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2 Jun 2018

12 Ways to Add China People as Your WeChat Friends

As we know, many people are very interested in the China market and that's why they learn WeChat.  In fact, for many people, the only reason to use WeChat is to sell to the people from China.

But we know that to sell to people from China, you need to add them as your WeChat friends first.  The reason is that China people only use WeChat and nothing else.  So even though you have a relative from China, you only can contact him via WeChat, not phone call, e-mail, Facebook or LinkedIn.  

There are 12 ways that anyone, while in Singapore, can easily add people from China as your friends:

1. Add the China people that are physically in Singapore as your friends. They will have contacts with people from China and you can get them to refer their China friends to you. The people from China that are in Singapore include the tourists, businesspeople, those on 30-days visa, work permit workers, employment pass holders, S and E Pass holders, citizens and their family members

2. Log into your QQ account and join groups that are made up of people from China.  From here you can add them as QQ friends and later convert them into WeChat friends

3. Attend seminars that are mostly attended by people from China. Like I attended Soheaven's Journey of Creation 2-days life transformation course in September 2017.  To-date, I have added at least 300 people from China from the 5 courses that I have attended that are related to Soheaven's course. There is another Soheaven course on July 14 and 15 (Sat & Sun), fee is S$299 for a 2-days course, details at here

4. Go to places in Singapore that have a high density of people from China, eg Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World at Sentosa, Chinatown, Geylang, Jurong Point, China restaurants.  You can easily make contacts with these people and add them as friends.  Most of them are very happy to have Singaporeans as their WeChat friends

5. Join classes conducted on WeChat.  Each WeChat Group has at least 400 to 500 people from China. You can easily add 10 to 20 people from each groupchat.  Imagine you join 10 such classes in a month, you would have added easily 1,200 China people in a month

6. Join Groupchats that have people that have connections with people from China

7. Join China people groupchats and you can add people from there

8. Follow Official Accounts that are set up by China people and you can easily add the owner of the Official Accounts as your WeChat friends

9. Search for Mini Programs that are set up by China people and you can add the owner of the mini programs as your Wechat friends

10. Just do a blind search on WeChat via 5 ways: mobile number (China mobile numbers and very systematic, all with 11 digits), People Nearby, common Chinese names (eg Chen Da Wen), common Chinese nicknames and articles

11. Simply ask people to introduce you to people from China

12. Open your heart. You'll realize that there are so many China people everywhere in Singapore. They are at your housing estates, food courts, shopping centres, and even your neighborhood!

If you too want to know the details of how to do any or all of the above, contact me.  I am happy to refer to you the sources. If you want to learn to use WeChat like a Pro and get business from China people, you can join our WeChat courses.  The special introductory fee is $99 a person or $199 for 3 or $59 each for 5 persons.  Related articles on WeChat (click on the title to read)

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