touching than your own voice?

I send three to five messages a day on Wechat Moments, 1 to 2 messages to my group chats, and broadcast 1 to 2 messages a week. 

Because of what I do, there is on average 5 people who want to add me as friends on WeChat every day.  This is how I add 1,600 friends a year.

What do I share on WeChat that make people want to add me as friends? I offer value in all my messages. 

There are five kinds of sharing that people find value:

1. Knowledge of WeChat and WeChat Innovations. People who use WeChat may not know much about WeChat, so I educate everyone about WeChat

2. Cheap and good food and supplies. I only introduce food and supplies that are affordable, such as hawker centre meals and high value low-cost mobile phones

3. Stories of motivation and human spirit, such as how many students I have touched today and what breakthroughs they have made

4. Simple pleasures of life, such as movies, scenery, travel, family meals, music and fun activities with friends.

5. In-depth articles and interesting new knowledge, including free seminars, networking events or trainings with special offers, like 67% discount on my WeChat courses.

By Andy Ng, Trainer of WeChat in 3 languages. Next course is on Wednesday 23 May 2 to 5.30 pm. Special 67-80% discount for You, details at