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28 Nov 2019

Your Mobile Number is NOT Important as Nobody Remembers It Anymore ,Right?

Everybody that is anybody has a mobile phone.  Everybody has at least one mobile phone number in their lives. 

Some people said that our mobile number is not important as nobody remembers it anymore. Everyone uses address book on their mobile phones to look for anybody, including their loved ones and people that they see and work with every day. So whether your mobile number is good or bad has little effect as you don't even know it, righjt?

Well, we all know that knowing something is not important. What is important is what NOT knowing will affect you.  If you think that your mobile number is not important, your mobile number will still affect you.  Imagine having a mobile number that is used by terrorists or criminals, the police will come after you, even though you don't know about it, right? 

So is it fair to assume that our mobile number is important, even though we may or may not know about its importance?  

Let's look at Yijing, the oldest Chinese classic that has inspired people for the last 5,000 years.  Yijing said that there are 8 trigrams, and there are also 8 digits that have meanings of their own. 

The digits 1, 2, 3 to 0 mean these in Yijing:
1 = Kanshui 坎水 Ridge Water
2 = Kuntu 坤土 Earth Soil
3 = Zhenmu 震木 Earthquake wood
4 = Xunmu 巽木 Obey wood
5 = Zhongyangtu 中央土 Central Soil
6 = Qianjin 乾金 Sky Metal
7 = Duijin 兑金 Exchange Metal
8 = Gentu 艮土 Cultivate Soil
9 = Lihuo 离火 Further Fire
0 = Zhongyangtu 中央土 Central soil

Based on the above, each digit represents different meanings. When we combine the digits, the results will be positive or negative.

For example, 12 is Kanshui and Kuntu, meaning ridge water destroys earth soil, so 12 is very negative. On the other hand, 13 is very positive because Ridge water is good for earth wood.

  • 18 is what most people consider as good, when here we can it is very bad or ferocious, as it is Ridge Water destroys Cultivate Soil.
From here you can see that we don't read each digit on its own but read digits in pairs. Each pair of digits will produce certain meanings, positive or negative.

The effects will be there and the longer you use your mobile number, the bigger is the effect. To know more if your mobile number is good or not, text to Andy at 93672286 for a FREE reading worth $168. Other related articles (click on the title or the url):

23 Nov 2019

No Ordinary Moments in WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments, No Ordinary Moments

       WeChat Moments is our social media page where our WeChat friends, and only our WeChat friends and not everyone (unlike Facebook and Instagram), can see what we post. 

       WeChat Moments is like your Facebook News Feeds, just that the readers are restricted to people that you have added as your WeChat friends, and not everyone as in Facebook.  You can post up to nine photos or one 10-seconds video in your Moments.  WeChat Moments also accepts posts that contain text only without any photos.  Hyperlinks and url shorterners are allowed.

       According to the company Tencent Holdings, 75% of WeChat users look at Moments every time they open up WeChat.   This amounts to 750 million people every day.  So if you don’t post in Moments, you are missing out on reaching out to potentially 750 million every day!

       When you post in your Moments every day, you are reaching out to your WeChat friends and you will stay within the top of mind recall for them.  In marketing, recall is everything.  For example, I am a trainer in WeChat.  I post in Moments regularly on latest updates to WeChat.  Three months following my post, I started to receive enquiries on WeChat courses because people see me as an expert in WeChat.  So I can testify that WeChat Moments is definitely a very useful way to market yourself.

       If you don’t post in Moments, or you do not post Moments every day, you are missing out a lot on this marketing. 

How to Post Moments:
       Go to Me page in WeChat
       Click on the album line
       Click on the top right line “My Moments”
       Click on the camera icon
       You can select photos from your phone’s photo album or simply take a photo
       Write something to describe your very moment in this post

21 Nov 2019

Which company makes money? Look at their hotlines! (Part 1)

Which company makes the most money? Just by looking at their published hotlines, we can get some hints. Today let's look at the 4 major electricity retailers in Singapore that cornered 80% market share in a crowded market of 12 electricity retailers: Keppel, Geneco, iSwitch and Tuas Power
  1. KEPPEL ELECTRIC 68033888
  2. GENECO 63636677
  3. ISWITCH 69559900
  4. TUAS POWER 68385565
680 Money gone
8033888 Platform continues and becomes big

