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15 May 2018

WhatsApp Marketing

Date: 25 May 2018 Friday 2 to 5.30 pm
Fee: $99 each or $199 for 3 OR $59 each for 5 pax

You use your smartphone so much every day that your battery often drains out. You realize that the app that you spend the most time on every day is not Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn or Instagram but Whatsapp. Studies show that on average, people in Singapore and Asia (other than China) spend an average of 2.18 hours a day on Whatsapp.

The question is not is whether the time spent on Whatsapp is worthwhile or not. The question is how can we Make Money with Whataspp? How can we use Whatsapp to do marketing and get more sales, reach out to strangers and build our brand?

If you too want to start making money from Whatsapp, come for this rare course: WhatsApp Marketing.  This training is 100% hands-on, that is, you do the lesson INSIDE the class. 

Contents covered include:
  1. What Whatsapp can do that Facebook, Linkedin, WeChat and Instagram cannot do
  2. The 7-stage cycle from Target Market to Enquirers, to Customers, to Repeat Customers, to Members, to Referrals and finally to Raving Fans
  3. Five Ways to Market on WhatsApp at zero cost with zero software
  4. Using WhatsApp ‘Status’ to get business
  5. Position right with your profile photo, name, whats-up and vision statement
  6. How to increase your WhatsApp contacts by 50 people a day easily
  7. Know how to send Message Broadcast daily
  8. Make your own 30-seconds videos and use Whatsapp to brand yourself
  9. The 5 Steps to use Groupchats for Marketing: Form Your Group, Set Your Rules, Welcome new members, Serve all members and Engage all members
  10. Five strategies to use Whatsapp Groupchats for business
  11. What to NOT DO in Groupchats
  12. How to craft messages that people will love to forward
  13. How to come up with Irresistible Offers that give 10 times Value to customers
  14. The danger of Fake news and how avoid being caught in fake news
  15. WhatsApp admin: backup, message delete, security and attach files 
  16. Top 20 strategies to get good WhatsApp prospects and clients
  17. Bonus: Introduction to WeChat, the Whatsapp tool for China people
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