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16 Jul 2015

Not for Dreamers: The 9 Truths of Achieving Your Dreams

"Don't let anyone tell you, including me your father, that you cannot achieve your dreams"  Chris Gardener said this to his son in the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness".  Indeed dreams are what keep us alive. But many people think that achieving dreams is for leaders and people who have made it. Some think that it is far better to be on the ground and stop dreaming and start working. The following 9 truths of dreams may jolt you:
9 Truths About Achieving Your Dreams
  1. Your dream is your aspiration, nothing more, nothing less. It is something that you wanted to achieve or become when you were young, and when you are in the here and now
  2. We are always achieving our dreams, not someone else dreams. Even if you decide to help your child achieve his dreams, that is also your dream, not your child's dreams
  3. When you are not achieving your dreams, you are not a failure, you are just slow in your path. You need to examine if you are on the right path. Do you have a platform that helps you to achieve your dreams faster and easier?
  4. It is the pursuit of your dreams that propels you to greater heights
  5. Even animals have dreams to achieve. Sadly for many of them, the dream is simply to live and not get killed
  6. We humans have dreams beyond living and survival.  Dreams are beyond what you can project, see and hear now
  7. Most people will not believe in your dreams because they don't know what makes you dream what you dream. This is okay as long as they don't discourage you and stand in your way 
  8. You need a path or platform to achieve your dreams or else you are just living in your dreams and not living your dreams
  9. You know that you have achieved your dreams not when people say that you are great, but when you are setting a bigger dream

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