This means that Keppel Electric put in lots of money into its platform. Indeed Keppel cornered 27% of the market share with 150,000 customers as of Oct 2019 (date per EMA). But note that Keppel has grown very big as its nearest rival Geneco only has 22% market share. BUT KEPPEL ELECTRIC has no wealth number, that means, it does not make money out of this business

GENECO 63636677
636366 Rapidly changing (4 times)
677 win lots of friends
This means that Geneco went through many changes in its business but managed to win business through friends. Indeed Geneco's customers are not from the company's marketing but from customers' referral program. Note that there is also no wealth number in Geneco's number. This means that Geneco does not make money

ISWITCH 69559900
There is only one number from here, and there are two zeros in the end. This number 69 is about INVESTMENT. This means that iSwitch invested lots of money into this business. There are two zeros in the end numbers, which means that this investment does not yield any profits. Note that there is also no wealth number in iSwitch's number. So iSwitch does not make money

TUAS POWER 68385565
68 Wealth generating
83855 Platform
85565 No wealth
This means that Tuas Power put in its wealth into this platform but this platform does not generate wealth for Tuas Power. Indeed we know that Tuas Power paid Singapore Power group $6 for every customer processed in SP's bill. If the average electricity bill of a household is $100, and a retailer's net profit margin is less than 10%, this means that it is hard for Tuas Power to make money from its business as it paid $6 for every bill processed by SP. There is no wealth number in Tuas Power number.

18 Nov 2019

How to Have Limitless Friends on WeChat

Although we only can have maximum 5,000 friends in one WeChat account, we can reach out to more than 5,000 friends using Group chats, Moments, Official Account and Mini Program. 

A.   Group Chats
There is no limit to the number of Group chats that we can join or set up.  Each group chat can have a maximum 500 people, and most of these people may not be your WeChat friends. 

When you post messages in these group chats that make people like you, these people are your friends, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE NOT ADDED THEM AS YOUR WECHAT FRIEND. In business, people like to buy from friends. So the number of people that you can reach via Group chats is infinity.

B.  Moments
People mistakenly think that only our WeChat friends can read our Moments. In reality, our WeChat Moments can also reach out to people that are Not our WeChat friends through 4 ways: People Nearby, Friend Radar, Paid Advertisements and Reposting or Forwarding

When you set your Moments posts to be public and allow strangers to see 10 of your Moments posts, people can use People Nearby and Friend Radar tools to see your Moments.  Paid Advertisements in WeChat, which will be covered later, is one way that you reach out to people that are not your WeChat friends.

Reposting or Forwarding of your Moments posts:  We know that if your Moments post is good, people will copy and post it on their WeChat Moments.  If you write articles using free tools like Kaidan Mima and Meipian and post them on your WeChat Moments, there will be more people sharing your posts.  Inside the articles, you can ask people to add you as a WeChat friend or subscribe to your posts.  In this way, your reach just gets wider and wider.  In short, the number of people that you can reach via Moments is infinity.

C. Official Account
We know that anyone can follow your Official Account if you make your Official Account QR code available for easy scanning.  At the backend of your Official Account, you can see who follow your Official Account and connect with them easily.  Since there is no limit to the number of people that can follow or read your Official Account, the number of people that you can reach via Official Account is infinity.

D. Mini Programs
People can also search for your Mini Program using Search inside Discover page.  WeChat will also display Mini Programs that are within 5Km of people’s location.  Since there is no limit to the number of people that can follow or read your Mini Program, the number of people that you can reach via Mini Program is infinity.

In the end, the number of people you can reach on WeChat is much more than the number of friends that you have on WeChat. The number of people that can reach is infinity. Next WeChat course is on 27/11 Wednesday 9 am to 12.30 pm. Limited 75% discount is available at

17 Nov 2019

IC Number, Birth Date and Mobile Number: Which is More Important?

Many people want to know, other than their mobile number, is their IC number, house number, car plate number and birth date important too?  We know that anything that moves has more power than anything that doesn't move.  Like a fan that has its blades move generates power than a still fan. So to know if your IC number, house number, birth date and car plate number will affect you or not, we have to know if they move or not. If they do move, do they move a lot?  The more they move, the bigger is the effect. 

1. IC Number
Your IC number doesn't move and few people know this, other than the organizations that you deal with, eg banks, and they too will not remember it.  If they want to look for you, they need to contact you, usually through your mobile number, and ask you for your IC number in order to retrieve your file. 

