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3 Feb 2017

Hot Button Selling

Hot button selling is one of the most common yet effective ways of selling.  Whether you are selling to consumers or corporate, you are still selling to human beings.  That’s why you need to press their hot buttons.

When you do the triggers, the sale is closed, and no further selling is needed. But if you press the wrong button, you’ll get an enemy.
This course demystifies hot button selling. It combines strategies from Barry Feig, Kim Hui and Brad Sugars. It will reward you handsomely …
  1. Problem with most salespeople: lack of triggers
  2. What is Hot Button Selling and how does it differs from selling on benefits and emotions
  3. The 14 Buttons to Press 
  4. Five Steps to Hot Button Selling: Uncover problems, Trigger Pain, Intensify Pain, Create the Heaven and Pay them Now
  5. Top 25 Strategies on the above (include your case study)
  6. Using 5 Love Languages to Trigger Action NOW
  7. Dealing with Objections the Hot Button Way
  8. Secret Art of War to Close All Sales
  9. The Ultimate in Hot Button Selling: Touch their Hearts: Create Raving Fans
Bonus: Sure-win Scripts to Close Every Sale 

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