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20 May 2018

Groupchats: Boom or Bane?

Some people read my previous article about how groupchats can increase sales easily for a watch shop and asked me this question: Since groupchats are so powerful, why are people not using them for business?

The reason is very simple: it is very easy to form groupchats, but maintaining groupchats is one of the hardest things in the world.  You need many months of patience and perseverance if you want to make groupchats your profit centre.

Before that, let's look at a more basic topic: how people use groupchats wrongly and passively.  There are 12 things that people do wrongly on groupchats, see if you make any of them (or all of them):
  1. Send good morning photos and greetings EVERY DAY
  2. Send too much information, making scrolling difficult
  3. Group names not unique, making retrieval difficult
  4. As the group admin, you did not set the groupchat rules.  Even if rules are set, do you enforce the rules and dare to delete people that break the rules?
  5. Allow members to send birthday greetings when the group has more than 20 members
  6. Cannot tell the difference between groupchat contacts and groupchat fans, thus cannot have targeted marketing
  7. You did not position yourself in the groupchat.  You are too 'me-too' with just a name and vocation
  8. Spead fake news and news from authorities, which are sometimes fake too
  9. Chats about politics, sex and religion
  10. Group admin has no control over the group.  In the case of Whatsapp groups, too many group admins
  11. Reveal too much personal information in the groupchats, thus making people wary of sharing in groupchats
  12. Allow the wrong type of people to join your groupchats.  Sometimes group admins are not aware that people have sneaked into your group and took away your contacts and information
If you too want to make groupchats your profit centre, you need to start to learn how to form and maintain good groupchats.  We shall discuss this in our next articles.  Thanks for reading.  By Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer. Related articles (click on title to read):
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