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15 May 2018

Thinking in the Clouds

The original knowledge is stored in the books and in the minds of great thinkers.  The current knowledge is stored in the cloud and online.  What happens is this: the certainty of knowledge is reduced when the total amount of knowledge has increased. 

In the past, problems were clear and only good answers were missing.  Now, the answer is all in the cloud (online), but do you have a right or good question?  For when you ask the wrong question, you will get wrong answers and that can be devastating. 

Like many people asked me how they can use WeChat to sell to the people from China.  That is a wrong question because this question presumes people from China will buy from you when you use WeChat.  A better question will be "How do I reach out to the China people and make friends with them even when I am in Singapore?"  To do that you can try 8 ways to add China people as your friends.   

Back to our topic.  As I learnt from this new book "Era of Cloud", people have become more and more ignorant.  They spread fake news like true news.  They believe what is on the internet and not use their own thinking and judge.  Many people today still believe that airlines give out free air tickets and drinking water from disposable cups will cause cancer.

It is okay to be ignorant. It is NOT OK to be ignorant of your own ignorance. This means don't know what you don't know and yet appear to know. 

So my friend, in this new era, because everything is stored in the cloud and we don't need to remember anything, we need to master one skill: thinking in the clouds.  We must think by asking the right question to the cloud.  That is intelligence.

Written by Andy Ng, a WeChat Sales Coach.  Andy often dispenses little wisdom in his class, like he proclaimed that WeChat has a million features and most people only know of 28 features.  Next WhatsApp Marketing class is on this Friday 18 May 2 to 5.30 pm.  The next WeChat Marketing class is on Saturday 19 May 9.30 am to 1 pm.   To get your special offer, text to Andy at 8201-4347

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