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22 Sep 2013

You Would Still Be Richer if You Transfer US$10,000 to my Bank Account ...

If I were to now transfer US$10,000 to your bank account, would you be richer?

If you are like most people, you would say, 'Yes, of course". Yet we know that money by itself has no value. If I transfer money to you and you don't do anything to it, the total wealth has not increased. It is just merely a transfer of wealth from me to you, no difference to mankind's total wealth.
Money has to be circulated in order for it to create value and wealth. Same for knowledge.
What if instead of me transferring US$10,000 to your account, I ask that you transfer US$10,000 to my account? For that I'll give you the tools and resources for you to go on to create many times more than US$10,000. Is this a better deal?

If you were like most smart people, you would say "yes" to this.

Just like training. I have been doing training (part-time since 1996) and full-time (my own business) since 2001. I have paid thousands of dollars to acquire knowledge, all the way from Mexico to USA to Australia. 

Each time I don't merely transfer the knowledge from the trainers to myself, but absorb the knowledge, and then make use of the knowledge to go on to create many times more value.

Like one trainer that attended our course back in 2001. He applied the concepts and until July 2012, he was one of Singapore's highest paid trainer. 

My sense is that there are thousands of wonderful tools, techniques and systems around us.  The more tools we have in our toolbox, the more likely we'll have the right tool at the right time to get the results we need. I used to think that if I could just read the right book, or attend the "best" seminar, I'd "get it" and life would be good. I finally realized that I need to also absorb the knowledge over a period of time.

That's why we created this 4-Lesson Group Coaching Program. Each week over 4 weeks, you'll get access to the best knowledge available and put into practice immediately. This gives you instant results. It is much better than attending a 2-day course.  This course is called How to Be a Better Manager. Details are at 

This is what you should do.

Don't just transfer the knowledge from the trainer to your brain. Absorb the knowledge, and make good use of it. Apply it to your workplace and go on to create many times more sales and income.

Thank you and may your god bless you. 

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