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17 May 2018

Sun Tzu Art of War and WeChat

Some people commented that learning WeChat is too technical and dry.  In my courses I said that WeChat is a Chinese tool.  That day one student asked me how to use Sun Tzu Art of War, a famous Chinese wisdom, in using WeChat. 

Sun Tzu said that there are 5 elements in the Art of War: Dao, Jiang, Tian, Di and Fa

1. Dao: Purpose. What is your purpose for using WeChat?  If it is just to sell to the people from China, you have a selfish purpose and people will not buy this idea.  To me using WeChat is to go back to my roots, not just as a Chinese, but as a human.  This is because WeChat is a human tool.  WeChat is the only tool that you can connect with people on a personal basis, with personal touch but without physical touch. WhatsApp can also do this, but it has less tools than WeChat

2.  Jiang: Leadership.  You can use WeChat as a leader and not as a follower.  For me I use WeChat to make myself a leader by forming WeChat Groups.  As the group's one and only group admin, I am the leader.  Leadership is defined not just by forming groups but by people following and want to join your groups.  For example, since forming this groupchat called 'Learn WeChat Every Day' two days ago, I have attracted close to 50 members, of which 10 are people that I don't know at all.  

Today I exercised my leader's power by kicking one member out of the group when he did not follow the rules and posted advertisements.  

3. Tian or Climate.  Sun Tzu said that you must create the right climate in order to win without fighting. I created the right climate in my groupchats by focusing on learning and nothing else.  I also forbid negative talks and focused on fundamentals like values.  Isn't this the right climate of a good leader?

4. Di or Support.  To win without fighting, Sun Tzu said you must get ground support.  My ground support is the 5 teachers that I learnt from WeChat online courses and they gave me strong encouragement to spread the knowledge of WeChat.  Whatever I learnt from China's WeChat teachers, I teach to my students and groupchats. 

5. Fa or Methods.  To win in war, Sun Tzu said that you must have efficient and effective methods.  In WeChat I only use 3 methods to win me over 2,562 friends in less than a year: MBG or Moments Broadcast Groupchats. Let me know if you want to know how to use the MBG method. 

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