2. House number
Your house number is known to few and is stationary most of the time and only moves if you put the house number plate on the door, and only if you open and close the door. So house number doesn't move much, and thus it is not important

3. Birth Date
According to Yijing, which is a basis of Chinese culture that is not part of any religion, birth date is not important. What is important is your date and time of birth.  

4. Car plate number
Cars do move a lot, so they are important. But unless you are a Grab drive, your car will not move 24 hours of the time.  So car number plate, though important, is not as important as something that moves 24 hours all the time

5.  Your mobile number
We use our mobile phone all the time, from awake to sleep. Each time you use Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, Line etc, your mobile number is used and moves. Nowadays almost all organizations and mobile apps require your mobile number to authenticate (so that they can send you a one-time-password to verify you). In this sense, your mobile number is the only number from the above numbers that is used in ALL SITUATIONS and AT ALL TIMES.

Your mobile number is unique to you as no two persons can have the same mobile number. 
It generates a unique frequency base on the energy of the numbers.  To know the energy of numbers based on Yining, read my other article at here. If the energy is positive, your mobile number is positive. If the energy is negative, you as the user of the mobile number is affected by it, whether you know it or not.  We all know that your mobile number is used 24 hours of the time. Even if you switch off your mobile phone at night, people can still send messages to you via Whatsapp and WeChat etc to your designated mobile number. So it is STILL moving even though you are asleep! and your phone is switched off!  To know if your mobile number is positive or negative, text to me Andy at 93672286. First 13 people will get a FREE Mobile Number Profiling Report worth US$149. Other related articles (click on the title or the url):

14 Nov 2019

Power of Yinyang and its Balance

As you know, Yin is soft and Yang is hard, yin is dark while yang is bright. Yin is also negative while yang is positive. In customizing a mobile number for our clients, we need to balance the yin and the yang.

A good mobile number cannot be made up of all auspicious numbers as it is very unbalanced and will create chaos. This is like in a country where you have only businessmen and no other types of people. There will be simply no business you can do because everyone is a businessman and they just want to do business with you and not consume and enjoy life.
Generally, if your mobile numbers have these digits in the middle and the end, you have a negative mobile number. The following are the common 9 lists of negative that are very ferocious:
  1. 18, 81, 97, 67, 36, 63, 24, 42
  2. 16, 61, 47, 74, 38, 83, 29, 92
  3. 17, 71, 89, 98, 64, 46, 23, 32
  4. 12, 21, 96, 69, 48, 84, 37, 73
  5. 103, 301, 806, 608, 409, 904, 207, 702
  6. 1811, 8111, 9711, 7111, 3633, 6333
  7. 104, 401, 607, 706, 309 ,903, 208, 802
  8. 868, 686, 131, 313
  9. For women only: 19, 91, 87, 78

13 Nov 2019

Does the Year of Birth of Country Matter?

Following my post yesterday about Singtel, M1 and Starhub, some people asked me to analyse the fortunes of countries just by looking at their year of birth. Let's dive in:
USA: 1776
17 = Talk for a living, Talk to Get Money
77 = Hidden or Waiting
76 = Many friends

Through talking, USA becomes a world no. 1 leader and today is still number in talking trades eg seminars, webinars, toastmasters etc. Note that USA has many friends but there is no wealth in USA number

China: 1949
19 = Leading
949 = Wealth double
China was already number 1 in the year of birth as it was the world's largest population country. Now it leads in money as well. Just look at so many products made in China and WeChat Pay, Alipay, Double 11 Sale etc and you'll know what I am talking about. *Note that China has two wealth numbers here*. Now you know which country is the richest in the world

Singapore: 1965
19 = Leading
965 = Investment and Hardworking
Singapore is leading the world in terms of hard workingness. Singapore also leads in terms of investment in infrastructures like MRT and airports.  *Note that Singapore has no wealth numbers here

Malaysia: 1957
19 = Leading
957 = Continuous and Hidden Changes
Malaysia is leading in terms of hidden things and continuous changes eg 1MDB. Many Malaysian politicians can change their political parties overnight. A jailed person can become a leader, a leader can go to jail fast. Note that Malaysia also has no wealth number here. What about you? Does your mobile number give you wealth, health and blissful relationships? To know if your mobile number is good or bad, message to me Andy at 93672286. First 13 people will get FREE Mobile Number Analysis Report worth US$149.  Other related articles (click on the title or the url):

12 Nov 2019

Which Mobile Company Make More Money in Singapore?

