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17 Dec 2019

Unblock WeChat Accounts for FREE

Many people know that I Andy Ng am a WeChat Trainer for years. Inevitably many ask me to help them unblock their WeChat accounts. Every day I receive easily 5 to 10 such requests from all over the world. In fact, one guy called me today while I was holidaying overseas and wanted to pay me US$200 to urgently unblock his blocked account. 

I, of course, would like to help you unblock your WeChat accounts, for a fee or for free. BUT I CANNOT HELP YOU UNBLOCK YOUR BLOCKED WECHAT ACCOUNT. This is because I already exceeded my unblock quota of 3 a year. Yes, the quota is only 3 unblocks a year.

You have to look for your other WeChat friends to help you unblock your account. If you don't know who are your WeChat friends, you have to look for your close friends to help you. This process may take you as long as a week or a month.

NEVER ASK STRANGERS TO UNBLOCK YOUR WECHAT ACCOUNT. This is because you are exposing yourself to dangers as that stranger could make use of your situation and get sensitive information from you. Please take note.

Do not panic or give up on WeChat if your WeChat account is blocked and there seems to be no solution. Your solution is at

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