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22 May 2018

Top 12 Ways People Use WeChat Wrongly

Although WeChat has been around for 7 years, and there are 1.1 billion users worldwide, many people still use WeChat wrongly.  The top 12 ways people use WeChat wrongly are:

1. Facebook first, then Instagram, next LinkedIn, if got time then WeChat. 

These people treat WeChat like an after-thought.  Solution: Link your WeChat to Facebook, then all your WeChat Moments posts will become FB's newsfeeds automatically!  To do this you must start posting on WeChat then FB

2. Never join any groupchats at all.  

My friend said that he cannot stand the non-stop notifications of the numerous posts in groupchats.  Solution: Silence all notifications.  Join groupchats to know more people and once you have added them as your WeChat friends, you can exit the groupchats if you don't find them useful

3. Never use Chinese at all

My friend only types in English and he posts everything on WeChat in English.  Solution: Use Google translate and try to post in Chinese too.  The reason is 80% of WeChat users use only Chinese and if you don't post in English you are missing out a lot of people. 

4. Never use 'People Nearby' feature to add new friends.  

This is so powerful yet a waste if you don't use it. From here I get clients too

5. Never explore beyond WeChat page.  

We know there are 4 main pages on WeChat yet many people did not know the existence of Discover page other than Moments.  Solution: Spend more time at Discover page and you will discover great things

6. Never set WeChat ID 

They let the system set for you using computer codes. Solution: Go to Me page, click your own name, then set your ID properly

7. Never use Translate function, thus missing out on all the posts

8. Did not know there is such a thing called Favourite, 

Favourite can store up to 2 GB of data on WeChat.  In fact, I use Favourite to take meeting notes and even record my own seminars!  Try it for yourself now

9. Keep on scrolling the screen

Everyone knows it is very frustrating to scroll pages on a tiny handphone.  To search for certain information in a chat, use the search function.  For Moments search,  go to the search button and select 'Moments' in your search.  Try to search for 'WeChat Training' under 'information' and you may even find my course!

10. Never organize WeChat contacts

With no organization, you cannot find people as many people use alias or nicknames in WeChat.  For me, a simple way to separate the China people from the rest is to use only Chinese names for China people

11. Treat WeChat as their PA

PA is not a personal assistant but persistent advertisements!  Your account will be suspended in no time!

12. Never comment and respond to people's posts in Moments and groupchats.  

Over time, people think you don't exist and will delete your contact as their contact list reaches the limit of 5,000.  Solution: Respond.  Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

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