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What Happens When You are a Passive WeChat User?

According to Tencent, WeChat now has 1.08 billion users worldwide in 21 languages. In Singapore, there are 4 million users with 20% or 800,000 active users.
Many people use WeChat passively, with many responding to messages too late. What happens when you are not an active WeChat user?
First, you will not harness the power of WeChat Wallet, which is not just about WeChat Pay but also free advertising on Groupbuy and other pages only available when you have WeChat Wallet.
Second, the less you use WeChat, the harder it is for you to build your brand. Unlike Facebook and Google where you can buy page views and likes, you can only build your brand in a gradual but engaging manner in WeChat.
Third, you will miss out knowing the right people. Who would want to accept you as a friend if you only post on WeChat Moments once a month?
Fourth, the less you use WeChat, the less you become savvy with WeChat as it is evolving very fast. Soon you will give up and be left out in this fast growing 1.1 billion people market.
If you too want to be an active WeChat user and learn hands-on how to use WeChat as a business tool, come for our 26th run of:
Date: 30 Jan 2018 Tue 2 to 6 pm
Fee: Special $99 (67% off usual $298)
Extra special $79 each for 3 (74% off)
Ultra special $59 each for 5 (80% off)
Venue: 51 Cuppage Road 07-21 (behind Centrepoint, Somerset MRT station)
Limit to 15 seats as this is hands-on learning. We provide 1-month FREE coaching via WeChat. Details and book at
  1. The 5 Ways to Market using WhatsApp
  2. Messages that people read and like
  3. Power of WeChat as a SuperApp: what it can do beyond messaging
  4. The 8 ways to add friends on WeChat
  5. The 28 unique functions of WeChat
  6. How to open WeChat Wallet without opening bank account in China
  7. How to transfer money and use WeChat Red Packets and Wallet services
  8. WeChat Message Broadcast: 8 steps
  9. How to accept WeChat payments in RMB but received as S$ in your local bank a/c
  10. WeChat Official Account: its functions and how to set up in 3 steps
  11. The 12 Ways to Sell on WeChat FOC
  12. Using WeChat Wallet Group Buy to promote your business FOC
Hurry! Grab your limited seats at


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