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25 Mar 2018

Your Profile = People's Acceptance of You

We know that in WeChat, you can simply add strangers as your friends using 'People Nearby' feature, search for contacts and add from Groupchats.  But what determines people's acceptance of you is your profile.  

Your Profile must have the following features for people to accept you readily: 

1. Use Your Real Name, not Psesodonym 

2. A proper or Professional photo that is not far from your real self

3. 'Whats up' to state what you are currently most occupied with.  If you put in things like 'Like to add new friends', it shows that you are more a seller than a real contact.  This will put people off.  

4. Use both Chinese and English names, because 90% of WeChat users are Chinese but they also like English names

5. Do not expose your phone number in your profile, for it shows that you are too hard-up for business and people will fear to accept you as their friend

For instance, my profile (search for me under the ID 'AndyTheCoach') is 吴家发 Andy 新加坡 培训师

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