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1 May 2018

How to Increase Your WeChat Friends Quickly

Before learning about WeChat, 90% of my students think that WeChat is a very slow tool. Compared with Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp, adding friends on WeChat takes longer. But to me making WeChat friends is very easy. 

Take me as an example. In April 2017, I had only 480 WeChat friends. Today (21 May 2018), I have 2,609 friends. There are many ways to quickly increase your WeChat friends, but I find this method to be the most effective.

The method is not advertising but to share my innermost feelings on WeChat.  This is because most people are sick and tired of advertising and prefer to hear real voices. What can be more real and touching than your own voice?

I send three to five messages a day on Wechat Moments, 1 to 2 messages to my group chats, and broadcast 1 to 2 messages a week. 

Because of what I do, there is on average 5 people who want to add me as friends on WeChat every day.  This is how I add 1,600 friends a year.

What do I share on WeChat that make people want to add me as friends? I offer value in all my messages. 

There are five kinds of sharing that people find value:

1. Knowledge of WeChat and WeChat Innovations. People who use WeChat may not know much about WeChat, so I educate everyone about WeChat

2. Cheap and good food and supplies. I only introduce food and supplies that are affordable, such as hawker centre meals and high value low-cost mobile phones

3. Stories of motivation and human spirit, such as how many students I have touched today and what breakthroughs they have made

4. Simple pleasures of life, such as movies, scenery, travel, family meals, music and fun activities with friends.

5. In-depth articles and interesting new knowledge, including free seminars, networking events or trainings with special offers, like 67% discount on my WeChat courses.

By Andy Ng, Trainer of WeChat in 3 languages. Next course is on Wednesday 23 May 2 to 5.30 pm. Special 67-80% discount for You, details at

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