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23 May 2018

7 Lessons I Learn in Using WeChat

  1.  I need to learn how to swim and float in the ocean of WeChat, and not be afraid of the waves and pressures.  For example, if I am not getting enough leads and sales from WeChat, I must see this as a wave for me to overcome, and not be drowned by it
  2. WeChat is not a battle but a game to be played.  So must explore it with fun!
  3. If there are any problems in any area, it means my attention is not enough in that area.  For example, if my Moments posts are not getting enough likes and comments, it means I am not posting quality posts due to lack of attention to it
  4.  All the fears, worries and doubts about using WeChat must be eradicated, for they will stop you from progressing. The best way to eradicate them is to accept them and see how you can contribute to resolving them.  Take first steps first
  5. Understand that the entire universe plays a part in WeChat, from internet speed, phone’s storage, social environment, culture etc.  So my goal is to how to draw from all forces of nature and put them into use in WeChat.  For example, if I am good in Sun Tzu Art of War, I see how to incorporate Sun Tzu strategies and stratagems into WeChat
  6. Everything is about relationships, and WeChat is no exception.  The first relationship that I must improve in WeChat is my relationship with my friends.  I must continuously add value to their lives to improve the relationships
  7. How can I achieve breakthroughs in WeChat?  Share me your views!  Thanks for reading this article.  Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

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