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24 Oct 2017

What Is a Real Sales?

Real Sales is About Chatting

Sales = Chat

1.     The real sales is a happy chatting experience, we chat about each other’s aspirations, worries, how to achieve our wishes and how to help each other take away our worries
2.     The real sales has no position, no buyer and no seller, only friends
3.     The real sales is about helping to solve your friend’s problems wholeheartedly
4.     There is no need to convince or persuade the other person if you’re doing real sales
5.     There is, of course, no pressure under real sales situation
6.     The real sales is about saying what the other person wants to listen, and we are selling what the other person want
7.     The real sales is full of value and meaning as you the salesperson is helping your customer to solve a real problem
8.     After the closing of a real sale, the customer will say thanks. You will not feel relieved, because throughout the whole process you and the customer do not feel any pressure at all, and there is no persuasion on either side.

There are only two steps in a real sale:
1.     Use your heart to understand the customer’s wishes and worries
2.     Use your knowledge, product and service to help the customer fulfill his wish and eliminate his worries

The biggest reward of a sales is not how much commission you earn, not promotion, not achieving an assignment or your sales result. The biggest reward of a sale is the trust you have gained from a person in your life.

The biggest enemy of sales is not your price, your competitor, prospect’s rejection, your product or your company’s system.  The biggest enemy of sales is your gripe, your grouse and your compliant

Translated by Andy Ng, original article in Chinese by Xu He Ning 徐鹤宁 (WeChat ID: xhngf111) 

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