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19 Mar 2017

What's Wrong with Young People Being a Uber Full-time Driver?

(You can watch the short 3-minute video on this at here)
TODAY news reported that more and more young people below the age of 30 are now driving Uber and Grab full time.  They seem happy with it and many said that they will continue driving them as long as possible. 

So sad. There's nothing wrong with driving a cab but young people are supposed to be in high demand and driving Uber or Grab should be the last resort and not the first choice. 

It is like you are young and you can have a very active life but you are extremely happy staying at home all the time. There is nothing wrong except that you are missing out on the good things in life.

You see when you drive Uber or Grab you are missing out many things as compared with having your own career or business. The 10 things you are missing are:
  1. No CPF, thus no savings for your old age and for your house
  2. No holidays, no public holidays and no weekends to enjoy
  3. No colleagues and business partners thus little chance to learn from colleagues and work counterparts
  4. No skills other than on the road skills, talking with people on a short term basis, and, skills on picking up passengers
  5. No chance to try out more challenging tasks like working overseas, running your own business and taking on more responsibilities other than driving on the road
  6. No career development opportunities other than driving more and more hours on the road, driving more upmarket cars and picking up more upmarket passengers
  7. No chance to be financially intelligent as there is little chance to save more than a thousand dollars a month
  8. No team building skills as the only team you build are with Uber and Grab fellow drivers and their support staff
  9. No writing skills to be developed other than texting with passengers on where to pick them up
  10. No public speaking skills to be developed as you are always talking to passengers inside a car and little chance to talk outside
I could go on and on but the point is there is nothing wrong with driving a cab, Uber or Grab as long as you have no other opportunities. But if you are young, below 30, and have lots of opportunities before you and you choose to shut off all of them to be in the solace of a car driving 10 hours a day earning 2 to 3.5 thousands a month, I want you to think twice.  You may hate me for telling you this but I will still tell you this: there is something wrong when more and more young people drive Uber and Grab full time. (You can watch the short 3-minute video on this at here)

By Andy Ng, Chief Trainer Coach with Asia Trainers, see list of courses at and be awed by his videos at 

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