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9 May 2018

How to Resume Being Active on WeChat

Since teaching WeChat in August 2017, I have taught over 54 WeChat classes, big and small.  Many of my students were not sure what WeChat is and now they all know how to use it.  Some of them went on to become Wechatpreneurs, while others remain as active WeChat users.  There are some, and it could include you that are reading this article now, that were active on WeChat after the class but did not sustain and become inactive WeChat users now.   This articles talks about how you can resume becoming an active WeChat user in 5 ways:
  1. Link Facebook to WeChat.  Usually, people are active on Facebook but not on WeChat. To be active on WeChat you need to link your Facebook account to WeChat so that all your posts on WeChat will automatically be posted on Facebook.  To do this, go to your 'Me' page, then 'Settings', then 'Account Security', and select 'More Security', then Link Facebook.
  2. Start to post your Moments in Chinese.  Don't worry about people not able to read Chinese because there is a translation function in WeChat that can translate 21 languages to English, the language of your phone.  The reason to post in Chinese is that the English speaking people are not as active on WeChat than the Chinese speaking ones, so to get likes or comments on your Moments post you need to post in Chinese.  If you worry that your Chinese is no good, don't worry.  Just post and your Chinese will improve after 3 months of such posting.
  3. Share your Inner Feelings and People Will Love You.  When you share not advertisements but feelings, people will start to like you. When they like you, they will follow what you post.  Soon they will comment and respond to your call for action.  
  4. Share short videos too.  Videos show people that you are creative and there are variations in your posts
  5. Like and Comment on Other People's Moments. This will bring you likes and comments on your Moments too.  Try this now: like this post NOW and another 5 posts on Moments. In 1 day you will get 3 more likes for your Moments.  
Written by Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach at Asia Coaching Training.  Next 55th Power of WeChat class is on this Saturday 12 May 2018 9.30 am to 1 pm.  Special 67% discount for selected 5 readers of this article.  Message to me Andy at 8201-4347 to get your discount or click here

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