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5 Jun 2018

Really Nothing Else? You Must Be Out of Your Mind!

Many people have attended different types of WeChat training in Singapore.  Most of them are conducted free-of-charge, and they usually have something to sell to you after the free preview.  

Majority of them are selling to you the consultancy package of opening a China Official Account, which can cost anything from S3,000 to S$5,000.  Others are selling you the idea of going into their related projects, which could be investments or subsequent advance training costing many hundreds or several thousand and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

When my prospect asked me, what do I sell at my paid WeChat training, I said, "Nothing other than the training that you are attending now", she was shocked. 

I explained to her that I just focused on one training and nothing else.  This way it makes my students more focused, they come to me and pay me a fee for only one purpose: to learn THIS TRAINING AND NOTHING ELSE.  

If they find my training good, they will recommend it to their friends.  This is what I mean by "selling the training that you are attending now".   I have been doing this since August 2017.  To-date (today is 7 Oct 2018), I have conducted 120 runs of WeChat training, averaging 6 to 8 a month. If you too want just want to learn WeChat at a very affordable fee with no strings attached, come for our WeChat training on 9 Oct June 2018 Tuesday 2 to 5.30 pm. The fee is $149 a person or $79 each for 2 persons. Details please WhatsApp me at 65-8201-4347.  Other related articles:

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