Singtel, M1 and Starhub command 95% of the mobile phone market share. Their customer service hotlines are made of 4 digits only. Today I shall analyse them:

Singtel 1688
16 = Platform
68 = Wealth (large)
88 = Subdued and Continuing
This means Singtel Mobile leverage on a large platform and makes huge money continuously for years to come

M1 1622
16 = Platform
62 = Leading
22 = Subdued and Continuing
This means M1 leverage on a large platform and becomes a leader, albeit a small leader, for years to come

Starhub 1633
16 = Platform
633 = Rapidly and Continuously
This means Starhub leverage on a large platform and in order to make it, it changes rapidly and frequently and continuously. There is no wealth number here.  From the above, you can see only Singtel makes the most money. But M may have a longer life and not easily acquired, compared to Starhub. 

What do you think? Do you have a company's telephone or mobile number for us to analyse? First 13 people will get a FREE reading of their number worth US$149.  Other related articles (click on the title or the url):

11 Nov 2019

The 23 Most Common WeChat Questions

The 23 Most Common Problems Faced by All WeChat Users, New and Old, are:
  1. How to log-in WeChat (password issue and others)
  2. How to open WeChat Official Account free-of-charge
  3. How to unsubscribe from peoples' messages
  4. How to increase my WeChat friends quickly (like 100 friends in a week)
  5. How to do message broadcast (send 200 people in one go, but they receive as an individually personalised message)
  6. How to transfer messages from my existing phone to my new phone
  7. How to back up WeChat into my computer
  8. How to sell on WeChat, i.e. do business and get cash
  9. How to join group chats that are made up of people physically in China
  10. How to write in Chinese when I don't know or are not good at writing in Chinese
  11. How to delete messages en mass in WeChat
  12. How to clean up my memory in WeChat
  13. What are the correct steps to take after joining a group chat and avoid getting kicked out of groups
  14. How to form my own group chats so as to build my fan base from WeChat
  15. How to make friends and influence people via WeChat
  16. How to link WeChat to Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter
  17. How to post longer than 15 seconds video on WeChat Moments
  18. How to post text-only messages in Moments
  19. How to create Mei Pian mini-program FREE-OF-CHARGE
  20. How to post solid articles EVERY DAY without writing a single word of Chinese and WITHOUT KNOWING CHINESE AT ALL (eg I am a non-Chinese)
  21. How to advertise for free on WeChat without paying a minimum US$20,000 to the company Tencent
  22. How to market using WeChat Moments, Broadcast, Group chats and Message
  23. Any other question (state clearly here)

8 Nov 2019

"WeChat is a Cheat!" How Singapore People Felt Cheated by WeChat

Many people in Singapore felt cheated by WeChat.

First, many of them went to free talks or short training conducted by many WeChat 'Gurus'.  Inside the talk, they were told that they must set up a WeChat Official Account if they want to get and conduct business on WeChat.  Many of them paid S$3,500 to S$9,000 to create an impressive WeChat Official Account and were promised lots of business from there. 

But because they do very little or just initial promotion of that Official Account, plus they have no new contents on their impressive Official Accounts, very few people follow their Official Accounts. As a result, they got very little business from their Official Accounts.  Many cannot even recover just 10% of their investment in creating their Official Accounts!

There are some WeChat Trainers that conduct FREE WeChat Short Training or Preview and then ask people to sign up for their 1-day or 2-days SkillsFuture funded WeChat class that costs $500 to $750 to learn how to create an official account.  After the class, many still are not able to create their own official accounts as they lack the stamina and skills in website content creation.  Only a handful few managed to create their own official accounts after the class. But these people also do very little promotion of their official accounts.  As a result, they felt that they have wasted their money and time in learning how to create WeChat Official account.

Third, there are people that were told that to get business from WeChat, you just need to join many WeChat Group chats and promote your business to the group chat members there. They didn't realise that this is breaking the law of WeChat Group chat and their accounts soon get suspended and they cannot use WeChat at all for a while.

The above are the 3 most common cheating experiences of people in Singapore.  How about you?  How many times were you cheated by WeChat?  Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer Coach. Share with me your comments below. Other articles (click on their titles to read them):
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