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1 Sep 2019

Your Mobile Your Life

As you know, we can read a person with just his mobile number. This is from the school of Digital Energetics 数字能量学.

This school states that all digits have energy. Based on a string of digits in a person's mobile phone number, we can read a person like a book in 6 categories of his life: personality, career, wealth, health, relationships and family and benefactors.

Digital Energetics is pretty accurate as you can verify it anytime anywhere. Just give me a mobile number of a person that you know very well and I will do a reading of this number within 3 minutes. You can always feedback to me on its accuracy. My email is

Based on my experience of reading mobile numbers since June 2019, my accuracy is 70% to 90%。This is not because I am smart or possess some magic. I just follow a system of science.

Why is Digital Energetics So Accurate? Is it based on some fengshui or some Chinese old school of thought?

Well, this system originates from the ancient Chinese culture of the Book of changes or Yijing 易经. This Yijing is considered the earliest of Chinese thought and culture as it was discovered and documented more than 5,000 years ago.

The basic framework of the study of Yijing is Yin and Yang. In the words of current science, the laws of the micro-world and the macro-world.

In Yijing, there are three talents: heaven, earth and humanity 三才:天地人

There are 5 elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. 五行:金木水火土

From here we derive the 8 Trigrams: Kan, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Qian, Dui, Gen and Li 坎坤震巽乾兑艮离

Each trigram has its own meaning. So are the digits 1, 2, 3 to 0.
1 = Kanshui 坎水 Ridge Water
2 = Kuntu 坤土 Earth Soil
3 = Zhenmu 震木 Earthquake wood
4 = Xunmu 巽木 Obey wood
5 = Zhongyangtu 中央土 Central Soil
6 = Qianjin 乾金 Sky Metal
7 = Duijin 兑金 Exchange Metal
8 = Gentu 艮土 Cultivate Soil
9 = Lihuo 离火 Further Fire
0 = Zhongyangtu 中央土 Central soil

Based on the above, each digit represents different meanings. When we combine the digits, the results will be there, positive or negative. For example, 12 is Kanshui and Kuntu, meaning ridge water destroys earth soil, so 12 is very negative. Similarly, 13 is very positive because Ridge water is good for earth wood. 18 is what most people consider as good, when here we can it is very ferocious, as it is Ridge Water destroys Cultivate Soil.

From here you can see that we don't read each digit on its own but read digits in pairs. Each pair of digits will produce certain meanings, positive or negative. The effects will be there and the longer you use your mobile number, the bigger is the effect.

Note that 5 and 0 are central ground 中央土, so they alone have no meanings and their meanings are derived from the digits before and after. So 102 is just 12 and 152 is also 12, 120 is also 12 and 012 is also 12 and so on.

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