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27 May 2018

Why Must Increase Friends First

Many people are eager to do marketing on WeChat once they learn WeChat. 

Some trainers teach you to set up your own Official Account (OA) so that you can do daily broadcast. I have a student that paid $1,500 to a trainer consultant to set up an OA for her. To-date her OA has 3 followers. 

Other trainers teach you to do beautiful flyers and post them on WeChat Moments. There is a trainer from China who teaches you to quickly go to QQ accounts and add people from there as your WeChat friends. 

I Andy Ng will NEVER teach you the above ways. Reasons: 
  1. If you have very few friends on WeChat, even if you have a very impressive Official Account (OA), few will follow your OA. In no time you will have no motivation and reason to do daily updates on your OA. This is despite you spending up to $450 to learn how to create your own OA. Some even paid $3,000 to create a so-called China OA and have very few followers 
  2. For Moments posts, if you have very few friends, even if you have very beautiful posters, few will read your Moments. In no time you will give up posting on Moments. So my friend, wake up. Don't be lured by shortcuts to WeChat Marketing. The first step to market on WeChat is to increase your WeChat friends. My experience is that you need minimum 1,000 friends before you can embark on OA, QQ and Moments flyers marketing. 
For quick and easy ways to increase your WeChat friends, read my other article or text to me Andy at 8201 4347. Thanks and kindly forward this article to your friends if you find this useful. Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

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