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24 Jan 2019

Forget About the Chinese: WeChat Top 5 Mis-Beliefs

WeChat started in January 2011 and went international in 2013.  So it is already 6 years old.  Compared to Facebook which started in 2004, WeChat is 9 years behind but its user base has been growing steadily.  Currently, at the time of writing (24 Jan 2019), WeChat has 1.1 billion users in 21 languages. From training over thousands of people from all walks of life in WeChat since 2017, the following are the 5 Biggest Mis-Beliefs About WeChat:

Mis-Belief 1: WeChat is Only for the Chinese
WeChat has 21 languages and includes most of the top commonly used languages in the world except Polish, Jewish and Hindi.  If you were just to open 'People Nearby' feature of WeChat in Little India of Singapore, you'll realize that there are many non-Chinese using WeChat.  Definitely, WeChat is not for the Chinese alone

Mis-Belief 2: WeChat is an Advertising Platform
WeChat is a social media platform and in social media, social first, business second. If you want to advertise in WeChat, the minimum package is US$20,000 and limit to two ads per advertiser per day.  From here you will see that WeChat is not a low-cost advertising platform as compared to Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

Mis-Belief 3: Few of My Friends Use WeChat
Please open your WeChat and press the '+' sign on the top right side of your phone.  Select 'Add Contacts' and then 'Mobile Contacts'.  WeChat will now scan through your mobile phone contacts and you'll see that most of your friends on your mobile phone are already using WeChat but you have not added them as your WeChat friend.  So it is You that is not using WeChat, not your friends. 

If your friends are using WeChat and you are not, you are definitely missing out a lot of opportunities

Mis-Belief 4: All The Contents in WeChat are in Chinese
Please open your WeChat and go to 'Discover' page.  Select 'Search' and key in this phrase in the search bar 'WeChat Marketing'.  You'll realize that there are countless articles and posts on this topic and they are all in English.  I want you to next key in this Malay word 'makan' and you'll see countless articles and posts in Malay about makan, which is eating.

I want you to do the same for the other languages inside WeChat: Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, German, French and Tamil.  You'll now realize that WeChat is really international and not just about Chinese!

Mis-Belief 5: WeChat Takes Up a Lot of Space
WeChat was designed to use low data and thus takes up very little space.  There are more than a million mini apps inside WeChat called Mini Programs and they each take up less than 10 megabytes of data space. So you can use WeChat without worrying about running out of space!

To know more about WeChat and how to use it to get business for you and your company, contact Andy Ng at 65-97291864 or WeChat to him with his WeChat ID 'AndyNgCoach'. Other articles:
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