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15 Apr 2017

7 Lessons from Ancient Asian Philisophy

1. You will learn lessons. Life is a constant learning experience, there are no failures or success, only lessons

2. A lesson is repeated until it is learnt. A problem that continues is a lesson that we haven't learnt yet. So to blame others for your misfortunes is not taking lesson for yourself.  Because of this blame, you will continue to make the same mistakes, abeit in different situations. You will only stop making mistakes when you have learnt the lesson. 

3. Others are merely mirrors of you. What we dislike in others we also have that same dislike for ourselves. 

4. What you make of your life is up to you. You yourself must walk the path.  Others can guide or help you, but they cannot do it for you. 

5. The answers lie inside. No matter what people tell you, happiness can only come from inside you. In order to find true inner peace, you need to trust yourself and accept yourself, then you can find the answers within you and not keep on looking outside for answers.

6. There's always something that we can achieve to achieve success that we deserve.  We al have potential and every single human is unique. There is no need to compare and there's always something you can succeed at. The trick is not to give up.

7. There is a difference between your self worth and your self esteem. Self worth is what you think you are worth, and self esteem is what you think of youself. Most people have high self esteem but low self worth. For example, they are happy when people praise them, but got offended with criticisms. This is a clear sign of lack of self worth. 

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