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20 May 2018

How Groupchats Bring Sales for My Friend's Watch Shop

Many people see groupchats as a waste of time.  There are far too many irrelevant messages, videos and photos and yet we cannot delete them for we depend on groupchats in our life.  In another article, I talked about what to do to make groupchats useful.  Today let's focus on how groupchats can help a retailer: my friend's Watch Shop.

As we know, retail rent is high so most retailers at best make 2% to 5% of net profit on sales.  If we factor in the long hours, the net profit is simply not there.  How can we use groupchats to improve the net profit of retailers?

First, we form Groupchats under WeChat and Whatsapp and print out the groupchat's QR codes. If you don't know how to do this, please message me here.

1.  Scan to Join

For everyone that passes by our shop, we ask them to scan our groupchat QR code to immediately enjoy a free drink worth $9.90 and immediate 20% discount on our watches.   We use both Whatsapp and Wechat QR codes, simply because not everyone uses WeChat and even if they use, most are not regular WeChat users.  So we have also use Whatsapp.

If the scanning rate is not 100%, we offer small gifts worth $20 to entice them.  Note that by doing this, the passer-by is giving us permission to contact him.  If you want to be safe from PDPA rules, you can ask them to sign a form.

2. Capture Data

When they scan our QR code, they join our groupchats.  From here we capture their mobile numbers (for Whatsapp only as WeChat does not display mobile numbers), name, photo and some of their particulars (which we uncover when we go inside their WeChat Moments)

3. Group People Further

Next, we group the people inside the groupchats into man and woman, for we have different products for them.  We may also group the people further by age if necessary.

4. Give Value

From here on, we offer valuable information related to watches, clocks, digital clocks, and also on time management and personal development.  With such value, people will stay inside the groupchats.

5. KEEP NO SELLING for 2 Weeks

By doing the above, plus offering free products and huge discounts on selected products, we will attract more people to join the groupchats.  Of course we encourage our groupchat members to invite their friends to join by offering freebies.  We will continue doing this for 2 weeks and will not ask people to buy anything YET.

6. Get Sales

After 2 weeks, the groupchats would have stabilised and we can start promoting our products and ask for the sale.  To speed up sales closing, we offer payment via mobile phones, eg. NETS mobile, Paypal links, IPAYME, WeChat Pay, Alipay and other payment gateways.  We also offer FREE delivery for purchases above $100. .

By doing the above, we capture a whole lot of customers and prospects data, plus getting new sales and repeat sales.  Imagine each day we can capture 25 people, we will have 9,100 databases in a year.  Surely this database alone will be worth at least tens of thousands, right?

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