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8 Nov 2019

"WeChat is a Cheat!" How Singapore People Felt Cheated by WeChat

Many people in Singapore felt cheated by WeChat.

First, many of them went to free talks or short training conducted by many WeChat 'Gurus'.  Inside the talk, they were told that they must set up a WeChat Official Account if they want to get and conduct business on WeChat.  Many of them paid S$3,500 to S$9,000 to create an impressive WeChat Official Account and were promised lots of business from there. 

But because they do very little or just initial promotion of that Official Account, plus they have no new contents on their impressive Official Accounts, very few people follow their Official Accounts. As a result, they got very little business from their Official Accounts.  Many cannot even recover just 10% of their investment in creating their Official Accounts!

There are some WeChat Trainers that conduct FREE WeChat Short Training or Preview and then ask people to sign up for their 1-day or 2-days SkillsFuture funded WeChat class that costs $500 to $750 to learn how to create an official account.  After the class, many still are not able to create their own official accounts as they lack the stamina and skills in website content creation.  Only a handful few managed to create their own official accounts after the class. But these people also do very little promotion of their official accounts.  As a result, they felt that they have wasted their money and time in learning how to create WeChat Official account.

Third, there are people that were told that to get business from WeChat, you just need to join many WeChat Group chats and promote your business to the group chat members there. They didn't realise that this is breaking the law of WeChat Group chat and their accounts soon get suspended and they cannot use WeChat at all for a while.

The above are the 3 most common cheating experiences of people in Singapore.  How about you?  How many times were you cheated by WeChat?  Written by Andy Ng, WeChat Trainer Coach. Share with me your comments below. Other articles (click on their titles to read them):
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